Easter Sunday Dates

Easter Sunday Dates

Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. The Easter date depends on the ecclesiastical approximation of the March equinox.

Is Easter Sunday a Public Holiday?

Easter Sunday is not a public holiday. It falls on Sunday, 17 April 2022 and most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in United States.


The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC on Easter Sunday.


What Do People Do?

Many churches hold special services on Easter Sunday, which celebrate the Jesus Christ’s resurrection after his crucifixion. Many people also decorate eggs. These can be hard boiled eggs that can be eaten later, but may also be model eggs made of plastic, chocolate, candy or other materials. It is also common to organize Easter egg hunts. Eggs of some form are hidden, supposedly by a rabbit or hare. People, especially children, then search for them. In some areas, Easter egg hunts are a popular way for local businesses to promote themselves or may even be organized by churches.

Public Life

Easter Sunday is not a federal holiday but a number of stores are closed in many parts of the US and if they are open, they may have limited trading hours. In some cities, public transit systems usually run their regular Sunday schedule, but it is best to check with the local transport authorities if any changes will be implemented during Easter Sunday.


In Pagan times, many groups of people organized spring festivals. Many of these celebrated the re-birth of nature, the return the land to fertility and the birth of many young animals. These are the origins of the Easter eggs that we still hunt for and eat.

In Christian times, the spring began to be associated with Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. The crucifixion is remembered on Good Friday and the resurrection is remembered on Easter Sunday. The idea of the resurrection joined with the ideas of re-birth in Pagan beliefs.


For people with strong Christian beliefs, the cross that Jesus was crucified on and his resurrection are important symbols of the period around Easter. Other symbols of Easter include real eggs or eggs manufactured from a range of materials, nests, lambs and rabbits or hares. Sometimes these symbols are combined, for example, in candy models of rabbits with nests full of eggs. Eggs, rabbits, hares and young animals are thought to represent the re-birth and return to fertility of nature in the spring.

About Easter Sunday in Other Countries

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Easter Sunday Observances

YearWeekdayDateNameHoliday Type
2017Sun16 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2018Sun1 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2019Sun21 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2020Sun12 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2021Sun4 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2022Sun17 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2023Sun9 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2024Sun31 MarEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2025Sun20 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2026Sun5 AprEaster SundayObservance, Christian
2027Sun28 MarEaster SundayObservance, Christian

Easter Date Tables

This page shows the date of easter in the years 2001 to 2100. You can also get the dates for the previous 100 years and the next 100 years.You can also get a printable easter date worksheet for kids to work out the date of easter in any year at all.

Dates of Easter Sunday, By Year


April 15th, 2001March 31st, 2002April 20th, 2003April 11th, 2004March 27th, 2005
April 16th, 2006April 8th, 2007March 23rd, 2008April 12th, 2009April 4th, 2010
April 24th, 2011April 8th, 2012March 31st, 2013April 20th, 2014April 5th, 2015
March 27th, 2016April 16th, 2017April 1st, 2018April 21st, 2019April 12th, 2020
April 4th, 2021April 17th, 2022April 9th, 2023March 31st, 2024April 20th, 2025
April 5th, 2026March 28th, 2027April 16th, 2028April 1st, 2029April 21st, 2030
April 13th, 2031March 28th, 2032April 17th, 2033April 9th, 2034March 25th, 2035
April 13th, 2036April 5th, 2037April 25th, 2038April 10th, 2039April 1st, 2040
April 21st, 2041April 6th, 2042March 29th, 2043April 17th, 2044April 9th, 2045
March 25th, 2046April 14th, 2047April 5th, 2048April 18th, 2049April 10th, 2050
April 2nd, 2051April 21st, 2052April 6th, 2053March 29th, 2054April 18th, 2055
April 2nd, 2056April 22nd, 2057April 14th, 2058March 30th, 2059April 18th, 2060
April 10th, 2061March 26th, 2062April 15th, 2063April 6th, 2064March 29th, 2065
April 11th, 2066April 3rd, 2067April 22nd, 2068April 14th, 2069March 30th, 2070
April 19th, 2071April 10th, 2072March 26th, 2073April 15th, 2074April 7th, 2075
April 19th, 2076April 11th, 2077April 3rd, 2078April 23rd, 2079April 7th, 2080
March 30th, 2081April 19th, 2082April 4th, 2083March 26th, 2084April 15th, 2085
March 31st, 2086April 20th, 2087April 11th, 2088April 3rd, 2089April 16th, 2090
April 8th, 2091March 30th, 2092April 12th, 2093April 4th, 2094April 24th, 2095
April 15th, 2096March 31st, 2097April 20th, 2098April 12th, 2099March 28th, 2100


Years, By Easter Sunday’s Date


March 22nd
March 23rd2008
March 24th
March 25th2035, 2046
March 26th2062, 2073, 2084
March 27th2005, 2016
March 28th2027, 2032, 2100
March 29th2043, 2054, 2065
March 30th2059, 2070, 2081, 2092
March 31st2002, 2013, 2024, 2086, 2097
April 1st2018, 2029, 2040
April 2nd2051, 2056
April 3rd2067, 2078, 2089
April 4th2010, 2021, 2083, 2094
April 5th2015, 2026, 2037, 2048
April 6th2042, 2053, 2064
April 7th2075, 2080
April 8th2007, 2012, 2091
April 9th2023, 2034, 2045
April 10th2039, 2050, 2061, 2072
April 11th2004, 2066, 2077, 2088
April 12th2009, 2020, 2093, 2099
April 13th2031, 2036
April 14th2047, 2058, 2069
April 15th2001, 2063, 2074, 2085, 2096
April 16th2006, 2017, 2028, 2090
April 17th2022, 2033, 2044
April 18th2049, 2055, 2060
April 19th2071, 2076, 2082
April 20th2003, 2014, 2025, 2087, 2098
April 21st2019, 2030, 2041, 2052
April 22nd2057, 2068
April 23rd2079
April 24th2011, 2095
April 25th2038

When Is Easter Sunday 2022?

Easter Sunday will occur on April 17, 2022. Easter Sunday is, of course, always on a Sunday, but the exact date varies each year depending on the moon’s position in early spring. We explain.Easter Bunny in a small basket looking at Easter Eggs.

Upcoming Dates For Easter

YearDate of Easter
2022April 17
2023April 9
2024March 31
2025April 20

Why Does Easter Fall On A Different Date Each Year?

Easter and other religious holidays related to it—Ash Wednesday, Palm Sunday, and Good Friday—are called “moveable feasts.” This means that they are not fixed dates on the calendar. Instead, these holidays are assigned according to what’s called a lunisolar calendar, which aligns the moon’s phases as well as the sun’s position in the sky. (Passover and other Jewish holidays also adhere to the lunisolar calendar.)

How Is The Date Of Easter Determined?

According to a Fourth Century ruling, the date of Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon, which is the first full Moon of spring. It occurs on or shortly after the spring equinox (also known as vernal equinox). March 22 is the earliest Easter can occur in any given year, and April 25 is the latest. If the first spring full Moon happens to fall on a Sunday, Easter Sunday will be observed on the following Sunday.

Full moon over Smoky Mountains and a forest.

Astronomers are able to tell us precisely when the Moon will perfectly oppose the Sun, which is when it is considered to be a “full.” However, the Church follows its own methodologies in determining when the Moon turns full. One important factor is something called the “Golden Number.” It is a rather arcane series of computations that in the end provides a date for Easter. Of course, on occasion, the date for the full Moon does not exactly line up with the date that is provided by astronomy.

Easter Weather

Pretty sky with sun shining behind clouds giving off purple and pink hues.

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Easter Flowers

Easter flower bouquet with a yellow Easter Egg.

Want to make an Easter bouquet? Take a look at these 9 Popular Easter Flowers and What They Symbolize.

Have a potted Easter lily and want to know how best to care for it? Review this article: Caring For Your Potted Easter Lily.

Easter Traditions

Dyed Easter eggs on table in variety of colors next to coloring jars.

What is Easter Sunday?

Jesus' resurrection on Easter Sunday (modern Greek icon)Jesus’ resurrection on Easter Sunday (modern Greek icon)

According to the Canonical gospels, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after his crucifixion on Good Friday. His resurrection is celebrated on Easter Sunday (also called Easter Day, Resurrection Day, Resurrection Sunday, Pascha or simply Easter).

The earliest possible date for Easter Sunday is March 22, the latest possible date is April 25.

Further reading: Easter on Wikipedia

When is Easter Sunday 2023?

Easter Sunday 2023 is on Sunday, April 9, 2023 (in 376 days).  Calendar for 2023

Dates for Easter Sunday from 2017 to 2027

The next occurrence of Easter Sunday is marked in red.

When is …?DateDay of the weekDays away
Easter Sunday 2017April 16, 2017Sunday1808 days ago
Easter Sunday 2018April 1, 2018Sunday1458 days ago
Easter Sunday 2019April 21, 2019Sunday1073 days ago
Easter Sunday 2020April 12, 2020Sunday716 days ago
Easter Sunday 2021April 4, 2021Sunday359 days ago
Easter Sunday 2022April 17, 2022Sundayin 19 days
Easter Sunday 2023April 9, 2023Sundayin 376 days
Easter Sunday 2024March 31, 2024Sundayin 733 days
Easter Sunday 2025April 20, 2025Sundayin 1118 days
Easter Sunday 2026April 5, 2026Sundayin 1468 days
Easter Sunday 2027March 28, 2027Sundayin 1825 days

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