Forever Alone Memes

People say that nothing is going to ever last for forever and maybe they are right. How long have you believed that you will eventually find your forever, that maybe you will find the person meant for you and you will live in happy ever after until the day you two ages and dies.


There is no explanation for that, forever is quite a long time and there are only some ways that you can keep someone with you and when you have tried all of it and still get nothing, you simply abandon the idea, forget every dream you have had. Well, here are something that would make you feel like you can do it, something to rise your confidence up that you are not the only one in this.

Here are some forever alone memes that will make you feel that you can be alone forever and still be happy.


Forever alone level 9999


I am so forever alone that now if someone asks me "Do you have gf"... I reply "No, my grandfather passed away 2 years ago".

Joke's on them, they're missing the best part of the movie


Forever alone bruh

I need this card for my girls


Make dinner for two, don't have to cook tomorrow


Forever alone


Made millions off of one song for being forever alone


Shut up and take my money


I have to accept that I'm forever alone


Cuddle weather. Hurray.


 forever alone


Relationship Status: forever alone


I am forever alone, this is my kingdom...


You mean to tell us that you're forever alone?


My face when I'll be forever alone...


Why I'm forever alone: 1. i'm ugly 2. i'm shy 3. i'm always home 4. i'm weird 5. i'm too ugly


Phone vibrates at 4am. Could it be? Low battery


To be honest, I am forever alone


 forever alone? Come in...


Me: God please give me superpowers... GOD: Be realistic... Me: Give me a girlfriend... GOD: Okay, which superpower do you want?


When it hits you that you're forever alone...


Makes awesome forever alone meme from life experience


No, I am not single, I am in a long distance relationship because my girlfriend lives in the future.


I've realized that... I'm forever alone


I pity you forever alone human


 forever... forever alone


Sad don't be, alone forever you'll be


You mean to say that you're forever alone?


Can't do it anymore, I'm forever alone


I'm going to spend my valentine's day with my ex... box 360


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