Done trying quotes

There comes a time when you just want to give up simply because you are done with everything.
You are done trying, you simply just want to forget everything.
You think it is no longer worth it and that is the reason you have decided that you are done trying.
Everyone else is getting into their lives but you do not want to keep going on a dead end, so you no longer try.
For those people who are just done trying, here are some quotes about being done trying to help you out.

 I am now done trying, now it is up to you to tell me if you still need me in that life of yours too.

 I finally gave up because I think it is not worth my time anymore to keep going with this thing.

 The saddest part might be the fact that you never even tried and I gave it my all in all times.

 You put someone else in front of me and tell me that I am not good enough, well I am, see.

 I will prove to everyone especially to you that I am worth giving a try, that I am worthy too.


 I feel like I have done enough and still I am not treated as someone special, it hurts a lot now.

 You see, for the longest time I did give it my best so now I am just done trying, whatever I say.

 Before I say anything bad, I will just have to say that I am so over this, I am done with this.

 I never stop even when I am feeling bad, sad or even alone and tired, only when I am done.

 Whenever I tell myself that I am truly done, I see myself trying once more, over and over.

 I wanted to give up on what we had for it was only me but then you told me you cared for me.

 There are times when I do not know what to believe anymore because I am just so done too.

 You can keep on treating me like you have always done: like I don’t exist for I am done trying.

 No longer shall I seek approval from another person, I am perfect just the way I seem to be.

 I know just how much discipline I need to get through and so I will try my best to do just that.

 From now on, it will just be me and myself telling me to get my shit done and over with it too.

 By letting go, I am giving myself the opportunity to grow and be a happier person all in all.

 I know just how much it hurts for all efforts to go to waste so now I am just done trying it out.

 You can be done trying and still want to give your best but you no longer can so you do not.

 I believe that by doing what I do, I am able to make things better that I can be what I want.

 It does not only mean that you do not care anymore but that you have taken back control.

 It was not love in the first place because it was only me that was giving my all, sad truth.

 I look back at the past and realize all I did was just for you but never for me, so I tried harder.

 I know how impossible it seems & how you want to say you are just done trying, but do not.

 Now, I do things for myself and it makes me happier as well, it makes me feel saner as well.

 I have no excuses for the people that have failed me but I have forgiven them, I am just over it.

 I no longer have the room for the past to bother me, I am full of hopes for the future instead.

 What I ought to do is just to have fun and make the most of everything that I have right now.

 Now that I have done all my duties, I believe it is now time to just keep going with my life.

 Do not give up, when you say you are done trying, you are trying to give everything you had.

 I want the chance to explore my life better, to be able to get to know me a whole lot more.

 Maybe this is what I was missing: the opportunity to make a better life somehow, do more.

 I want to be more than the person I am right now and so I am gonna work harder than ever.

 Yes, I still miss you at times but I would no longer chase you around, I am done with that.

 I just hope to God that you would not be done trying until you have given it your very best.

 You no longer hold that special place in my heart like you used to, I am don with that too.

 I am so proud of myself for being able to make a difference, to stand out of the rest of them.

 Now, I can proudly say that you no longer have a hold over me, I am free of you, about you.

 There is nothing left to say but that I am so over you and all that you have done for me too.

 For now, I am just done trying, take it or leave it that will be up to you, believe me on that.

 I am over it, I’m done trying, there is no point in giving my best when I am not appreciated.

 I hoped you knew how much I loved you but now I have decided to stop these feelings too.

 I am just so done with you since you only gave me too much pain and nothing else by now.

 At this point in time, all I want you to know is that I am finished with you, I no longer need.

 In my mind, I am so done with chasing people around, I want to stop doing that, just be me.

 For the longest time, I tell myself that I can do better without you and it is working slowly.

 I no longer see the point in doing this so I’m just done trying, you wasted everything I gave.

 I see the point in leaving you and I am very happy with my life right now, without you here.

 Letting go is the best thing that I have ever done for myself, now there is no need to be sad.

 I will not stop you from leaving any more, if anything, I would hold the door wide open too.

 It is your choice if you want to leave, I will no longer stop you, you should stop doing that.

 Your threats will no longer work on me, I am done with you and so I am not affected now.

 How am I supposed to say that I am done trying when you keep me going each day still?

 It comes to the part where you have to pick which is better and I chose you over and over.

 How can I ever stop when you pull me back and I get back to square one, it is so tiring.

 I told myself that I am done, that I am way over you but seeing you in person changes it all.

 When can I say that I have moved on when seeing you smile still takes my breath away?

 I wanted to say that I am super done trying out for the plays but my heart is just in it still.

 I think there is no escape from you, that whatever I do, I will never be done loving you.

 I want to be yours, completely, I want to be the sun you need on your rainiest days too.

 I told myself I have to let you go and still there are moments of weaknesses on my part.

 My side of the story is I am over you but my heart seems not to understand it a lot now.

 I know that I have given it the last chances & said to be done trying but I want to keep going.

 One day, you will come to realize that I mattered, that you were wrong to just kick me out.

 There is no point in trying to be what you want me to be, I can do better than this, I tell me.

 For now, I am just finished with you, I no longer want to be affiliated with you any longer.

 I look back and realized that I could have done so much better without you and so I will now.

 When everyone is done trying out for the part, maybe I will try and make things work too.

 There is a breaking point, a turn wherein you are just done with everything, I believe that.

 The point was that it was not me, it was you, I should have made things better too, I guess.

 It is sad to know that from now on, I won’t see your face but I hope to God it is worth it.

 There is sadness and pain in letting go but I know this is something that I must do well.

 My precious treasure is knowing that I did give it my all so I deserve this break for now.

 For now, what I know is this: I have been doing it for the longest time so I am done trying!

 I am now over it, I am more than willing to let things go now, so I will do just that too.

 I gave my everything, every fiber of my being so for now I am just done trying things out.

 You can do this, I tell myself, I am no longer going to be held back by you any longer.

 I will try my best to achieve more and be more, I can do better without you, let me show you.

 I no longer want to give it another hour, I am just so done trying new things out by now.

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