Everyone loves drinking a bottle of two or wine, to nurse themselves of a beer or maybe something stronger. There are a lot of reasons why people drink. Some drink because they are feeling lonely, because they have been alone for far too long in this life already.


On the other hand, some people drink because they are happy, because they got promoted or maybe because they just have something to celebrate, maybe a graduation or something like passing or acing a hard test. On the other hand, those who gets their heart broken drink as well, to dull the throbbing ache inside them, to soothe the pain of the bleeding heart they now have.

On times like this, sending out some drunk memes would be really helpful so here are some of them that you can use out, see for yourself which of them suits your situation the best.


I may have some problems but getting drunk ain't one of them


Shut up liver, you're fine.
I'm not think as you drunk I am!


I don't know what you're putting in these bottles but keep 'em comin'
Yeah, I'm drunk and I'm sleeping here...


"I'm going to stop getting blackout drunk on weeknights and start going to bed at a reasonable time." Sure , Jan.


When you're drunk as f*ck in front of your parents


You know what kind of decisions are made while drunk? The best kinds!


When you stand up and the alcohol hits you and you gotta stay focus on not dying


Go home copy machine, you are drunk


"Drunk words are sober thoughts" Lmao nah drunk me is an entirely different person with her own agenda idk her


Stop stop, we need to get drunk and gossip


We looked up "bad weekend" in the dictionary and it's just a pic of this guy.


Yo face when somebody trying to hold a deep conversation but you drunk as hell


When I'm drunk... You get a snapchat! You get a snapchat! You get a snapchat! You get a snapchat!


One of my friends was really drunk and everybody got tired of holding him


Cell phones should have options to change "Airplane mode" to "Drunk mode". That way your drunk texts never leave your phone.


Getting drunk vs getting high


I hate when people say you don't need alcohol to have fun. You don't need running shoes to run but fucking helps.


When everybody's mad because you're sloppy drunk but don't care because you're having too much fun


How much can I drink? I have no idea. I'm a drunk not a fucking accountant.


Fuck it, I'm going to get drunk


You can't be embarrassed by what you did when drunk if you get too drunk to remember


When my friends ask if i want to get drunk


What a legend! Man dug a tunnel from home to the pub and drink away every night while his wife slept


Let's get you home buddy. Dammit Frank, keep ti together.


I want to get drunk and cry about how useless I am.... You did that yesterday.


Let's get drunk and talk shit about people.


Go home horse, you're drunk


When you drunk at a party and walk by a mirror


I want to get drunk but, I only have one bottle of Vodka.


Shut up about your problems. Stop posting them on social media, no one gives a fuck. Get drunk and deal with them like the rest of us.


When my friends ask if I'm down to drink.... Every day. All day. Anywhere. Anytime.

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