Friends Come and Go Quotes

This is one of the truths of life: friends come and go, there is not much in the world and yet the things that you hold on to, or people that are important to you can still very much be the ones who decide that you are not worth staying for anymore and all you had left is to accept that fact.
Things may not be as clear to you now, why you were left or why you met another person once more.
Here are some quotes on friends come and go that should help you sort things out.

Friends come and go you just have to deal with that and accept it with full heart as well now.


I considered you my best friend so I never would have imagined you’d leave me all alone too.


I understand some will leave me but I am still hoping somebody would care enough & stay.


The older that you are getting, the more you need a friend who will decide to stay with you.


And sometimes you just need to accept that friends come and go no matter what you will do.


There is a reason to why some friends leave your life & no matter what it is, just forget it all.


Sometimes, you can’t get a good grip on your friends and they leave but it’ll be fine, really.


The sole reason I only trust a select few is coz everyone else just leaves anyways, isn’t it true?


All of my friends come and go so it is a good thing I decided to become my own best friend.


You don’t get a pick on who stays and who leaves, just be careful on the friendships you make.



Friendship can crumble and the ones you thought to be friends just leaves you all hanging.


The older that you have to get since catching up years, the more skeletons in your closet too.


People are very much like stars, lest friends & only the brightest are the real ones for now.


Friends come and go but the best ones will leave you with a mark not to ever forget them too.


Do not try to change for anyone even when friends leave you for it is not your fault, really.


Focus on the future that you have yet in front of you and just live a good and a happy life too.


Do not hesitate and just focus that when things happen there are a lot of reasons for that too.



Some people are temporary, you need to accept that and deal with that accordingly as well.


Friends come and go but the best friend you have will always be there for you, always there.


The impact that the friends who leave may be a bit heavy and it might hurt, but it’ll be okay.


Other people might leave when you show who you really are, go and let them go away too.


You need to realize that people will not always decide to stay and that in itself is okay too.


Always think that you are great, but friends come and go & it is only natural for them to do it.


At the very least, before they leave they have already taught you something or will be taught.


You learn how to live a better life, to deal with pain and to have a constants support system.


Focus on the people who cares enough to know how you are doing, if you are ok or not too.


You are in the position in your life when you must be strong though friends come and go, girl.


It was truly inevitable, I knew you were gonna leave one day, & I fully accept what happened.


Stop giving so much effort to the people who just disregards you in the end and just leaves.


I have come to a realization that it is their choice if they want to stay or if they want to leave.


See, I am done making the choice & stopping people from leaving, they can go all they want.


You will have tons of enemies and also friends but then again friends come and go, it is true.


There are tons of reasons to meet people some to change who you are, some to teach you.


There are no accidents, you will meet the ones you are meant to, that is the way life is really.


As long as you have time for yourself at the end of the day, you will be just fine, believe it.


You are going to survive, as long as you believe that you will be, forget all the other reasons.


Friends come and go but the best ones will decide to stay, never let go of their hand ever now.


When you learn how important it is to have people who stays, you would not let go of them.


You should see it for yourself: who cares enough for you to stay in that life you have now.


No matter what your social status is, friends are friends however way you put it, my dear.


You are strong if you believe that friends come and go and still you keep on making tons of it.


By this time in your life, you should learn to expect that not everyone is going to stay in this.


There are a lot of types of friends, those for some reason, those for seasons and for lifetime.


Be careful whom you trust coz sometimes those you trust the most betray you the worst too.


You should learn from the mistakes of the past and never just completely put your trust at all.


Friends come and go so prepare your heart to be hurt for such is the way that it is with life.


Busy yourself with things to seek fulfillment and you would never feel the lack from others.


When you realize that it might be better to be by yourself, you will feel a whole lot lighter.


My wish for you is that you would stop chasing people who don’t care about you anyways.


Be strong & remember to be happy, you deserve to be happy as well friends come and go.


Life will get easier after you get a few realizations in this life, so better deal with it now.


What matters is that one person stays, that one person liked you enough to stay with you.


I know how much damage it brings to your self-confidence when people leaves you, it’s ok.


Be strong and rely and yourself, not on anyone else for they will fail you in the end of it.


The truth has been spoken, you need some real friends in this world too friends come and go.


You see, the only people that you need in this life are those who cares for you, that’s the truth.


So, stop sacrificing your time for the ones who do not even think to do the same for you now.


And in the end, you should never take it personally when someone walks out of your life then.


Friends come and go but I hope you find someone who will stay with you until the end of it.


Like characters in the best book you have ever read, some friends will come, others will go.


When things finally end I hope you can face it with a smile & remember you were expecting it.


Remember that not all are meant to stay so do not hold grudges against those who leaves you.


May you be in the position in life to just accept that friends come and go but have a best one.


We all have our moments of weakness so I wish that you will learn how to forgive others too.


The person that matters the most, after all is the one that you see in the mirror: be kind now.


Not everyone that you lose in this life is truly your loss so do not be afraid to be yourself.


Out of all the people in this world, you came and that is the best for friends come and go.


As long as someone stays for you, what matters is that you know how to hold on to that one.


The older that you get, the more you meet, the more leaves but there are those who stays.


Do not try to change a single thing about you for anyone else, just focus on yourself now.


There are a few people in my life that I don’t trust, that is the truth of it, but only a few.


Friends come and go but the best ones will stay with you until you realize that some stays.


Just like stars, the few ones I trust, I give my all to, I give the world to, I decide the best.


You are the person I trust the most and I wish you would trust me as well, my dear friend.


To the person who chose to stay in my life for a long time, thank you so much, I love you.


Some friends come and go but you should not run after them, let the ones who’ll stay to stay.


Never let anybody drive you to the edge of the cliff & be comfortable in your own skin too.


You see, there ain’t much I can do but I can tell you tomorrow you will be okay, believe me.


There are those who watches me with caution but I am the type of friend who stays you know?


They tell me that I should not be kind, what can I do when this is the way I was raised by?


When you understand that some friends come and go you learn to hold on to those who stays.


While everyone else was telling stories about the past I talked about the future, I love my life.


I know some are not going to be here for a long time but I still hope someone at least would.


You are the person who speaks to me in multitudes and I can’t help but smile at the idea of it.


The older that you get, the more you understand just why some friends come and go in life.

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