Friend Zone Quotes

May you be a boy or a girl, you must have at least been in love at least once in your life, whether you are a teenager or a full grown man or woman, there has been experiences of love for sure.
The fact is this: most people never get out of the friend zone.
The friend zone is that place when the one that you feel love for only ever sees you as a friend.
It really hurts a lot and it can change you.
For those who are in there, here are some friend zone quotes you might get to relate to.

Being stuck in the friend zone is something I do not plan on letting happen, I will get out of it.

It really does hurt to only always be the friend and never the lover, not even the love interest.

There are so many people in the world that is stuck to being just someone to befriend with.


And I see her looking at him like he means the world, never the same way she looks at me too.

When you are there in the friend zone, all you really want is to get out and be the lover too.

Perhaps what truly matters is the way you perceive how he feels, it makes all the difference.

Your absent nod tells me that you are totally unaware with my feelings and that is what hurts.

I feel so unloved all the time and what is truly feelings for your friend but unrequited love too.

I like to think of this place I am in like a purgatory in this teenage life coz it hurts so much.

Fact is some really stays in the friend zone while others eventually get out after a long time.

There are times when I feel so sad coz I know we can never be anything more than we are.

You only see me as your companion when you are sad but you never do fall for me back, so.

For you I am not even a fish in the sea, I am just an urchin you do not pay attention to at all.

I wish more people would understand just how much it truly hurts to be in the friend zone.

The fact that you do not see me as a real guy though I am one really hurts my pride, friend.

Every time you say the word friend, it truly hurts a lot indeed, that is the truth of it, really too.

It brightens up my world whenever I know that you are happy, but it also hurts me deeply too.


He spoke of her of such brilliance but in the end he only see her as his friend, sad but true.

Once in a while you will be stuck in the friend zone and you really can’t do anything about it.

The reality of life is this: some people will never really love you back no matter what you do.

May you stop getting false hopes in life & may you realize that some things happen, my dear.

The world, rather your world revolves around you but then again it still hurts so much too.

And in the end I was but another friend, maybe even another notch on your hair, dear girl.

The friend zone is a place that a lot should be able to get out from, believe it from now on.

I actually thought you had feelings for me but I guess they were all but illusions I believed.

I found out a girl that I liked but only to figure out that she is way out of my league in the end.

She never liked me the way I hoped and thought she did and that is the reality I had to face.

You know you are in the friend zone when no matter what you try to do you’re still the friend.


I have served my time right in that zone that everyone says sucks to be at and that’s the truth.

At the bottom of it, I loved someone that did not love me back and I had to accept that as well.

It seems that when you are friends with someone the chances that you will love them is high.

You thought you will never fall but suddenly platonic becomes romantic all of a sudden too.

It sucks when you are in the friend zone & you just can’t do anything about it though you try.

You feel like such a traitor when finally you figure out the nature of your feelings for her too.

No matter what you do, may you realize that it is better to have had experienced loved now.

Do not judge me for the feelings that I have for you, it is just what my heart tells me to, girl.

My only wish for you is that one day you will be able to move on from the friend zone as well.

It sits very uncomfortable with me as well, knowing I have feelings that you will never return.

At the end of the day, all that I wish is that you would at least listen to all that I have to say.

Maybe the truth of it is that I had accepted it all along that we’d never be more than friends.

Truth is that the best way to get out of the friend zone is to finally confess what you really feel.

He won’t ever see me as a lover, I knew that right from the first time I knew I loved him really.

You see, I have long accepted the fact that he won’t return whatever feelings I have for him.

All he sees me as is a friend because he is still in love with the memory of his first love, sadly.

I hold on to the littlest of hope that maybe he’ll change his mind someday, somehow, maybe.

But it sucks when you are stuck in the friend zone and you do not feel like giving up on her.

I feel like a fool, that’s the truth but really I wanted to give all of my feelings up in the end.

Do not give up on the person, your heart tells you but all you want is to forget your feelings.

I wanted to take it back from you, to steal my heart right back but you already had claws in it.

He does not even realize that he has put you in the friend zone and you can’t help but hurt.

I wish I can take everything I had ever said back to you, see I wanted to be your very first too.

I feel like such a fool for ever thinking that you would ever even feel the slightest about me.

I can’t be just a friend to you and that is why it hurts so much, it really does and that hurts.

I thought it was a flaw in me that you can’t even give what you want to say but it is not really.

There is pain that comes along with being in the friend zone and I am telling you that it sucks.

I should never have said that you were my friend maybe I’ll be better if we never were I guess.

You got me thinking that if we had never been friends, would I have had a chance with you?

I chose to leave now as my feelings are still light better than if I let them deepen even more.

Well believe it or not, some things do matter better than others, the friend zone is the latter.

How do I choose between friendship and love when both are just so important to me as well?

I am slowly breaking in the inside, that is the truth of it and I guess that is why it hurts a lot.

I can’t even seem to focus on the things that I should be, stop breaking my heart, dear friend.

If you care enough to notice that you are in the friend zone, maybe you’ll stop the feelings.

Why it sucks the most is that you want me gone from your life is it my fault that I love you?

No matter what I do I feel that I will always feel the same for you though you do not, really.

Slowly I am breaking inside of me, but I do wish that it won’t, I do want to forget it all too.

The truth is that you were nice and that is why I fell, but you were that way to everyone too.

There is not much you can do about being in the friend zone than to just go all out for now.

They say that friends will be good in relationships so why it is that mine totally did not work?

All I wanted was a chance to see what we would be but we never did simply coz you don’t.

After I gathered up all the courage in me to tell you what I feel you want me to remove them.

But there is much more you can do when you are no longer in the friend zone any longer.

How do I tell my heart to stop beating fast whenever I see you, whenever I am with you now?

Tell me why does it suck to be the person that falls for a friend, when all you did was love too?

I wish one day I can finally find peace within me & love someone else other than you as well.

You knew there was nothing that I would not do for you and you took advantage of it, girl.

So you are in the friend zone but you do not know what to do, might as well try your best.

Now do not blame me if I try my best to forget you for you put out my feelings like trash.

I did my best to tell you that I can do it all but you reminded me why it was not meant to be.

May you finally be able to get out of the friend zone that he has put you in, maybe move on.

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