Cuddle Memes

Cuddling, especially during cold weather, is the best thing to do. No matter if you are cuddling with your bear or your pet dog or maybe your pet cat or maybe the person you love the most in this world, cuddling is a nice thing. It keeps you warm and it makes you feel safe and loved.

It is nice to have someone to cuddle with especially on those long winter nights when you feel so melancholic because everything in summer is long gone and it seems like the snow will keep falling forever. Cuddling is the solution to the aching heart and it will be really nice to have the one person you love beside you at this very moment. When you have the time to cuddle that would be great.

However, if the love of your life is somewhere far away, the best you can do is send him or her some cuddle memes, here are some you might like.


'sup sexy? Wanna cuddle?


hears about cuddling weather, goes home and hugs a pillow

Excuse me, I was wondering.. can we cuddle... Pwease?


Actual photo of me cuddling with my lack of responsibilities


I love holding hands and cuddling with one person. Everyone else, don't touch me. I hate being touched.


Girls think it's cute when I say I love cuddling but I only like it because it usually leads into sex.


Cuddle buddy? You mean a fully grown grizzly bear


I don't always sleep but when I do I cuddle


When bae's being extra cuddly


No emotion, Just cuddling


I just wanna cuddle and get my booty rubbed on


You may have gotten drunk last night, but you didn't get "pass out cuddling with ur mother in law" drunk


Cuddling. It's all sweet and innocent until someone gets a boner.


I'd rather cuddle  than have sex... *Then ....


When bae stops cuddling you and turn his back to go to sleep


I jsut wanna cuddle that's all I want


Bitches be like "Aww cuddling weather"


When you cuddle alone, you cuddle with Hitler!


When you don't want to cuddle because it's too hot but u still want to touch your boyfriend


Cuddling will literally put a woman into a peaceful state of mind. It can even reduce the stress and strengthen her heart.


Cuddling is cute and fun until the kissing happens... Then... well, shit gets real.


You otter come over for cuddles.


You there... One wishes to cuddle the fuck out of you.


When your gf insists on cuddling to fall asleep... We sleep ass-to-ass you know that.


I miss cuddling with you.


Let's cuddle so I can steal your body heat.


Spooning for girls: A nice, warm and cozy cuddle...  For guys: A dead arm, a face full of hair and an awkward boner you can't do anything about.


When you find the perfect one to cuddle with...


I don't like the term "rape".. I prefer "cuddle with a struggle"


I want a cheeseburger... I wanna cuddle, with you... Who cares what you wanna do, I want a cheese burger...


It's cuddling season, if you're secretly in love with me.. Now's the time to let me know...


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