Crazy Girlfriend Memes

So, you have a girlfriend, you have someone who is willing to be with you even through all the possible moments in your life, the good and the bad. You have someone you can hold hands with when you feel alone, when you think that you have no one else but yourself or when you are feeling a bit blue about something else. There is something about having a girlfriend that is soothing.


Now, having a crazy girlfriend is something else and you have to be careful with that. You have to take into consideration her feelings all the time in the hopes that you might actually find something that matters.

Here are some crazy girlfriend memes that will hopefully not piss off your girlfriend but will actually make her love you even more because you tend to appreciate her a lot because that is what good boyfriends do, love and care.


Crazy girlfriends are the best. She might love you, she might stab you in your sleep, such an exciting relationship.


When he realizes he can't handle a crazy girl like you but it's too late 'cause you already own his soul.


When he tells you, youruined his life and he wishes he never met you.

You are mine forever


When you promised him you would stop acting crazy, but he keeps trying you.

To be honest, I don't even feel bad for my boyfriend when I act crazy anymore... I mean hey, he chose this life.


Eating with bae <3 & he chews differently all of a sudden. Looking at him like: "Your hoes teaching you new chewing huh"


When he keeps telling you to stop being crazy but you don't know how


I can't believe you cheated on me in my dream


When he said he likes a girl with a crazy side but he has no idea that you're just crazy all the way around.


When your man tries to dump you and thinks that's gonna stop you from being his girlfriend


When he say, "What did I even do?" and you about to fire his ass up with facts from "October 24, 2009


When you promised him to you'll stop acting crazy but you see a girl breathing his air


Takes 2 hours to respond to text, gets mad at you for taking 5 minutes


When your man all of a sudden acting all cute and shit and you start thinking about what his stupid ass did now


When you already know the answer and you're waiting for him to lie


When he blocks your number but you still got shit to say.


"Act friendly one more time and Ima make a fucking scene."


When your man has a shitty attitude and you're thinking of all the freaky things you could be doing to him if he wasn't being such an asshole


The moment you realize your crazy girlfriend has become someone else's problem


When it's been 3 hours, 42 minutes, and 8 seconds since he left your message on read and you're trying to contain your psycho behavior.


When girls look at my boyfriend for more than .02 seconds but I promised myself I'd be less crazy


When your boyfriend is talking in his sleep and you waiting to see if he mentions another bitch.


When you noticed bae liked someone's selfie that you hate


You work with that girl? I'm pregnant


When y'all arguing and he start making valid points, so you gotta resort to plan B, tears.


When you been acting crazy but he still calls you "baby"


When he got you food to calm you down but you still wanna know where he was on the night of June 2nd, 2012


Who the hell is Alarm and why she testing you at 7AM every morning?


When he calls you saying he almost got hit by a car on the way to work but you already know because that was you.


When you're on the first date and he says, "It's nice to finally meet a girl who's not crazy."

If you fall asleep before texting your girl back, by the time you wake up she's already fought with you and apologized 3 times, posted 5 break-up quotes on Instagram, deleted your pictures and changed her ringtone to "Single Ladies"


I said my last girlfriend was the craziest bitch I've ever met, she said, "Challenge accepted."

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