Whether you broke up with your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or that person has broken up with you, moving on from an ex is never going to be easy.
You will have to deal with a lot of things, you will have to be sorry for a lot of things about your ex and go through a lot of challenges as well.
You deserve someone who is not like your ex at all, someone who will be patient and understanding with you and support you all the way out.
Here are some ex quotes you might just be able to relate to, see them for yourself and just try them out now, and just enjoy it well.

My ex texted a while ago that he misses me so, well too bad for him that I don’t feel anything.


I think that we should all start lead a life where we do not think about our past at all now too.


You never wanted to break up but it happened and you just have to suck it up and deal with it.


Being in love with a person is something that you should no longer think about, get a move on.


The simple truth is that things do not always work out the way you wanted them to work out.


An ex is someone that we should definitely forget about, espy the bad memories he brings too.

I guess all that is left now is to replace that very person with another, is that not right now?


You broke your promises to her but so did she, you are way better off each other, that is it.


Stop crying over people who are barely worth it, he left and you need to accept that from now.


They say the world is wide but why do I get to meet my ex in every turn that I take from here?


Smile coz he left you earlier, which means the memories are not that many, you can move on.


Things change & so do people, you just have to deal with that & accept all those changes too.


You see, you have to realize that no matter what, the outcome would have been just the same.


No matter how hard you try, he’ll never be back, you are way better off without him anyway.

I wish that it is easy to replace an ex but it is not for you have given your love to that person.


One day you will find the person that is truly right for you & all the others won’t matter too.


Stop taking your trash in after you have thrown it out, same goes for your relationships now.



Do not think that he will turn better with a second chance, do not give him that, I tell you.


It sucks when the person you love becomes just an ex and you have to forget them by yourself.


It’s not like he is going to be better just by giving him one more chance to just hurt you again.


You do not deserve someone who won’t stick with you when you are having a hard time really.


You can’t really stay friends with a person you’ve loved once and then broken up with, really.


If he does not want to stay in your life, there is no reason to force him to, so let him go, baby.


Sometimes our own ex become our very standard in qualifying the next person we will love.


Darling, it only takes a few second to realize people who has done you wrong, start today too.


Start moving on, you are truly deserve way better than what other people try to tell you then.


The truth is that he was annoying to begin with, he deserve nothing like you, forget him now.


When you have an ex, you must stop at nothing to get a move on from here on, it matters a lot.


Do not get jealous when you see her with another guy, they deserve each other, believe in it.


Your life with that person is now over, so find a person who you can be a better person with.


I hope that my feelings for you finally rests in peace for I don’t really care about it any longer.


When you see that person going out with someone uglier, you feel so awesome about yourself.


When your ex comes knocking back at your door be smart enough not to open it once more.


Maybe it was just a petty mistake on your part to have ever begun a relationship with her too.


When your past suddenly decides to call you, forget it, drop it for it does not have any news.


The good thing on finding the one meant for you is you realize why you had to leave others.


All that I wish is that my ex would leave me alone so that I can finally get on with my life too.


And still there is that person you will take back no matter how long it has been, the pain too.


You will never find anyone like your past boyfriend but that is good too, not like him at all.


Stop trying to re-read your last chapter & just decide to move on straight to the next one now.


The sad thing about having an ex is the reminder that you have failed at one point in your life.


And maybe what you are missing are just the memories & not really the person at all my dear.


The painful moments are bound to be forgotten, you see you just have to slowly change ways.


Now that you are just someone that I had known back then, things are way different now too.


There is no need to feel revengeful, just do not feel anything at all that’s the key to a good life.


When you meet your ex after the break up all I wish is you would not even look at him then.


There is always that point in life where you fall in love way too much you need to just stop.


Deep down inside of your heart, you knew she just was not the one, you need to accept that.


Keep on looking your best and just let your heart to handle the rest of it, that is about it too.


Your ex do not deserve you and did not deserve you: I repeat, forget him from this moment.


I know that it hurts but you have no choice but to move on so you might as well do that too.


I gave my love to you but you just threw that all away the moment you decided to break up.


Never again will I look at you the same way I did before for you threw that all away then.


And there are moments when I can’t even believe that I had loved you for quite some time.


The funny moment when your ex walks by & he realizes you just do not give a single damn.


You shattered me, you just broke me into pieces that I no longer even recognize who I am.


I can’t help but to think about all the times we spent & remember we no longer will, babe.


I used to be really happy but you came into my life & forgot about me, it hurts sometimes.


Maybe what I want to be happy but I am just so tired of the relationship that we have now.


You were once trusting until one day you met him & he broke your heart, forget that ex now.


I think that I am way better off not having you in my life, that is the truth of it, is that not it?


We get into love without assurances & then we just get hurt in the end, that is the sad truth.


What you should do is totally cross out your ex in your life, he deserves to after all he’s done.


I do not think it is possible to forgive someone who has hurt you so much that is the truth of it.


I no longer miss you, I am actually happy that you are no longer here in my life, I am tired.


It does hurt when you used to be special to a person then you are no longer that to him now.


One day you will be able to move on with your ex & realize he is just not the right person too.


My real mistake is that I put my trust in you when you do not deserve it one bit that’s the truth.


I just plainly hate you right now, I do not want to be involved with you any longer, not now.


Your actions told me that you were not meant for me, I should have known that too, really.


If we all have had one ex in our lives, we realize what mistakes we had done in the past, right?


I do not know which hurts worse, not knowing why we broke up or realizing I failed for you.


I guess that I was just not enough for you since you’ve decided I am not worth your time too.


I am sick of being the girl who has to worry every second about you, I do not want that.


Maybe that is all he was ever meant to be from the beginning just another ex in your life baby.


Only you have the power whether to accept your ex back or not, make your decision wisely.


You no longer have him that is why he is your ex, do not regret that, there is a reason for it.


Remember that he is your ex for something, that means something must have been wrong.


Something went wrong and so he became your ex, that is all there is to it forget him from now.


You deserve someone better than your ex so get a move on girl & hang on tight to your belief.


You need to forget your ex & focus on your present instead, that ought to do the trick, baby.

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