With the person you love, it is the most wonderful feeling in the world, to be able to cuddle.
When you cuddle, you feel so close to that person, you can easily fall asleep as you lay your head on his or her chest and listen.
When you cuddle, it just brings you to another level of closeness.
There are so many reasons to cuddle, so many ways in which you can do so as well.
Here are some quotes on why you should cuddle, about being in a cuddle that you might like.

My love, I hope that I get to cuddle with you, until the very moment that I close my eyes now.

Cuddling with you is one of the best stress relievers I have found that works over the years.

I love being with you, letting you get close to me physically as we already are emotionally.


There is something about you that just makes me feel I can be anything when I’m with you.

I want you to know that when I feel lonely, all I look for is your arms, your chest, all of you.

The way you are making me crave for a cuddle is one of the ways I know I really love you.

When my days start with getting a morning dose of you, it feel so much better and brighter.

I love it when the first thing we do in the morning is get a load of each other’s arms and lips.

When we are cuddling, I think about our future, I think about all that we can become, girl.

There is something fluffy about you that makes me want to put my arms up around you always.

I love to cuddle with you as much as possible, it makes me feel so special, so beautiful too.

I have gotten tired of going back home to see an empty bed, I want a girl I can embrace too.

For now, what I realized is that it feels so lonely here without you, and I wish you can be.

What I miss the most about you is cuddling with you anytime possible, as long as you’re there.

There is not much I want in the world but one of them is to be able to hug you tight enough.

It is the best moment in the world for me when you lay that cute head here on my shoulders.


When I get to cuddle together with you, I feel our love, so strong, so true, it just shakes me.

Girl, you make me feel like hugging you, like cuddling with you whenever I see you smile.

Come and cuddle with me and I will tell you a story that you have yet to hear, my darling.

You have the most wonderful smile and I can only wish you always give that smile to me.

If you want, I could go cuddling with you all night long, just do not dare fall asleep on me.

There is not much I want in this world but to fall asleep with you cuddling me right here.

Your bed is certainly the best place to hold each other in this world, I am glad I am here.

Cuddle me, put your arms right around me and show me how it feels to be loved sincerely.

There is no one I would rather be cuddled up with right now that you, you make me feel good.

Now that everything is done, I want you to know that I love you and I love feeling with you.

I think that going to bed and seeing you all ready to cuddling with me is a wonderful feeling.

Teddy bears are for children, I got over it the moment I had met you, when you looked at me.

As people, there are some animals that we love to cuddle for they are soft and adorable too.

You look like you could use a warm embrace and ears to listen, I have both here for you.

I wish that you would listen to me when I say that I want you so much I want to wrap you up.

Whenever I am feeling blue or upset, all I think about is being with you, locked in your arms.

I had to tell you the other night, how I love being with you all the time, I want you so much.

I love to cuddle since I get to smell you and I love your scent, it is just so intoxicating, boy.

Do not stare at me like that, it was the best feeling in the world, all locked up with you then.

Being kissed with you in every day of this life of mine is totally something to think about now.

I want to give my life to you, dedicated to kissing you every single morning of our lives, girl.

I want to make this life worth living and for that, I may need you to always let me inside of it.

Whenever we cuddle, the best thing I like to do is sniff your scent, let it linger around me.

Love me for everything about me, with compassion, trust, honesty and everything else now.

All this kissing with you is making me feel really good about myself and make me feel loved.

I love beings with you because you always make me feel welcome, make me feel so special.

In the cold and in the dark of the night, it is you my arms come searching for beside me then.

Your perfume always gets to me when we cuddle, after I just smell like you and it’s a wonder.

I want to take a long tour inside your arms, inside of your embrace, loving you for forever.

I want to be able to spare a bit of my time just so I can lock you up here in my arms now, girl.

My dear, you are one of the best person I know who I would love to be cuddling with now.

Cuddle me, my dear and tell me that you will never leave me, that you will love me forever.

No one beats your arms wrapped tightly around me with your head on my chest, my baby.

When we are alone, just the two of us, I love to kiss you so I know that you are really here.

I wish that you can be here all the time, that you would always remember to go back to me.

I will always be here for you, when you need someone to love you, I will be right here then.

Come now, cuddle with me, put your head on this shoulder of mine and I’ll take you a place.

All these kissing and cuddling we do makes me feel like we are just the best for each other.

How can you make me feel so special when you are only staring at me and hugging me tight?

There is no one else, I tell you, that can make me feel this way, make my heart beat as fast.

Now, tell me there is someone else & I will leave you without a doubt if that’s what you want.

The best season to cuddle with the person you love the most in this world is in the rainy days.

Yes, you are my hero, so come here, be with me and let me know I can lean on to you now.

Today, I have decide that I am going to be with you for better or for worse, cuddling you.

I love cuddling with you because you tell me and make me feel like I am safe with you then.

There is something so mysterious about you that I really do not know about, what is it really?

I am in love with the rain, as I get to cuddle with you as often as I want, as often as I need to.

I think that it is weird, not knowing someone but feeling the best place is right there with him.

I had to tell you that you are the best person for me and that I love cuddling you up with me.

I gained experience with you and it was something I could not just throw though I wanted to.

I never intended to be this close to you but now here we are, locked up in each other’s love.

All I wanted that moment was to cuddle under my blankets with my stuffed toy, hiding away.

Cuddling is my way of showing you that I am not afraid to get close to you and show my love.

I love to be with you, I love being with you, especially when things are at their worst as well.









Tell me, what do I need to do so that you would realize that I am the one meant for you now?

You might not realize it but I have been holding you, wishing you would notice that I love you.

Would you care to cuddle with me and show me what it really means to be loved for who I am.

Handle things with care as I am handling you with, coz you are one of the best things for me.

I wish we can cuddle as often as I wanted to, then maybe I would not be feeling so alone, boy.

There is little else I would rather do right now than to cuddle with you, for you are my love.

To cuddle with my wife is one of the best moments in this world for me, always has been, too.

I really like to cuddle coz it makes me feel safe, makes me feel like I can do anything I want.

When we cuddle, a music plays in my mind, making me realize that it is just like a good dance.

When I pick you up, child and cuddle with you, all the stress in this life of mine just disappear.

I was sitting on bed with you trying to cuddle, trying to decide about things we should do then.

It is lonely when the person you want to cuddle with in the entire world, just leaves you then.

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