Everyone has a crush or two, the one person who makes you lose your breath, the one who makes your heart flutter, increases your heart beat and brings butterflies inside your stomach. A crush makes you blush whenever he or she is near and a whole lot more. Only a friend would easily figure out who your crush is and why you are having a crush on that person remains a mystery.


However, should you be able to figure it out, you are going to have a good time. When you are with your crush and you find yourself in the middle of it all, maybe you might as well just say it to him or to her. And what better way to do just that but to send him or her a crush meme?

Here are some crush memes that you can use in order to confess to her and see if he or she likes you back as well.


When I see my crush

Bff: Your crush is coming, look natural... Me:


When your crush isn't at school that day: Well damn, I wasted an outfit.

When your friend gets dumped by a girl you have a crush on


When your crush likes a picture of you: When you're ready come and get it.

When your crush says she likes you then has a boyfriend the next day


Smelling your crush when they aren't looking


When your crush asks if you like anyone in particular:


"When you have a crush on someone"... 5% - Ignore them... 10% - Go, talk to them.... 90% - Have an imaginary relationship with them.


When you're standing next to your crush and the pastor says, "Take the hand of the person next to you."


When your crush gives you a small compliment


When your friend is discreetly trying to point out their crush and you're like:


Happiness is knowing that your crush has a secret crush on you.


When your crush having another crush... I'm fine


When I see people flirting with my crush: "Alright, I guess this is the night bitches die."


When your crush walks by and you just acting natural.... Oh, hey


The feeling you get when you successfully talk to your crush


When your crush posts a new picture.


When you're going home thinking about the test you failed, how ugly you are and how your crush likes someone else


That awkward moment when your crush says "hello"


When your celebrity crush dies on screen... Hope he was saved


When someone else is talking to your crush


Waiting for someone to have a crush on me... "It's been 48 years..."


When your crush doesn't say Hi back


So i has the courage to go and talk to my crush aaaand it's gone


When your crush finally kisses you...


When your crush doesn't have a partner: I volunteer!


The face you make when someone starts talking to your crush... "I'm watching you."


When your crush gets into a relationship and you're trying to be happy for them:


When you saw your crush with another person that you don't like at all


When someone flirts with your crush: "Could you fucking not"


That awkward moment when your crush asks 'Who is your crush?'


Trying not to fart when sitting next to your crush


When you see your crush flirting with someone else:

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