Feeling Left Out Quotes

It sucks when you are feeling left out, no matter what is happening, may it be on the talk that your friends seem to be having or maybe the game that everyone else is playing.
Feeling left out just makes you sad and miserable at the same time.
See, there is truly more to things than you expect them to be and you have no choice left to do what you do the most.
Well, you must not instigate or very much do anything to keep you from feeling left out.
Just let it all out, here are some feeling left out quotes that you might appreciate in the process.

Whenever I am with you I just keep on feeling left out, no matter what I don’t wanna go back.

What I fear most is that I may wake up someday and you will no longer be there beside me.

I wish you would stand up for the people who are marginalized by this society, do me proud.


All I ever really wished for was someone that I can hold when things are getting too rough.

I wanted someone that I can hang on to when I think that I can no longer do things I wanted.

There is more to life than feeling left out, just focus on the positive things from now on, dear.

May you learn to stand up for those who are too weak to voice their feelings out, do that now.

There are people who are not treated right by the society that you are in, stand up for them.

Maybe it was the chances that we let pass us by that we will regret the most later on in life.

Feeling left out is one of the worst feelings in the world & you really can’t do anything at all.

It sure got the best of us, you and me, the chances that we left alone but here we are now too.

All people really want is to find a place where they can finally belong, where they will be too.

I never really wanted to go into a far place, all I want is to be here where I am at this moment.

Maybe we are all meant for something, maybe you are meant to be here right now, right here.

The ones you love the most can sometimes be the reason why you are feeling left out, sadly.

It can get you sad knowing all your friends are out there but be strong, you’ll be just fine too.

When you are feeling a bit left out, what you do is tell yourself that you will always have you.


Listen to me girl, you will never lose yourself and that is what is the most important thing too.

Whenever you are feeling left out, keep in mind that I will be there for you, call me out too.

I just do not want to be that one who is so vulnerable to the point that people would leave.

I can’t do it anymore you say to yourself, but I tell you that you can, you can still survive this.

When other people decides to leave you, do not worry, the right people will be there for you.

Do not feel like you are ever alone for you will always have yourself and that is enough, girl.

I am afraid of feeling left out, not fitting in with my friends and in the end to get left behind.

May you stand by the side of the people who are oppressed by this society, may you do that.

All I really wanted was to be accepted but in the end it is just too bad that we are not that.

Do not leave other people behind lest you want others to do just the same thing you did so.

Feeling left out kind of hurts too but you just have to tough it out and realize that you can.



The people I admire the most are those that tries their best to get themselves accepted here.

May people learn to love each other so that they would no longer think about leaving too.

I wish you would realize that you are not alone in this journey, you have your friends too.

No one wants to help you but there are actually people who will, believe me on this one.

I will always do my best to soothe you and comfort you so you won’t be feeling left out too.

Being by yourself is okay sometimes, that is just a part of life and you need to accept that.

There will be times when you realize that maybe solitude is not that bad after all, believe it.

Today, try to make things better so that you will be a whole lot stronger in the future, too.

Feeling left out kind of hurts you know so may you never try to make another person feel it.

It is okay to feel that you are alone, maybe it will even make you a whole lot braver as well.

You have got no one else but you to help yourself out, so tell yourself that you’ve got this.

Believe me that there will be some times when loneliness will bring out the best in you too.

I am truly afraid that one day you might be feeling left out and I won’t be there beside you.

As long as you know how to love yourself, you will be just fine, believe me on that, darling.

You need to realize that it is not enough to stand alone but to help others, be their support.

Let others lean on you so that when you stand, you can help others in the process too, baby.

We all have that moment when we are feeling left out, hope you can call your friends then.

All that I want you to know is that you will be alright, things will pass and you will be okay.

One day you will get over feeling that you are left out, for now just hang on, believe in me.

You get used to the feeling: being left out can suck but you will get numb to the pain as well.

The truth is that when someone gets bored with you, they will leave you out, the saddest part.

One morning, you wake up and suddenly you are feeling left out, that’s totally normal too.

Stop waiting for someone that has already left you, there is just no point in that, my darling.

Being an outcast can suck but when it comes to your beliefs you have to stand by those things.

To stand alone is okay as long as you are fighting for the things that are important to you too.

Feeling left out is when everyone else is doing something that you are not, and it does suck.

One day you will understand what it is like to be alone in the very thing you are fighting for.

If you can make people get to know your cause better then it is okay to just stand alone now.

You see, all I ever wanted is to make you feel like the best person in the world, you’re good.

The people who can’t seem to stand you are the very ones that actually adores you, believe it.

When you are feeling left out, go out there and enjoy something else that only you can do too.

Never surrender when you know that what you are doing is right, never give up, keep fighting.

Being with people who makes you feel like you are alone is truly the worst thing in this world.

I thought life sucked but it became worse when I met people who made me feel like I suck so.

Feeling left out may bring you pain but in the end you will be ok, you’d survive that too.

When you are feeling sad, think of your family and you will be alright, I do that the most too.

You see maybe the key is to just isolate yourself from the rest so you won’t feel all left out.

Try to know the person you become when you are alone, that is who you truly are, I tell you.

You want other people to be happy that you forget yourself, that is the saddest thing, ever.

One day when everything seems wrong and you are feeling left out, shout out loudly, girl.

Do not left others behind so that others would not do the same to you, it is nothing but logic.

Your family are the people who would see to it that you know you are loved and not left out.

I know how you are feeling and I need you to know that I am with you in this too, believe me.

It sucks to see your friends leaving you for other group of friends, that is the truth, isn’t it?

Feeling left out can be consuming but you just have to deal with it, for it will pass as well.

When you choose between staying and letting go, I hope that you find the right decision too.

You belong right here with me I hope that you won’t find anything to make you feel otherwise.

Maybe you just got so used to being alone that you forget that you no longer are, we are here.

May you learn that you should prioritize yourself, always, never be the second option, ever.

There are better plans for you, believe me, He has everything laid out for your better good.

We have all been there once in our lives, feeling left out and not seeming to be just okay too.

I’ve always thought that the Lord is watching our every move and maybe He is, I think so.

When a person does not have anyone else to go to, he goes to me, I am the last resort always.

It sure is sad to be the second choice of most of my friends, I wanted to be the first, even once.

Maybe there is no point in this but I no longer want to be the option, I want to be the choice.

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