Diwali Thali Decoration

Diwali Thali Decoration

Diwali is just not about fireworks and revelry, it is also about worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity. With prayers, songs and various religious customs, pious Hindus all over the world pay their obeisance to these two deities. One of the chief items used in this worship is the Diwali Puja Thali. With Diwali just round the corner, it is time to know all about the Diwali Thali.
Adorning the Puja Thali is one of the most interesting activities to perform on Diwali day. It needs great care, patience and meticulosity to arrange for and place decoratively all the necessary items for worship on the thali. During Diwali, this has traditionally been done since ancient times by the womenfolk of Indian homes
Diwali Thali

1) Take a thali of gold, silver, steel, copper, brass or any other metal of your choice. The shape can be round, oval or any other mold of your preference.

2) Take some roli in a small bowl and mix little water in it to make a paste and draw with it religious symbols such as ‘Om’, ‘Swastika’ or ‘Shree’ or images of deities in the middle of the plate.

3) Cover the entire plate with bright colored piece of cotton cloth having a traditional print(traditional Rajasthani prints look just great) or designer gift wrap paper sheet. Then draw over it traditional designs. Play up the corners of the plate with a lace or zari(a type of thread made of fine gold or silver wire) of a color that is in contrast to the base. You can also glue glitter paste and golden sequins to decorate the thali.

4) Deck up the thali with green betel leaves, which will make it look beautiful. Then put the sundry puja accessories on the thali in the right manner to make it look elegant.

5) Finally, cover the puja thali with petals of marigold, rose or any other flower used in sacred Hindu festivals. Decorate various designs with single color petals or a combination of different rangoli colors.

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