The problem is that most people try to think of excuses as a way out of things.
You make excuses when you do not want to go to an event and in a way it makes it a long way of lying.
You see, excuses are basically lying or trying to wheedle your way out when you have already given your word.
It is okay to use excuses from time to time but eventually you will run out of excuses and you will realize that it is not good to use excuses in the first place.
Here are some quotes about excuses to help you understand what excuses entails in the long run.

 I am tired of hearing your excuses, now just give me some great results to work with too.

 Let not your lies become the mar in your credibility and be the stunt to your growth too.

 What I think you should do is keep going so that you can make progress not reasons now.

 Your explanations do not matter when the end result has been shown and you fail at it too.

 You are the one who should choose whether or not you can make things work or not at all.

 I have no room for any excuses, what I want is progress and the products of your work now.

 Your justifications would not change a thing nor will it make anyone feel better about it too.

 The origin of failure is the things you try to justify your wrong doing with, be honest now.

 There are so many reason why you fail and one of them is trying to put up reasons for naught.

 All that I wanted was for you to be more honest with yourself and yet you tell lies to your own.

 When you are too good at making up those excuses, it will be hard to excel at something else.

 I think that explanations do not matter coz it is something you have most likely fabricated too.

 Never settle for mediocre and just keep on going with your life from this moment forward too.

 There is no need to defend something you know you did your best for no need to argue as well.

 In the end, the moment you decide to be okay when it comes to mediocrity is when you fail too.

 Several excuses will be less than convincing than just one, so better make it worth it all too.

 Stop looking for the explanations why you lost and instead look for reasons you can win too.

 You are the captain of your own boat so make sure to find the best person for you out there.

 I think that the best of all excuses is to just have none, it makes you even more productive too.

 So you made some explanation why you couldn’t come on the first date and that is just sad too.

 I think you are better off trying to find a reason for things instead of just to keep on the truth.

 Maybe for me, it is better to explain nothing than to give out some bad explanations as well.

 Once all of the excuses you use are gone, you now are left with working harder to be great.

 I know that there will be a lot of obstacles in the journey ahead of you, so stop inclining too.

 With the best effort you can hardly use anyone to put the blame into so you need to work then.

 I think the best way not to try and justify the wrong things you did is not to talk about it at all.

 Stop letting your past out to be the reason why you do what you do the things you do now too.

 What are excuses but nails in order to build a house that is known to be failure, believe me.

 I like to think that I am successful because I never took nor gave a reason to fail others too.

 Do not limit yourself for anything, you can be more than what you are now if you will it to be.

 I think that by refusing to put limit on yourself, you will be achieving greater things indeed.

 Some people are trying to justify themselves by accepting negating responsibilities as well.

 Excuses are but tools that people who have no purpose in life try to build around themselves.

 In the end, the larger and higher you try to make up for the time lost is to keep being happy.

 There is nothing that can make the matters a whole lot worse is when it burns so bad to it too.

 There may just be people more talented by you but I believe more in your guts to do more.

 There is no excuse but to just work harder to catch up with the others in term soft things now.

 He who excels at making those excuses will not be good or great for anything else, such it is.

 There are so many things that you can do if you want to try it out so be there and enjoy it out.

 There is someone who understands that there is more to life than what you know it to be too.

 He who then excuses himself is going to be literally accusing himself of not being there to be.

 I pity the people who will have to understand the things he does, the mind of a psychology.

 And maybe now you will start worrying too much things that you shan’t work bout at call

 You can a do a lot of things and try out new things if you just let yourself to be it now.

 99 percent of the people that have excuses all the time are meant to fail from this habit then.

 You shall be able to make things you never executed in order for more color as well by it.

 The time it takes you to make things is a lot better than just checking its own content then.

 You may not know about it because you often try to just leave by making reasons back then.

 Stop taking ownership of things and just focus on what you do have in your hands too.

 The real type of man is the one who would never try to just come up with excuses for himself.

 In the end, it is dealing with what you have versus what you do not so you need to work hard.

 Try to make things work, to make sure that you are getting to where you plan to be at then.

 When you receive complaints about yourself, the best you can do is to face it head on as well.

 When you stop making those excuses, something great is going to be happening to you soon.

 You can give in to the things that matter to you and believe those reason you are given then.

 The best that you can do is to be happy and try to be excited about the life that you have.

 Most people who get stopped are those that have not yet even reach their potential as well.

 I wish you would never attempt to make excuses again because you would not need them too.

 Your attempt at being the best failed but you want to try out more, you want to be better too.

 There are so many things you can use to reason out why, you just have to believe the truth.

 Just do not be discourage by anything and keep going and you will be just fine as well.

 If you are waiting for something really good to happen in your life, I hope stop with excuses.

 I sincerely believe that there are people in this world who makes excuses all the time, sadly.

 I think a best thing in being a leader is that you have no room for bullshit only responsibility.

 For so long, I have been feeling ashamed of the things I did wrong, I won’t make reasons.

 There is a long explanation to why things do not happen the way you want them to be too.

 Let things happen and do not make those excuses that are not meant to happen at all too.

 I think the wise move is to direct the anger you feel on solving problems and not people.

 Because you are trying to justify it, you are unable to move forward or back, it is a problem.

 He is only good at saying things that you know is not good for anyone else as well, really.

 If there really is passion in your brain, you should make it up with enthusiasm as well now.

 You see, those excuses you make are not going to make changes in your life nor your history.

 God has His own plans, so better impress him up with the truth now before all else right.

 Let us stop being too busy and answer the call that HE makes so we can see Him well now.

 And all I ever dreamt of was seeing Him, calling out His name and to hold His hand as well.

 You should share the good news, you should spread the fact that you saw Him really well.

 When you learn to put those excuses aside and remember that you are more than capable.

 Stop the bullshit or the sob stories & just get straight to the things about what you need.

 I would no longer waste my time by looking back for that is an insult to both of us, you & I.

 What I shall do is to deliver justice when I need it most, to stop looking at it as misfortune.

 Shed away those petty excuses and face things with more courage and you will get more too.

 I think that the real blessing is to be here with you now as you prove what you want to do too.

 Listen to me when I tell you that only losers use excuses to get out of hard situations indeed.

 If you want to be a better person then you have to drop those excuses you have in mind too.

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