You may have someone to lean on to right now, someone you can be with, someone you can call your own. You will finally have someone who is going to be with you for the rest of however long you are going to last. You call yourself a couple, together with a person, you make a good couple and you plan on keeping it that way.


There are a thousand of reasons you treasure this so called “couple” that you are in and one of them is because of love. To show your important other that he or she is very significant in your life, you might as well send him or her something that can be an inside joke.

To make it all the more intimate, here are some couple memes that only those in a relationship will be able to relate to, so go ahead and try them out and see for yourself.


OMG babe I love you 5ever <33 cause 4ever isn't long enough!


Couples be like: and I'm like: Oh watermelon, you understand me.


This is what a power couple looks like.


When a fit couple walk in to the gym.


Since we're a couple, we can do romantic things like this


When you see another girl looking at your bae


Happy Couple. You know you are meant to be when you get along like cats and dogs.


When you and bae get into an argument and y'all both stubborn


You hang up. No, you hang up.


Don't be that couple.


The couple who farts together, stays together.


"She prolly out cheating right now." "Bet he's fuckin with them other hoes."


Sometimes, I wonder how you put up with me. I remember, oh, I put up with you. So we're even.


Pics you show your family vs pics you show your friends


When I see a cute couple in the gym and I'm over here like "One man wolfpack"


When yo tired af but your girl wanted you to come over.


That ugly couple that swear people jealous of what they got


These rings let you feel your partner's heartbeat anywhere in the world... Wife: Irie what are you doing?.. Me: Just taking a mid-night jog


I don't always get lucky but when I do, I hit the jackpot.


When you're with bae and somebody's looking at him:


Relationship goals: Chickenshit!... Pussy!


How my future husband better react when he sees me coming down the aisle or else I'm turning around and doing it again.


Public display of affection... No one minds


When bae falls asleep while you were texting.. What about goodnight kisses?


Ladies arguing with their men... Me: He's actually making some good points... Inner me: Cry so you can win


Me: *gets mad and walks off*.... Him: Girl bring yo little fine self back over here... Me:


Every school got a weird couple like this


When a girl starts to act like you, think like you, & talk like you, that's YOUR girl


A relationship where you can act like complete idiots together probably the best thing ever


me: k bye goodnight... him: bye... me:


when you mad at bae but want to cuddle


Couples in public vs in private

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