Cute Texts for Hubby

In love, it is the simple things that count the most. Expressing and professing your love to your husband does not have to be extravagant, a simple quote or text can create a huge impact on your relationship. We meticulously created this list of loving text for your husband that you can use to remind him how much you love and adore him. Enjoy reading and feel free to spread the love.

Every second of the day of being your wife makes me realized how blessed I am to live this blissful life. I love you my dear husband.

You are the anchor of my life, without you I no one will hold me in place. I love you baby.

You are the sail who took me with him to life’s wonderful journey. Thank you honey.

No matter how many pretty friends you have, I didn’t feel insecure even just for once because you did not make me feel so. I love you.

Knowing that you will always be there for me to love me back no matter what happen is my life’s biggest security and comfort. I love you honey.

I do not care who is the boss of this house, as long as we have a happy home not just a house. I love you my dear husband.

If this life of mine is a business, you are the longtime business partner that I have been waiting for so long. Thank you for coming just in time. I love you.

Despite of all my flaws you loved me without any cost. I love you my dear husband.

I am committed to you. You are committed to me. Forever we are meant to be.

Your happiness is my only concern I hope your day will be as beautiful as the Saturn. I love you darling.

Our life’s problems almost tear us apart, but your love for me drew as closer at heart. I love you my love.

The greatest reward that I have in my life is that I get to sleep with you every night and wake up in the morning with you by my side. I love you.

Before I married you no one told me that you will be hotter as the years passed by.

The sound of your voice still gives me shivers up to this time, all through these wonderful years with you. I love you my love.

You are my remaining happiness in this life of mine. I love you my sweetie.

Our life is not a fairytale but I am still glad because you do not make me wail. I love you.


I love you until my death, but I also want to live forever so I can love you until forever ends.

You are not just my husband, you are my best friend, my confidant and forever you will be the love of my life. I love you.

I can’t imagine my life being married to a man other than you. I’d rather stay single for a lifetime. I love you very much.

The teasing look in your eyes makes me feel like the most gorgeous woman alive. This is one of the perks of being married to you. I love you.

Every second of my life is so worth it because it starts and ends with me loving you and you loving me.

I am the wings of our marriage and you are its anchor, together we make things work well. I love you.

Inside our marriage, I organized things while you make things outstanding. I love you my dear.

I can’t start my morning without it and I can’t also end my day without it. What is it? It is my dearest husband’s kiss.

You are the sexiest ex-boyfriend that I ever had and now you are my husband. I am a lucky girl, isn’t it? I love you.

My childhood crush is now my husband. I love you darling!

A passionate lover is what you are that is why you are always in my mind and heart wherever you are.

I love you a lot to the point that all I think all day is how to keep you happy. I love you!

The day we became husband and wife is the best day that I ever had in my life. I love you honey.


People said that there is no such thing as perfect husband, but I guess that you are an exemption. You are so perfect for me.

With a loving and caring husband like you, I could not ask for more. I love you sweetie!

You should conduct a seminar on how to be good husband, because you are so good indeed. I love you.

You are a responsible father and a passionate, loving husband but actually you are more than that for you are good example of a perfect man.

Your love is like the mystic river that flows on my nerves, I can really feel the warmth inside of me and deep into my soul. I love you honeybunch.

Your every touch is luscious. Your kiss is delicious. You make me feel delirious. I love you.

I love you not for the reason that you are my husband but because I love you for being you alone.

You are the only person whom I want to see the moment I open my eyes in the morning.

How do you make me fall in love with you over and over again? I love you dear!

You are the only person whom I want to lay my eyes upon before I go to sleep at night. I love you my dearest husband!

The hottest husband in town is living in my house and I am proud to say that I am married to him. I love you cupcake!

I love you so much to the point that I am still willing to marry you even if you are a tree.

I am a very satisfied happy wife because I have a giving and loving husband. I love you.

Being a responsible mother and a good wife is fulfilling to me because you are always there to give your one hundred percent of support. I love you my dear.

I can stop in indulging in ice cream but never will I stop in loving you. I love you.

I love living my life with you and I can’t be any happier. Sweetie, I love you.

From this moment onwards, I will live my life to love you. Cupcake, I love you.

If my life is a movie then you are both the climax and the happy ending that I have been waiting for. I love you.

Whoever said that all men are just the same, probably never met a man as honest, loyal and loving as you are.

You are the kaleidoscope of my life, each turn it becomes more beautiful and magnificent. My dear, I love you.

I used to dream that someday I will marry a man like you. Now that my dream did came true, I just realized that my goal now is to happily serve you.

If I will be given three lifetimes, I will use all of them to love you, marry you and serve you.

You are the Hercules of my life. I love you sweetheart!

You are not a billionaire but you are so generous with your love. I love you my dear husband.

All this time, I really thought that the God of love is you. Thank you for loving me honey.

I am so blessed to have a husband more handsome than Tom Cruise. See you later baby!

Our love is threaded with passion and affection while our marriage is anchored in trust and devotion. I love you sweetie!


It is good to have a man who does not care about your past. Thank you for accepting me honey for what I am. I love you.

It is much better to have a man who forgives the mistakes you committed in the present- just like what you are. I love you sweetheart.

It is best to have a man who does not mind what happen in the past and present and is ready to move forward to the future with you. I am so blessed that the best man is now my husband. I love you.

You are my hot chocolate in my life full of winters. You keep me warm with your love. I love you.

I did not know that all my childhood dreams will come true on the day that I said I do to you.

I do not have any wish anymore. As long as you are by my side, I could not ask for some more. I love you.

If I am an idiot in loving you, then so be it. I love you dear!

Are you aware that I love being with you? Just want to remind you in case you forgot.

Can’t wait any longer to be in your arms tonight my sweetheart. Take care and I love you!

You are the rainbow in each and every storm that comes into my life. Take care dear!

I know that I am always busy, but let me take a minute to tell you how much I love you.

Marrying you my dear husband is one of my best decisions in my entire life.

I want you to come home earlier to me so that we have lots of time for warm hugs, sweet kisses and passionate love. I love you my sweetie!

If I have a wish to be granted, my wish is to have more time to spend with you. Twenty four hours for a day is not adequate for me when I am with you.

To say that I miss you terribly whenever we are a far from each other is just an understatement on how I truly feel. I love you my hubby! Come home soon!

Is it a bad thing that I am addicted to you my hubby? I love you!

You are not just my partner for life but you are also my soul mate. Together, we are a perfect mate. I love you honey!

I am thankful to God for all what He has given me, most especially for giving me a husband like you.

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