There are seven days in a week but one that is mostly loved by people is Friday. It is the day that signifies that the weekend is about to start and people just love the weekend because they get to do what their heart desires and that is practically whatever they want. They can have fun, they can relax, they can do all the things that makes them happy.

For what it is worth, Friday is the last day of work in most offices per week so it is truly a mark of an end of hard work, of sleepless nights and glasses of coffee and now it is also a beginning. What a day it is and for those times when you want to celebrate your Fridays, here are some good Friday memes to save you.

Let your friends now how happy you are or how excited or thankful you are for this day by trying these ones out.

Hey there Friday you sexy beast, I've been looking for you since Monday

Happy Friday! Let's get outta here

It's Friday night... Just got paid


Leaving on Friday like Catch you on the flipside

It's Friday beaches!


That awesome moment when you realize today is Friday!


Friday got me like


No... No... It's Friday... I no work


It's Friday baby!!!


I know you don't smoke weed! But I'ma get you high today! Cuz it's Friday, you ain't got no job, and you ain't got shit to do.


It's Friday, we "work"


Leaving work on Friday, it's over... It's done


It's freaking Friday. Let's do this shit right now



It's Friday ladies, all drinks are on me!


Yay! It's Friday!!!


We made it! It's finally Friday!


Doin' the happy dance, it's Friday!


Did somebody say Friday?


You know what rhymes with Friday? Alcohol.


It's Friday on yeah man!


Friday, it's kin of a big deal


...That look on your face when you realize it's... Friday


It's Friday & I'm feelin' good, so don't come at me with no bullshit today


Hands up if you love Fridays


Linda listen! Honey listen, listen!! It's Friday...


Leaving work on Friday...


Happy Friday!


That moment when you realize it's Friday, your direct deposit hit and your boss is out of the office.


This is my Friday face


Leaving work on Friday!!!


When you wake up and realise it's Friday.

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