Dear Evan Hansen Quotes 2021

‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is a stage musical with music and lyrics by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul.

With its world premiere in July 2015, at the Arena Stage of Washington, DC, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ has won multiple awards such as ‘Best Actor In A Musical’, ‘Best Musical’ and many others. So far, it has been nominated for nine awards, out of which it has won six.

‘Dear Evan Hansen’, with its intriguing plot, managed to make a place for itself in the memories of the audience. The plot centers around a teenager with social anxiety disorder who struggles to integrate himself into his high school, so much so that he fabricates a relationship with a boy ho died, in order to get closer to the boy’s family. Their composing credits include ‘La La Land’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’. ‘Dear Even Hansen’ quotes about life, ‘Dear Evan Hansen quotes’ on motivation, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ quotes about loss, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ quotes on sadness are appreciated by all. Given below is a list of some of the most famous quotes from ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

Inspirational Dear Evan Hansen Quotes

'Dear Evan Hansen' quotes are motivating.

14 November, 2016, marked the date when ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ began performances at the Music Box Theatre. Since then, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ continues to run at the same place. Here’s a list of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ quotes for you to enjoy.

1. “What really makes all the difference, then, is how we land.”

– Val Emmich ,’Dear Evan Hansen’.

2. “Now we can both pretend we have friends.”

–   Connor Murphy, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

3. “Are they giving you the world I could never provide?”

– Good For You, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

4. “And when you’re broken on the ground

You will be found.”

– ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

5. “I was certain of one thing: how I felt when I was around him and when I wasn’t. The first was exhilarating. The other unbearable.”

-Val Emmich,  ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

6. “Your mom isn’t going anywhere your mom is staying right here no matter what, I’ll be here.”

– So Big, So Small, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

7. “I am left with a loneliness so overpowering it threatens to seep from my eyes. I have no one.”

– Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

8.” When I walked on to the bus this morning everyone was either talking to their friends or staring down at their phones. What am I supposed to do?”

-Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

9. “No one should stick it out or have any doubt that it matters that they are here.”

– Disappear, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

10. “I’ve learned to slam on the break before I even turn the key.”

-Waving Through A Window, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

Dear Evan Hansen Song Quotes

'Dear Evan Hansen' quotes are beautiful.

With different genres and an amalgamation of beautiful words, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is filled with a variety of songs written by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek. Each of these songs convey a different meaning that not just teaches us new things, but is also pleasant to listen to. The following is a list of quotes taken from some of the songs of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

11. “Even if you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn’t mean that you’re not worth remembering.”

– Justin Paul, ‘Disappear’.

12. “Those letters are important, honey

They’re gonna help you build your confidence!”

– Justin Paul, ‘Anyone Have A Map?’.

13.” I will sing no requiem


‘Cause when the villains fall, the kingdoms never weep.”

– Justin Paul, ‘Requiem’.

14. “If you can somehow keep them thinking of me

And make me more than an abandoned memory.”

– Justin Paul, ‘Disappear’

15. “If you’re no longer here, then why does it matter to you where I am?”

–  Justin Paul, ‘You Will Be Found’.

16. “Words fail, words fail

There’s nothing I can say

Except sometimes, you see everything you wanted

And sometimes, you see everything you wish you had.”

-Justin Paul, ‘Words Fail’.

17. “Well, it’s all a process that is really quite precise

A sort of secret method known to very few.”

– Justin Paul, ‘To Break In A Glove’.

18. “Dear Evan Hansen

We’ve been way too out of touch

Things have been crazy

And it sucks that we don’t talk that much.”

– Ben Platt, ‘Sincerely Me’.

19. “Give them no reason to stare

No slipping up if you slip away

So I got nothing to share

No, I got nothing to say”

– Justin Paul, ‘Waving Through A Window’.

20. “I never thought there’d be someone like you who would want me

So I give you ten thousand reasons to not let me go.”

– Justin Paul, ‘Only Us’.

Famous Dear Evan Hansen Quotes

With a captivating storyline and beautiful songs, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ has taken the theatres across the country by storm. ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ is about an anxious teenager, Evan Hansen, whose prime motive is only one things, the thing which we all want in our lives, that is to fit in. Here’s a list of ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ quotes that you will absolutely love.

21. “End of May or early June

This picture-perfect afternoon we shared

Drive the winding country road”

– For Forever, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

22. “Even if you’ve always been that barely-in-the-background kind of guy, you still matter.”

– Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

23. “Even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you and when you are broken on the ground, you will be found.”

-You Will Be Found, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

24. “I’d rather pretend I’m something better than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that I am.”

–  Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’..

25. “I will take your hand, squeeze it tightly and say

There’s not another truck in the driveway.”

– So Big, So Small, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

26. “You will have to break it through fast. You can’t catch anything with it that stiff.”

– To Break In A Glove, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

27. “It’s not so impossible

Nobody else but the two of us here.”

– Only Us, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

28. “I am not brave. I am extremely not brave. Being not brave is just about as easy as breathing.”

– Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

29. “Also, I realized that avoiding people didn’t actually ease any of my anxieties. Out there in the woods, I still had to live with myself.”

– Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

30. “Better. Maybe he’ll start climbing, one branch at a time, and he’ll keep going, even when it seems like he can’t find another foothold.”

– Val Emmich, ‘Dear Evan Hansen’.

“I do stupid things when I’m nervous, which means I’m constantly doing stupid things.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I wish that everything was different. I wish that I was a part of something. I wish that anything I said mattered, to anyone. I mean, let’s face it: would anybody even notice if I disappeared tomorrow?”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“The me I am is not the me I was.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I’m much better at interpreting books and stories than I am at understanding the decisions made by living, breathing people.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Also, i realized that avoiding people didn’t actually ease any of my anxieties. Out there in the woods, i still had to live with myself.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Burning is the right way to paint it. You feel yourself getting so hot, day after day. Hotter and hotter. It gets to be too much. Even for stars. At some point they fizzle out or explode. Cease to be. But if you’re looking up at the sky, you don’t see it that way. You think those stars are still there. Some aren’t. Some are already gone. Long gone. I guess, now, so am I.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Maybe, someday, some other kid is going to be standing here, staring out at the trees, feeling alone, wondering if maybe the world might look different from all the way up there. Better. Maybe he’ll start climbing, one branch at a time, and he’ll keep going, even when it seems like he can’t find another foothold. Even when it feels hopeless. Like everything is telling him to let go. Maybe this time he won’t let go. This time he’ll hold on. He’ll keep going.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Fantasies always sound good, but they’re no help when reality comes and shoves you to the ground. When it trips up your tongue and traps the right words in your head. When it leaves you to eat lunch by yourself.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Really, though, what do i know about what another person is capable of? I still don’t have a clue what i’m capable of. I keep surprising even myself.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I’m left with a loneliness so overpowering it threatens to seep from my eyes. I have no one. Unfortunately, that’s not fantasy. That’s all-natural, 100 percent organic, unprocessed, reality.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I laugh plenty. I mean, i laughed plenty. I laughed at how absurdly fucked everything is. I laughed because there’s not much else you can do. You can laugh or you can cry. I’d do plenty of both.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“You’re born and you keep getting older and grayer and sicker, and no matter what efforts you make to reverse the process, you die, every single time. To repeat: worse, worse, worse, and then death. I have a long way to go before the worst. This is only the beginning.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“If the pain is in you, it’s in you. It follows you everywhere. Can’t outrun it. Can’t erase it. Can’t push it away; it only comes back. The way I’ve been thinking, after all that’s happened, maybe there’s only one way to survive it. You have to let it in. Let it hurt you.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I looked up once more, at the whole world; it was beautiful, I knew it was, but I wasn’t a part of it. I was never going to be a part of it.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“It reminds me of that saying: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” I guess that means we’re just products of whoever made us and we don’t have much control. The thing is, when people use that phrase, they ignore the most critical part: the falling. Within the logic of that saying, the apple falls every single time. Not falling isn’t an option. So, if the apple has to fall, the most important question in my mind is what happens to it upon hitting the ground? Does it touch down with barely a scratch? Or does it smash on impact? Two vastly different fates. When you think about it, who cares about its proximity to the tree or what type of tree spawned it? What really makes all the difference, then, is how we land.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“How many times in life do you get to just start all over again?”.
That does sound tempting, actually. Can i start over today?”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Will I ever be more than I’ve always been?”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I also know that when you’re not in the best headspace, the trivial can turn into the insurmountable”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Why would he do this? I mean, i understand how low a person can get. I also know that when you’re not in the best headspace, the trivial can turn into the insurmountable and all of sudden you’re heading down a dark path and you can’t find your way back.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“To the ground I fall. I can never stay aloft too long. Not when there’s an ugly and heavy truth always dragging me back down.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
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“Is it possible that I actually appear to them as hollow and immaterial as I feel inside?”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“No one should ever feel they have to suffer in silence. We need to keep talking about mental health and continue to reach out to those who might be suffering.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I was lucky. That’s what everyone told me. I didn’t feel very lucky, lying there in the most excruciating physical pain of my life.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“My stomach was a hot puddle of nerves, had been for a week straight. I couldn’t take it anymore. But to get rid of it once and for all, i had to do the brave thing. That’s where my plan failed. I couldn’t do it. I’m not brave. I’m extremely not brave.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“Now i’m home again and none of my usuals methods of escape are doing the trick. I tend to watch a lot of movies. Ideally, documentaries about loners, outcats, pioneers. Give me a cult leader, obscure historical figures, dead musicians. I want to see a misunderstood person who someone is finally taking the time to understand.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“But really, what was the point of going to school? They nevver knew what to do with me. If you don’t fit into once of their boexes, you get tossed aside. I could learn way more at home. Reading my own books and watching Vice . At least when i was at Hanover i could mention Nietzsche with out a teacher staring back with a blank look”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“I felt swallowed by the swarm. Surrounded by all these people and somehow lonelier than ever. None of them saw me or knew me. The only one who ever did I’d pushed away.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“…I was just lying there on the ground, waiting for someone to come get me. ‘Any second now’, i kept thingking. ‘Any second now’. But yea, nobody came, so…”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“just wish that life, for once, for a day or even a few hours, would go smoothly.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen
“It became this thing that followed me arround. The logline to my movie, telling people what to expect of me. telling me what to expect of myself. I was the villain. that was my role.”
― Val Emmich, Dear Evan Hansen

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