Deer Memes

A deer is quite lovely, and they mean a lot of things. Some says that they are meant for innocence, a white buck can be thought of like that. Some poets have used it as an act of surprise, a deer crossing a road and such.


On the other hand, a deer can be thought of as itself, of a cute animal that is nice to look at and even nicer to see in person. One of the most famous deer is the reindeer, Rudolph, the red nosed one. Nevertheless, when you want to just give yourself something to talk about with other person, a deer can be a good thing to start off with.

So here are some deer memes that you can try out in the case that you ran out of ideas to talk about and you are trying to find something that you can actually have fun with.


Oh deer, you so silly


I bet you're jealous


Yes deer, how may I help you?

Came by your stand today but your nose was in your phone


Scratching his balls like a boss
Wanna play basketball with us?


Not today asshole


What's the cheapest type of meat? Deer balls, they're under a buck.


Oh deer! That was yummy!


Stop that Doris... That's what got us on this wall in the first place.


All of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names... Used to...


Slow down human! Imma get you!


Got a human! It's a good day!


Nice truck, be a shame if I run into it


Please let us in deer


When someone lies to your face and you know the truth


Sees you speeding, tries to slow you down


I stopped by your stand today... You were taking a selfie


Did you hear that car? Yeah, let's go run across the road.


Say it to my face, bro. I deer you.


Cranky deer says no


Not sure if I should cross the road or stand in the middle of it


When you and someone you hate are alone in a room


Deer god


Swiggity Swooty. I'm comin' for that booty


I'm sexy, not needing your attention


Who you calling deer?


For real doe, oh deer


Deer zombies


Oops! A truck!


What did this deer know about Hillary?


Deer eating an apple

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