Father’s Day Activities

As Father’s Day nears, we have no doubt that you have already taken the time to curate the perfect gift for dear old dad and have crafted just the right caption to accompany the photo of you two that you’ll share on Instagram. But, if you are running out of ideas for how to spend the special day with your number one guy, we have just the Father’s Day activities to help you create new experiences together.

This year, you can add some extra pizazz to your Father’s Day plans by surprising dad with a unique activity that includes the entire family. Chilling at home and working on DIY crafts could be just the thing to make his day. Or, you could treat him to a day of relaxation by planning a spa day or allowing him to become one with nature on a fishing trip.

Whatever it is Dad will like, we’ve got you covered. Our list is filled with creative ideas ranging from kid-friendly to adults-only! If the dad or father figure in your life has a knack for cars, loves a good steak or prides himself on his athlete heydays, we have just the game, outing or hobby to bring you all even closer. And yep, we’ve got a ton of great last-minute and free ideas, too! Once you’re done having fun all day, be sure to plan a special Father’s Day dinner or dessert, and finish the night off by watching a movie Dad will love.

1Treat him to ice cream.

girl and father enjoying ice cream and smiling

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Treat your dad to his favorite flavor and maybe even grab a pint for him to take home.

2Help Dad wash the car.

son helping his father to wash the car

If Father’s Day is sunny and bright this year, it’ll be the perfect time for a car wash. To make it a bit more fun, you could even fill up some water balloons and grab some water guns to turn it into a water fight.

3Take him to see live music.

young boy sitting on his fathers shoulders at an outdoor festival

Whether your dad loves jazz or country music, finding him a live performance to attend on Father’s Day is sure to warm his heart.

4Go for a bike ride with the family.

smiling family riding bicycle together on footpath by lake in public park

The entire family can get some exercise with a bike ride on Father’s Day. Scope out dad’s favorite trails ahead of time and maybe even plan for a picnic once you reach your destination.

5Create a scavenger hunt.

scavenger hunt this way signpost in lush forest woodland

Add some extra flare to your dad’s Father’s Day gift by having it discover it himself. Leave him a list of riddles and clues that will lead him right to his present.

6Perform a concert.

girl playing cello with her family at outdoor park

Nothing will make a dad smile more than seeing his child perform an original song or dance. If you want to make it really special, add in some lyrics that will let your dad know how special he is to you.

7Schedule a pottery class.

pottery workshop a potter craftsman shows his child how to work with clay

Take your DIY crafts up a notch and take a pottery class with your favorite guy. You all can laugh over the wacky creations you make or create something pretty enough to showcase at home.

8Break things at a rage room.

businessman hitting hammer on computer monitor in office

Allow your dad to blow off a little steam through the cathartic exercise of breaking things at a rage room. By the time you finish ripping through the room of various items, you’ll both feel more relaxed.

9Take him shopping.

family carrying shopping bags in mall

Your dad might say he doesn’t want anything this year, but that could change if you let him pick out exactly what he wants during a mini shopping spree.

10Try out axe throwing.

a large metal ax is embedded into a wooden target while playing the game of axe throwing

If you want to create a truly memorable experience, take your dad for a couple of hours of axe throwing. You both can take turns seeing who can hit the bullseye.

11Go bowling.

rear, close up shot of a senior man about to throw a bowling ball down the bowling alley

Bowling always brings family together. This Father’s Day, you could split up into teams — like parents against kids — to see who has the best form.

12Build a pillow fort.

family playing in pillow fort

Father’s Day is as good a day as any to create lasting memories. Grab a few pillows, couch cushions and blankets to create the ultimate fort, perfect for reading stories or sparking a pillow fight.

13Solve a mystery in an escape room.

group of friends solving puzzle together in quest room stylized like chessboard

Have your dad channel his inner detective when you take him to an escape room. As you all comb through clues in order to solve the puzzle and escape, you are bound to learn more about each other.

14Work on a puzzle together.

family putting together puzzle

Depending on the puzzle, this activity can create hours upon hours of bonding and laughs. Once you’ve completed the puzzle, you can even frame it.

15Visit a museum.

smiling father and daughter reading guide during visit to museum

If your dad is a history buff, take him to visit a local museum. And even if history isn’t really his thing, there are tons of museums with interactive exhibits that are sure to be fun for the entire family.

16Go skydiving.

freefly fun skydive team is playing in the sky

Free-falling through the air might not be for everyone. But if your dad is a self-proclaimed risk taker, then this might be just the activity for him.

17Compete in a mud run.

father and daughter going through obstacle during a mud run

If your dad has a competitive streak then he’s sure to have fun navigating a mud-filled obstacle course. You can even set a wager on who will finish first.

18Take a rock climbing class.

smiling mature instructor teaching male and female students about bouldering in gym

Get in a workout and maybe even a new hobby but taking him to a rock climbing class. It’ll give him an adrenaline rush without being too dangerous.

19Hire a private chef.

private chef serves food to couple

Allow your dad to relax this Father’s Day and hire a private chef to take care of the cooking.

20Plan a paint and sip.

father and daughter mix colors on paint palette

Break out the paint and open a bottle of your dad’s favorite wine. While you both attempt to paint a tree, a vase or a dreamy landscape at sunset, you can bond over your artistic skills or simply share a laugh at the final product.

21Take a road trip.

dad and daughter singing while riding in a car

Pile the family into the car, crank up the tunes and take the scenic route. Whether your destination is the beach or your dad’s favorite national park, this trip will definitely create a lasting memory.

22Create your own vintage arcade.

joystick of a vintage arcade videogame

Celebrate your dad’s inner gamer by putting together a vintage arcade for him. All you’ll need to do is to rent out the machines for his favorite childhood games, like Pac-man and Sonic. Once you set them up, watch his inner child come alive.

23Bake him a homemade dessert.

a father and daughter laughing while making cookies


The perfect cure for any sweet tooth is a perfectly decadent treat. Whether your dad is a brownie guy or loves a good pie, the way his face lights up will be priceless when you present him with his favorite dessert made with love.

24Surprise him with a race car test-drive.

race car speeding down race track


Has your dad always dreamed of tearing down a NASCAR track at top speed? You can make that dream a reality by surprising him with a NASCAR racing experience where he can either ride with a trained professional or take to the asphalt all on his own. Whichever experience you land on, your dad is sure to have a Father’s Day he’ll never forget.

25Take care of a task.

father teaching adult son in farm workshop


Even the handiest of dads seem to have that one project that they’ve “been meaning to get to.” This Father’s day, let your old man take a load off while you take care of whatever lingering tasks he may have cluttering his to-do list. Trust us, you’ll be able to see the appreciation all over his face.

26Build a campfire.

father daughter campfire


End his Father’s Day on a sweet note by roasting marshmallows over the fire. As people are eating their s’mores, ask everyone in the circle to share their fondest memory with Dad or Grandpa. It’ll make this moment even sweeter.

27Garden with him.

father and daughter picking vegetables

If your dad already has a green thumb, why not join him in his natural habitat? You may be surprised to find yourself bonding over tomato plants and fresh herbs. And if his garden is far along you may even be able to create a meal with what you pick.

28Challenge him to a pick up basketball game.

father and son playing basketball in driveway


If your dad has been coaching you in sports for most of your life, now is the time to see if he’s still got it. Challenge your dad to a pick up game. You could even get the entire family involved, making it siblings versus parents and set a wager for the prize. What ensues is sure to create an epic memory.

29Trace your family’s roots.

i remember every vacation with your granny


Even if you think you already have a grasp on everything there is to know about your dad, there’s so much more to his story. Take a walk down memory lane by flipping through his photo albums and school memorabilia. Then take time to trace your dad’s family tree to get a deeper look at your family’s past and present.

30Plan a family workout.

father and daughter stretching during jogging


Even if you’d rather spend your Sunday lounging on the couch, Father’s Day is a time to do whatever your dad loves most — even if it’s working out. Skip the gym and hit the trails or jog along the water. Or if the weather isn’t in your favor, let him choose an at-home workout that you can do right in your living room.

31Take an online cooking class.

happy smiling african family  in aprons cooking and kneading dough on wooden table


Since Father’s Day falls on a Sunday, there may not be too many in-person cooking classes to attend. If you find that to be true, sign up for a virtual cooking class instead. Introduce your dad to some of the world’s finest cuisines with one of airbnb’s online experiences or stick with something more traditional, like an air fryer-focused class taught by Craftsy experts.

32Host a lawn game tournament.

high angle view of multi colored croquet balls and mallets on grass lawn


Bring the Olympic spirit to your backyard by organizing an afternoon event with cornhole, horseshoes, croquet and other lawn games. If your dad has a competitive side, keep score at each game and tally up the points at the end to name a winner.

33Watch all of the Marvel movies in order.

things to do on fathers day  marvel movies


Cross one more thing off your dad’s bucket list: Track down all of the Marvel movies — some are available to stream, others must be rented — and cozy up on the couch for an all-day movie marathon. There are 24 Marvel movies in total, so it may take a few weeks to get through them all.

34Get your karaoke on.

father son karaoke activity


Crank up his favorite tunes, pass the mic, and watch him bring down the house with his serious karaoke skills. Bonus points if your dad busts out his dance moves while he’s on stage a.k.a. your living room floor.

35Serve dad an all-star brunch.

things to do on fathers day   brunch


The best way to start off Father’s Day? A table full of of dad’s favorite brunch recipes, of course. Wow him with an all-star spread of waffles, eggs and fruit — and don’t forget the coffee and OJ!

36Have a family game night.

family playing board game


This year, let dad lean into his competitive side during a family game night by playing classics like Jenga, charades or Monopoly. If dad loves trivia and brain teasers, you can even host a family trivia night!

37Host a wine tasting.

cropped hands of male friends toasting wine at tasting room


For all wine-loving dads, the ultimate treat on Father’s Day is an at-home wine-tasting event. Complete a selection of the best wines with a beautiful spread of cheeses and grapes, along with a scorecard to keep track of all the wines he’s tasting.

38Craft together.

dad and son painting


Encourage everyone in the family to get creative by making crafts fit for the holiday. While you can always go for something that’ll double as a gift for dad, we’re pretty sure he’d love to get his hands in the paint, too.


39Pack up a backyard picnic.

picnic basket


Here’s an easy way to impress dad on his special day: Pack up some sandwiches, grab a blanket and then head out to your backyard for a family picnic. He’ll definitely enjoy the sunshine and some fun backyard games, especially with all his favorite people around him.

40Pamper him with a spa day.

laughing senior man in bathrobe sitting in armchair


Dads deserve some pampering, too! Turn your home into a relaxing spa by lighting candles and playing soothing music. If you or your kid’s aren’t great at giving messages, give him a gift basket full of self-care goodies, including shaving creams, lotions and soaps.

41Get out on the water.

dad and son fishing at lake


Rent a boat or jet ski for the day, so he can spend quality time on the water. For a budget-friendly option, grab his fishing poles and head out to a nearby lake or pond. Whatever you settle on, make sure the entire family remembers to apply a generous amount of sunscreen.

42Fire up the grill.

grilled kebabs and grilled corn


Father’s Day is best celebrated with family and amazing food, so fire up the grill to make a delicious meal that everyone can enjoy. Take the opportunity to learn a thing or two from dad, or simply cheer him on as he serves plate after plate of juicy burgers, grilled veggies and more.

43Hit the golf course.

golf ball on golf course


We’re sure if you ask dad how he’d like to spend Father’s Day, golf will most certainly be at the top of the list. Make his wish come true with tee time at his favorite golf course. Feel free to go the extra mile by organizing his gear ahead of time and arranging his transportation.

44Go for a hike.

father and children hiking on a trail


Enjoy the great outdoors as a family by hitting up your local hiking and biking trails or driving to the nearest National Park in your area. Let dad choose the path and be ready to take tons of family photos.

45Host a beer tasting.

friends toasting with beer glasses


On Father’s Day, serve dad a refreshing pint of his favorite brewski. For the ultimate treat, plan a craft beer tasting with an assortment of ales, lagers and IPAs from local breweries. He might just find a new favorite and you’ll be the one to thank!

46Bring him to a steak dinner.

father's day steak dinner


Give dad what he really wants on Father’s Day: a nice dinner served with a glass of his favorite bourbon. Practice the recipe ahead of time to ensure that you can sear the steak just right.

47Plan an outdoor movie night.

movie popcorn

Since drive-in movie theaters are hard to come by, set up an outdoor screening in your own backyard. Shine a projector against a blank wall and pick one of dad’s favorite movies to watch as a family.

48Make a splash at the pool.

father's day activities pool time


Father’s Day happens to coincide with the first day of summer. The only way to celebrate? With a fun poolside hang, of course! Give him his own pool float or let him knock out his first summer read — it’s his choice!

49Go camping.

father's day activities camping


Whether you head to a campsite for the weekend or decide to set up a tent in your own backyard, dad will love roasting marshmallows and telling scary stories around the fire.

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