Fucked Up Memes

You only have one life to live, that is for sure but sometimes you mess things up. One day you will encounter a choice where it is a do or die or practically you cannot make a mistake and then you do and your life is doomed.

There are those moments when you will feel like you have totally pulled the trigger on your life line and that there is no chance you can ever survive your life any longer. It is moments when you make decisional mistakes like that, that you feel like sharing it to the world or the people closest to you. However, there are moments when words are not enough to explain what you feel inside.

In times like that, it will be useful to have memes to describe what you are feeling and fucked up memes will help you to do that. Here are some that you can try out.


well you fucked up


That face you make when u think u posted a badass pic of yourself and then all your friends post fucked up memes making fun of u


And I know I'm fucked up but I don't give a f*ck


Bitch's eyebrows are so fucked up that you could do division on them


Didn't your parents teach you not to fuck with crazy people


Like yeah nigga, you fucked up for life


Did we just become best friends? Yep! Wanna trade fucked up memes? Yep!


That selfie where you forget your dildo is suction cupped to the wall in the shower


When you realized you fucked up


"how fucked up do you plan to get this weekend?" Me:


I done fucked up


When he knows he fucked up


"You should slow down, you're pretty fucked up" Me:


Going to the bathroom at a party and realizing how fucked up you are


When your white friends invite you to a costume party, you nigga fucked up meme


I think you fucked up


You fucked up, you fucked up everywhere


Her: You must be retarded if you think we fucking... Me:


Damn that weed got me fucked up


Whut the fuck?


If I pass thi drug test, I'm gonna get so fucked up!


When someone yells at your dog, you fucked up


Bro, honestly, you're fucked up


When your friend is already fucked up at a party and you make them another strong drink... If he dies, he dies.



You guys ever stick your finger up your ass and fart


I'm riel, riel fucked up


Shhh! You fucked up... This is what happens when you're not qualified!


When your mama yelling at you and you blink but she think you rolled your eyes so she smack the shit out of you.. Shits fucked up..


radomly deciding to bake something


George Washington rises from the dead "You done fucked up" "The fuck did I tell you about political parties?"


The face you make when someone got you fucked up

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