End of Relationship Quotes

It is not always a nice moment, that end of relationship feeling.
Sometimes, you reach end of relationship in the most unexpected ways.
It is sad, it can be a bit disorienting as well.
Sometimes, end of relationship just feels so surprising and so painful as well.
If you are going through a breakup, here are some end of relationship quotes that might help you get better.

Now, we have reached the end of relationship that we used to treasure so much, it still hurts.


Though we have reached this point of breaking up, I still think every second was worth it all.


If I was given the chance to start over, I would gladly do so with you, for I love you still now.


This marks the end and as much as I hate it, we must both accept that this is for the better too.


I want to tell you that at one point of our lives, this was meant to happen, but it did so now.


I was wondering when it would be, our end of relationship but now here we are, both hurt.

I never would have expected that we would get here and yet here we are, saying our goodbye.


I never wanted to see you go but we must face reality, we must face that we no longer fit now.


Though what we had was real, it is time to move on and realize that sometime love won’t last.


We all face hardships, it is just some relationships do not survive it while other has and will.

I thought I had forgotten what it felt like to have an end of relationship but it is still fresh now.


I will never regret what we had for it is a great experience for the both of us that is the truth.


It was a great thing that I was with you, but now it must come to an end, we must forget it.


We had to say our goodbyes to each other though it hurt, though we are waiting for it to go.


Though we have had our end of relationship, I still love you all the same, it was worth it all.


It was a great experience, one that I would not exchange for anything in this world, my dear.


I thought I was strong, holding on to you but I was stronger when I was letting you go now.



I wanted to be with you for as long as I possibly can but there is no saying when you wanted.


And it was apart you wanted to change this challenge and so I gave just that to you, away.


Even the best things in this life can fall apart as we are now at the end of relationship, love.

Though some relationships tend to end, they would not end what you have right now as well.


People try to find the best things with the wrong people only to end up failing so badly too.


The thing is not about finding the perfect person, which is why so many relationships end.


We had an early end you and I, though we thought we could have been the best for each other.

I used to think we would never get to end of relationship so fast but no here we are, sadly.


We must celebrate this moment, though it is hard, that we are finally free from what we had.


I want to evolve, I want to be able to go through a series of being myself as of now as well.


I think that the best thing that I have learned from you is that I can still survive after you too.


I let my world revolve around you when I should not have and so now I am suffering alone.


There are no truer words but that now our end of relationship is just too sad, and also painful.


Death should not be the end as it is now but I wanted it to be then, but I realized I am worth it.


I will live my life, even without you here by my side, that is the path I must take from now on.


I would never let anyone take so much out of me again, I promise I am putting myself first.


I wish we never got here to end of relationship, but it is something that we must do for us both.




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For now, I have to tell myself that I can do this, I can actually start something from nothing.


I will go back to the old days when I haven’t met you just yet and I will be as happy as I can.


The end that we had was not the greatest but it had thought me a great deal, that is the truth.


I loved you and I want you to know that though we are now at the end of relationship, dear.


When people suggest to me that I can just play it tough, I tell them, I want to play it real, ok?


When two people becomes one, I think the result in breaking up is half of them only, then.


It is sad when a relationship fails but it is better to know it early on than later after marriage.


You were a once in a lifetime woman but now we must say end of relationship for both of us.


I still think that one day, someone will help me prove that love can last for a lifetime, it can.


The world is never going to be too big to find someone to love, she might be right here now.


Look and see and realize that the world is better without him in it, you were right to end it.


There is no unconditional love such as ours, as we end of relationship starts at this moment.


Some things are better after taking it apart and moving it right in, believe me when I say it.


There are just things that are not meant to be and you have to realize that early on in this life.


You changed and so did I and realized that we are just not made for each other, simple as it.


When we try to save something that is already dead, we will fail miserably, that is the sad part


We have to sacrifice something at one point now we need to end of relationship from now on.


You would not believe this but someday, you will realize that ending it was for the better of us.


One sad thing in this life is that you meet someone and love him then he leaves you hanging.


Life is not meant for you to be sad and to sulk around, it is meant to be lived thoroughly now.


It is the now that matters, forget about the ending and just look forward to the new beginning.


How do we end of relationship at this point when I love you too much to even let you go, girl?


We all deserve to be with the ones that makes us happy, not the ones that makes us miserable.


I think it was never you, it was always and has always been me and my drive to let things go.


It might be me or it might be you, whatever it is, it has now ended and that is about it as well.


Friendship matters but in the end, we often want to just be by ourselves when we get truly hurt


I would have never known we would reach this end of relationship but now here we truly are.


I wish I could have known that we would still end this so I could have saved myself as well.


It hurts, the knowing that I can be someone better but in the end I gave all that I had for you.


I am just sad that we are here at the end of relationship when we just barely got to know love.


We always were ever changing which is why we try out best to cope up with each other too.


There is no love greater than what we had but even that had faded away after quite some time.


Though what we had has ended, our life hasn’t so let us go out there and find new love for us.


What we had was magical, it was beautiful and yet here we are at the end of relationship, girl.


The world is too big of a place that we can still find more people to spend part of our life with.


If your love breaks apart when you least expected it to, maybe it was meant to break apart.


I need to tell you that we must stop what we have before it becomes more and more toxic now.


Boy, must we -end of relationship ourselves when we can just keep going, when we still can?


People spend more than half their lives searching for love only to find the wrong one, sadly.


Your heart breaks when you find a love that is not for you, so just let love to find you up.


We assume that our partners love us enough to change for us, but it should not be that way.


I think the best way you can make do with things is if you behave the right way, just do that.


If we can be on a relationship that never ends, maybe we would not grow as a person, I think.


The thing is that love eventually dies, if the flame is not kept tended to and that is truly sad.


I think the universe meant for us to let go and just start something new with another person.


Maybe we are never meant for each other, we were just meant to be a lesson to one another.


I want to be with you until the end of relationship if you would allow me to do that for myself.


I know I was with you, agreeing to ending what we had but why did it make me feel so sad?


I thought that I knew what I wanted and that was to stop what we had but why does it hurt?

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