Eid Ul Adha Menu Ideas – New Pakistani Recipes & Dishes 2020

Eid Ul Adha Menu Ideas: A collection of traditional, delicious and perfect meat recipes for Eid Ul Adha with biryani, curries, rice, kababs and many more.

Here is a collection of traditional, delicious and perfect meat recipes for Eid Ul Adha, also known as ‘Festival Of Sacrifice’ which signifies the importance of sacrifice in one’s life.  It is this time of the year when Muslims all over the world fulfill the 5th pillar of Islam of attending the pilgrimage to Mecca. It honors the willingness of Ibrahim (Abraham) to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to God’s command. But, before Abraham could sacrifice his son, God provided a lamb to sacrifice instead. In order to honor this act, an animal is sacrificed and divided into three parts. One share is given to the poor and needy, another is kept for home, and the third is given to relatives. The animal has to be a camel, sheep, goat or cow.



Kachche Gosht Ki Biryani

Kachche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani ~ Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani


Kadhai Gosht Ki Biryani

Kadhai Gosht Ki Biryani


Mutton Biryani

Mutton Biryani


Bhatkali Style Biryani


Seekh Kabab Biryani


Mutton Yakhni Pulao


Kabab Koobeideh


Persian Meatball with Saffron Rice

Persian Meatballs with saffron Rice


Pepper Mutton


Quick & Easy Mutton Masala

Quick And Easy Mutton Masala


Chili Mutton

Chili Mutton


Mughlai Mutton Curry

Shahi Mutton Korma | Mughlai Mutton Curry



Haleem | How to make Haleem | Homemade Haleem Masala Powder

Homemade Haleem Masala Powder


Mutton Nihari

Mutton Nihari


Tawa Mutton

Tawa mutton


Peshawari Mutton Kadhai


Mutton Ghee Roast


Mangalorean Mutton Sukka


Kadhai Mutton Chops

Kadhai Mutton Chops


Mutton Red Curry

Mutton Red Curry


Methi Pepper Mutton

methi Pepper Mutton


Palak Gosht

Achari Baingan Gosht


Aloo Gosht

Aloo Gosht ~ Indian Style Potato & Mutton Curry


Mutton Haleem


Mutton Shami Kabab


Grilled Chili Mutton Chops


Pepper Beef Fry


Karela Kheema

Kheema Karela ~ Mutton Mince & Bitter Gourd Curry


Kadhai Kheema


Kheema Paratha



Mutton Arayes ~ Arabic Style Mince Stuffed BRead


Morrocan Hareera Soup

Morrocan Hareera Soup


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7 Pakistani Menus for Eid Lunch  or Dinner

Eid is around the corner,,Everybody  have been busy with the preparations. I was making a Pakistani menu for Eid dawat and thought I should share some of my Desi Menu Ideas with you. Eid means ‘feast’. It is when Muslims around the world end their month of fasting with a huge celebration. Eid is a busy day for women,so I have selected

Quick and easy to make recipes.

Different cultures have different traditions. I have so many Pakistani recipes on my blog that can be a part of a Desi Eid dawat Menu. I hope I can inspire you to try out these recipes in your kitchen .

Check out my Seven Pakistani Menu Ideas for Eid Lunch or Dinner. 

How to decide Eid Dinner/Lunch Menu

Here’s a guideline to help you decide what to include in your Eid menu designed to appeal to most guests. You can definitely make adjustments based personal preferences.

  1. Starter – The typical Pakistani dawat rarely has appetizers, but If the guests are open to starters then fried items like spring rolls ,Samosas,Chicken Nuggets or peri bites can be served. Otherwise chola chaat, dahi baray , dahi phulki are delicious Desi options and are easy to serve than deep fried snacks.I observed last year that my guest liked to have kala chana chat after having sweet dishes whole day during their  visit of  many houses on Eid day.
  2. Meat Gravy – A gravy / salan dish is must to eat with roti or rice.
  3. Dry Meat Dish – This can be a bhuna salan, a fried item or barbeque.
  4. Rice Dish – Can be plain rice or pulao/biryani style rice. Depends on the rest of the menu.
  5. Vegetarian Dish – Can be daal, Mix sabzi ,potato tarkari etc. Something light to have after 30 days of fasting and to complement the meat in the main menu.
  6. Sides – Achaar, chutney, raita, Salad and more.
  7. Dessert – Desi or continental. Home-made or store-bought. Can even be mithai or cake.Sheer khurma is a must for Eid desert.
  8. Drinks – Best kept on the side so guests can take as needed, without wastage. Make sure to keep a jug of chilled water, and a chilled diet drink also.
  9. After Dawat Chai / Coffee / Green Tea – Serving hot drinks after the food can be tough, so this can be avoided if guests aren’t in the mood. To make life easier, offer only one option to the guests or serve in disposable cups.

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How to Plan a menu for Desi Dawat

7 Pakistani Menus for Eid Lunch  or Dinner

Here are Pakistani Menu Ideas for Eid dawat.Click the name of the dish to get the recipe .

Ist Menu

Waheed k fry Kabab

Pakistan Style foil packet Chiken

Naan or Sheermaal

Dhaaba pulao


Green Chutney


Dessert,,Rus Malai,khoya Siwayaan 

2nd Menu

Murgh Musallum

Chutney+ raita+ Salad

Matar Pulao 

Aaloo gosht


Dessert,,,Badami kheer,,Shahi tukray

3rd Menu



Vegetable fried rice

Chicken Manchurian

Spicy Spaghetti

Hara Masala, brown onions, Chaat Masala to serve with Haleem

Dessert,,,Karha hoa Sheer khurma

4th Menu

kachay qeemay k Kebab

Chicken qorma

Mutton yukhni pulao

Mayo Salad



Dessert,,,Zafraani Siwayaan,,Store bought Eid Special Cake

5th Menu

Chicken Malai handi

Labenese kabab

Chicken Biryani


Naan  or paratha

Aaloo bukharay ki chutney

Kachumber Salad

Dessert,,,Khoobani ka Meetha,, Store bought Mithai

6th Menu

Reesha kabab or Degchi kabab

Mutton Bukhari pulao

Achaari Aaloo


Imli ki chutney


Dessert,,Seven layered trifle cups,,,Sheer khurma

7th Menu

Beef Yukhni Biryani

Shami Donut Kebab

Raita + Salad

Macroni Bachemel

Chicken Karahi


Dessert,,, Sheer khurma,,Carpet pudding

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My specialities and guest’s favorite dishes::

Here are my all time hit pakistani style dawat recipes that I used to make  mostly in get together parties or in  dawat and the guests always like them a lot. First of all my famous salad recipe which the guests always prefer to have and the kids also like this healthy salad…

Mayo pasta salad with fruits,nuts and veggies


Chicken biryani


Mutton biryani


Marinated boneless Beef biryani


Beef bong pulao

2017-10-17 15.00.02

Chicken Karahi

Karahi gosht


Quick Boneless beef Bhuna gosht


Aaloo Gosht


Mutton karahi


Spicy fried fish


Mutton paya


Chaat Masala dum Chicken

2018-07-18 15.38.18

Kabab recipes:::

Kachay qeemay Kay kabab


Reesha kabab or smokey degchi kabab

2017-10-06 12.27.21

Murgh Musallam


BBQ recipes::

Authentic Bihari kabab


Beef boti kabab

Seekh kabab

If you have to cook in large quantity and confused or worried about the measurements of ingredients.Do check out here.I have a category on my blog for cooking in bulk for dinner parties.


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