Cute Always Thinking of You Quotes

When you love someone so much you can’t simply stop thinking about that person every now and then.
No matter what you are doing or no matter how busy you are, a thought about him will always cross your mind.
We have compiled a wonderful list of beautiful quotes that will convey and let him know how much you think about him all day. Have a good time browsing through our list and do not forget to share.

The smile that you gave me? I am wearing it today because the thought of you makes me do so.

Whenever I think how far we are from each other, my heart cries instantly.

I am busy right now, I can’t talk to you. I am so busy thinking about you.

Whenever I think that you might be gone in my life, I already feel incomplete.

I have thousands things to think about in my life, but the thought about you keeps coming back every second of the hour.

If I quit thinking of you, I might stop breathing too.

It does not matter if we are together or we are far from each other, either way I always think of you anyway.

Our memories together with you made me think about you more and more.

I wake up in the morning with you as my first thought. I sleep every night with you as my last thought. Why can’t I stop thinking of you?

I love doing lots of things in my life but thinking of you is my most favorite above all.

Thinking of you and all the cheerfulness when you are around.

I keep thinking about how simple you are, but your beauty radiates all around.

What did you give me for me to think all day about you? You are in my thoughts dear.

I basically was not able to sleep last night because I keep thinking of you.

You are out my plain sight but you linger in my heart and mind.

Thinking of you my dear cupcake!


My playlist is consisted of one song played repeatedly. Why? Because the song reminds me of you.

The act of thinking of you puts a smile on my sad face.

People said that thoughts count the most then I will be endlessly counting today.

You are the sunshine that keeps my thoughts so bright and light.

All I think is your happiness because your happiness matters the most to me.

I think of you every now and then but I think of you using my heart not my mind.

If I can’t see you then I am going to write down all the things that I think about you so you will know how much I am going to miss you.

If I will be given a flower each time that I think of you, I must have the world’s largest flower garden by now.

When you feel lonely just remember that someone is thinking about you all day, it is me.

When the silent of the night becomes deafening, that is the time that I think of you the most.

The stars in the sky remind me of your dazzling eyes. Oh, so twinkling and bright.

Do not tell me to stop thinking of you because the moment that you do, I will think about you three times more.

Whenever the thought of separating with you crosses my mind, a tremendous fear envelops my whole being. Even the thought of separating with you is unbearable to me.

If my mind can print pictures each time that I think of you my angel, it will be printing until all the ink in the whole world runs out.

One second I was very busy the next second I am already thinking about you.

Your weirdness makes me think of you more and more, over and over again.

Are you not tired yet my sweet beloved? Because you keep running in my mind the entire day.

My thoughts can go anywhere it want but it pretty surprising that it always go towards you.

If my thoughts are metal then you must be a magnet because I keep thinking about you.

Each time that I think of you it also made me think about happiness, joy and good memories.

You are the blessing in my life that I keep thinking of. You complete me in a way that I can’t even put words into it.

The thought of you alone makes my heart skipping with joy and glee.

Thinking of you is just a piece of cake, but it is missing you that I can’t bear to.

I only stop thinking of you whenever I am with you.

Whenever I think about you, the whole world comes to a complete halt. Time itself stops.

First, I will start thinking of you. Then I will start to miss you. Lastly, I will start to need you and be with you.

I think of you like how a hungry person thinks of a food.

I always get tired easily of doing things but thinking and loving you is not one of them.

The thought of you makes me stronger to go on with my life.

Living away from you is hard and unbearable but each time I think that we will together someday makes it easier.

Always remember that there is a person who is always thinking of you. A person who valued you the most.

I go to sleep each night with you in my heart and mind for a reason that I do not know why.

I always forget to bring my keys with me but there is no chance that I will forget you.

I tend to forget my stuffs all day long because I am thinking of you always.

I think of you all day long, how am I supposed to get things done?

Even if you are away from me, the thoughts and memories of you remain in me.

Miles of distance can’t separate us because our thoughts connect the both of us.

Thinking of you alone makes me happy, how much more if you are always with me?

You have this magical power wherein the moment I start thinking of you my whole day gets better.

The thought of you keeps my eyes open and the dream about you keeps my eyes shut to sleep.

I am an addict. I am an addict in thinking about you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

Are you not tired of staying in my mind all day long?

I miss you so bad that I did nothing all day but to think of you. Can’t wait to hold you dear!

I do not want you to be away from me because if you are, I will keep on thinking of you endlessly.

I love watching the stars at night while I am thinking of you my dear sweet honey!


All I wish is that you will think of me the way I am thinking of you every second of the day.

As soon as I open my eyes, the first thought I have in my mind and heart is only you.

Your good morning texts matters the most to me because it only means that you are thinking of me.

Are you supposed to stay on my head? I can’t just seem to get you out of it.

I think I really love you because whatever I do I always think of you.

Are you thinking of me? Because me, I am a hundred percent sure that I always do.

Time does not really heal wounds, in my case it only made me think of you more.

I don’t want to stop doing something because the moment that I do, I will be unstoppable in thinking of you.

You are always and forever will be in my mind, in my heart and my thoughts.

I am so addicted to you. Is this a magic or I just really love you?

I always stayed up late each night because I keep on thinking about the good things that will happen to us.

I wish I can stay with you tonight and hold and hug you tight.

Constantly, I am thinking of you and the happiness that you have given me.

I think of you all the time without a pause and without stopping.

Am I sick? Nowadays, I am thinking of you so frequently.

You are the reason why I keep on thinking wonderful things and keep wishing that they will all come true.

I wish I can stop thinking of you so that I will not miss you this bad.

Thinking of you and our entire one of a kind, crazy memories. Missing you so much babe!

I am honestly thinking of you in a regular basis.

Relentlessly, I am thinking of you and all the colors that you have brought in my dull life.

I can’t think of a day when I am sad while I am with you. Your presence alone is enough to make me happy and complete.

I can’t imagine waking up one day and you are nowhere to be found in my life.

I do not want to think of losing you because it might become true. I want you to be with me always.

I can’t forget the first day that we share our first ever kiss. That memory keeps coming back.

I want to be in your arms. I want to be with you not just thinking of you.

Tonight, I am thinking about us. I wish I get to live my future with you.

I was thinking of the time the day I known you, that was the most magical day that I had.

Did you make me eat something so I can always think of you? If you did, to tell you honestly it must be working because I can’t stop thinking of you.

You are the sunshine that brightens my thoughts that eventually brightens my day.

You know what, I can charge you for a fee already, and you have been staying in my mind rent free twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

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