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control freak quotes: #1. I’m incredibly neurotic and a control freak. I like the thought that if there’s going to be anyone to blame it’s going to be me. – Author: Laura Marling

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#2. Still, how did you show the world’s biggest control freak that the secret to lasting love meant giving up control? I didn’t know, but I intended to find out. – Author: Jeaniene Frost

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#3. They never tell you when you get born a control freak it will cost you a healthy love life. But it’s true. You can’t control somebody and have intimacy with them at the same time. They may stay because they fear you, but true love casts out fear. – Author: Donald Miller

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#4. I am a control freak. I will admit that freely. – Author: J. Michael Straczynski

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#5. The 21st century is a really terrible time to be a control freak, – Author: Jared Cohen

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#6. I’m a control freak and I like to be overprepared, and I’m overly organized and I’m not in the moment a lot of the time. – Author: Sarah Polley

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#7. I am a control freak, but not when I travel. For some reason when I travel, I am able to surrender more than in my real life. I am able to let go. I think it’s why I like it so much. – Author: Chelsea Cain

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#8. I’m a control freak, so that’s why I became a director. – Author: Kevin Munroe

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#9. I’m not a control freak – I’m a control enthusiast. – Author: Joss Whedon

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#10. It’s not like I let people do things for me, so I guess you can call me a control freak, or you can call me passionate. – Author: Courteney Cox

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#11. If you Surrender to temptation then
weak is your soul, for you like grass
that alows the wind to be its “control
freak”. A strong soul knows what it
wants and adheres to its principles like
a tree that stands still despite the
condition. – Author: Morgan Chabane

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#12. I became a control freak as a defense mechanism. The more control I had in my life, the less chance of being surprised, of getting hurt. – Author: J.A. Konrath

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#13. When I get on a plane, I don’t want a laid-back pilot. I want a pilot who is a control freak, who is paying attention to every single detail of his job. – Author: Michael Ovitz

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#14. Steve Jobs had his critics. Some saw him as an egomaniac, and others, as a control freak. – Author: Kevin O’Leary

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#15. I’m a little bit of a control freak. – Author: Harlan Coben

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#16. It’s just me and my control freak – Author: E.L. James

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#17. Indie publishing lets me feed my inner control freak. – Author: Michelle M. Pillow

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#18. I don’t like anything that’s too confining. I’m sort of a control freak, so anything that makes me feel like I’m out of control is a bit uncomfortable. But you know how it is, sometimes it’s good to live a little! – Author: Elisha Cuthbert

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#19. But, I’m kind of a control freak. I get really freaked out if I don’t know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. – Author: Kristen Stewart

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#20. I’m someone who has always been quite clear about what I like. In the studio, I’m not a control freak but I know what I want. – Author: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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#21. I had severe control freak tendencies, and when I had no control – I freaked out. – Author: H.M. Ward

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#22. I find traveling anywhere very stressful. If I ever have to go on tour, I tend to find it all a bit too stressful. I am too much of a control freak with traveling, and nothing is ever on time. The one thing I can’t stand is being late. – Author: Mark Billingham

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#23. I seem finally to have stopped worrying about Elinor, and age. She seems now to be perfectly normal
about twenty-five, a witty control freak. I like her but I can see how she would drive you mad. She’s just the sort of person you’d want to get drunk, just to make her giggling and silly. – Author: Emma Thompson

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#24. Does what happened keep you from acting with justice, generosity, self-control, sanity, prudence, honesty, humility, straightforwardness? Nope. Then get back to work! Subconsciously, we should be constantly asking ourselves this question: Do I need to freak out about this? – Author: Ryan Holiday

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#25. I just like the idea of pills. I like to collect them but not actually take them. When I fell off my horse, I got tons of stuff: Demerol and Vicodin and Xanax and Valium and Oxycontin, which is supposed to be like heroin. And I’m quite scared to take them. I’m a control freak. – Author: Madonna Ciccone

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#26. Let him grow up, Regan. Quit fighting the inevitable. For Christ’s sake, Jeremy’s nearly a man.”

“Haven’t you heard? Twenty’s the new twelve.”

“Only from overprotective, control-freak mothers. – Author: Lisa Jackson

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#27. I’m a bit of a control freak, so I always appreciate being inside the nuts and bolts of the music – I don’t like newer programs that paper over your cracks. – Author: Max Tundra

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#28. I think I’m way too much of a control freak to co-author anything with anyone. I have a hard enough time writing with myself! I admire people that can do it, but it’s not for me. – Author: Sarah Dessen

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#29. An actor who’s a control freak, that doesn’t work. We have to be malleable. We cannot come in and try to control or dominate. – Author: Nicole Kidman

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#30. I’m a horrible control freak. It’s awful! I’m nice, but if someone is folding some sheets while I am playing the guitar, I keep one eye on the way that they are folding the sheets. – Author: Juana Molina

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#31. I’ll say initially acting was my first love, and that’s what I pursued. But then, so far as even my first day on a film set, and just watching how things were set up, I just said, ‘I think I want to be in charge.’ I am very much type-A. I am a bit of a control freak. – Author: Chris Evans

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#32. I’m such a control freak, and it’s very hard for me to lose my inhibitions without something chemical inside me. – Author: Pink

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#33. I am a control freak. – Author: Georgina Chapman

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#34. I am a control freak. I want to do what I want to do. – Author: Kiana Tom

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#35. I gave him my hard stare. “You’re a control freak and I fight all authority. And you want us to mate?”
A wicked spark lit his eyes. “Many, many times. – Author: Ilona Andrews

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#36. You can be a control freak only when you have weak people around you. – Author: Ronald Perelman

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#37. I’m completely aware of the fact that I’m a control freak. – Author: Paul Thomas Anderson

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#38. I’m kind of this control freak that likes to create his own hells before the real one can get to him – Author: Spalding Gray

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#39. I’m a complete control freak. We worked a lot on the pace and where to put the silences. We choreographed the gestures and movements. We had a lot of rehearsals and a lot of takes. Also, there’s something special that comes out of those two actors: he’s water and she’s fire. – Author: Eran Kolirin

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#40. I’m a little bit of a control freak when it comes to my music, unfortunately. – Author: Noel Gallagher

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#41. I like to control everything, and you cannot control everything. You have to at some point say, ‘I let go and I’m going to let the cards fall where they fall … For a control freak, it’s hard. – Author: Naomi Campbell

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#42. Control freak will be tortured by post power syndrome. – Author: Toba Beta

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#43. I’m for sure a workaholic. I’m a complete control freak and I take on way too many projects. – Author: Janet Evanovich

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#44. I’m a control freak. Totally. – Author: Stanley Tucci

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#45. I am a bit of a control freak. If I get married, my wife isn’t going out. No way. She’s staying at home. She’s not going out to clubs without me. I’ve already decided the rules, whoever she is. – Author: Jermain Defoe

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#46. I’m kind of a control freak. I like to be really prepared. – Author: Caitlin Fitzgerald

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#47. Anyone who knows me knows I can be a control freak with things I love doing. I love doing fashion and I love writing, so everything I’ve done I’m really involved with, so it’s not really work to me because I’m enjoying it. – Author: Lauren Conrad

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#48. I think you’re confused as to the nature of our relationship. You and I, we don’t get along. You’re a psychopathic control freak. You order me around and I want to kill you. I’m a pigheaded insubordinate ass. I drive you mad and you want to strangle me. – Author: Ilona Andrews

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#49. I’m a control freak except that I’m a good team player. So I obsess about the details of things but I also trust the team. – Author: Seth Green

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#50. I’m not a good listener some times. I’m too much of a control freak. I’m learning to be better. I was so caught up in just getting the job done that I would miss out on the human aspect of this. There was a connection missing. – Author: Howard Stern

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#51. Film is a collaborative process, absolutely, but I am a control freak. – Author: Shane Carruth

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#52. I’m far more relaxed with German. I’m a control freak. I like to know exactly who’s saying and doing what. – Author: Michael Haneke

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#53. I’m such a control freak. I want to control even my own death. Decide when I will die and how. – Author: Isabel Allende

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#54. Am I a control freak? No. Do I believe in organization? You bet. In discipline? In being on time and making sure everything at the hotel is ready and right? Definitely. I don’t control players. I try to control the environment around the players so they can flourish. – Author: Pat Riley

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#55. I realized early on that I was pretty good at organizing. A lot of it was about control. While my friends were out getting hammered at concerts, I was making money. I am a control freak. – Author: Kevin Plank

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#56. I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful, sexy, sweet, jealous control freak.
Shit. – Author: Kristen Proby

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#57. Everybody has a second personality, it may possess and make you do whatever it likes. – Author: Michael Bassey Johnson

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#58. I’m a control freak with regards to certain aspects. I think you just have to be when you’re making stuff in the world. You have to have a clear idea what you want. – Author: Jenny Lewis

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#59. Poor control-freak Jeb. Your world’s way off-kilter when little Alyssa’s not tripping over her chastity belt. Is that it, bad boy? – Author: A.G. Howard

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#60. I like writing. It’s partly control freak, and partly I really like what I do for a living. I have the luckiest job in the world. I can get up every day and do what I love for a living. – Author: J. Michael Straczynski

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#61. When it’s time to make music, that’s about getting lost for me. To be a control freak is not half as good as being a freak who’s casually in control. You’re feeling around in the dark for something that feels good. – Author: Josh Homme

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#62. I’m a control freak. If you’re going to slap my name on something, I would like to control it. – Author: Anthony Bourdain

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#63. I think adversity magnifies behavior. Tend to be a control freak? You’ll become more controlling. Eat for comfort? You’ll eat more. And on the positive, if you tend to focus on solutions and celebrate small successes, that’s what you’ll do in adversity. – Author: Gretchen Rubin

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#64. I am definitely a perfectionist, and I do like things a certain way. But as I have got older, I would say that I am a little bit less of a control freak. – Author: Rachel Zoe

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#65. Be a control freak and people will avoid you. Live and let live, and people will get closer to you and do the same for you. – Author: Innocent Mwatsikesimbe

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#66. We don’t choose our freaks, they choose us … We may not understand why we freak on a particular food or band or sports team. We may have no conscious control over out allegiances, But they arise from our most scared fears and desires and, as such, they represent the truest expression of ourselves. – Author: Steve Almond

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#67. I’m not a control freak. – Author: Fiona Apple

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#68. I’ll admit it: I’m a control freak. I am. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it 110% or there’s no point in doing it at all, especially if the work takes me away from time with my husband and children. – Author: Victoria Beckham

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#69. I’d love to collaborate with a writer, but I’m such a control freak, it might be difficult. – Author: Mini Grey

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#70. [I’m] an extremely private dude and all this is happening so damn quick. I really haven’t had any time to rationalize it. But it’s nothing that I’m going to let freak me out or take control of me or my thoughts or my real life. – Author: Heath Ledger

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#71. Saddam, as most tyrants, was a total control freak. He wanted total control of his regime. Total control of the country. And to introduce a wild card like Al Qaeda in any sense was just something he would not do. – Author: Bob Simon

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#72. I like directing myself; I feel like it’s one less person to give notes to. There’s an efficiency in it. I’m also kind of a control freak. So I like the fact that it gives me more control in the overall picture. – Author: Alex Karpovsky

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#73. I think that if you’re somebody who’s a control freak, the process would make you crazy, but I’m kind of a process freak, so I’m excited to see what he does with it. I know it’s not going to be my book, so just starting with that knowledge frees me from having to get all freaked out about it. – Author: Alice Sebold

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#74. My inner control freak had taken the day off … I had descended from the mountain of the perfect, into the valley of the possible, and was now on the happy shaded trail, dappled with sunlight, of the present. It was the most wonderful walk of my life. – Author: Elizabeth Bard

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#75. I am a control freak but it’s important to feel strongly about the material you’re working on. – Author: Shane Carruth

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#76. I’m a control freak. And more so now that I have children. – Author: Mariella Frostrup

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#77. I know as a manager you have to abide by the chairman’s decisions. But his decisions were this team, that team, this player, that player. The chairman is a control freak. – Author: Paul Gascoigne

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#78. You’re supposed to be a control freak when you’re an artist. That’s the whole point of having a vision: Why have one if you’re not going to protect it? – Author: Jason Robert Brown

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#79. You’ve got to trust people. And because I am a control freak, sometimes that’s difficult for me, because I want to micro-manage absolutely everything. I can’t hand over. But I’m trying to do that more. – Author: Victoria Beckham

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#80. I was a straight arrow, a control freak. I didn’t do drugs or drink, and this was the ’70s. I didn’t like the loss of control. Which isn’t exactly right, because I didn’t know what happened when you did drugs. – Author: George Saunders

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#81. When you say ‘control freak‘ and ‘OCD’ and ‘organized,’ that suggests someone who’s cold in nature, and I’m just not. Like, I’m really open when it comes to letting people in. But I just like my house to be neat, and I don’t like to make big messes that would hurt people. – Author: Taylor Swift

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#82. As an actor, you have to give up all control to the director. He’s the boss, and has all the power. I’m a control freak, so that’s really hard for me. – Author: Ebon Moss-Bachrach

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#83. Maybe I’m a control freak. – Author: Robin Wright

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#84. Facts are, directors are not thinking of me; they think I only act in my films, because they’re stupid. Or they think I’m a control freak, that I will try to, I don’t know, pimp their scripts and just change everything, which I will never do. – Author: Xavier Dolan

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#85. When you have too many beers, you become like a control freak on everything. – Author: Dion DiMucci

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#86. You sound like a control freak.” The words are out of my mouth before I can stop them.
“Oh, I exercise control in all things, Miss Steele,” he says without a trace of humor in his smile. – Author: E.L. James

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#87. I’m a total control freak and love to participate in the design of every single aspect of life. – Author: Drew Barrymore

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#88. I always liked doing all sorts of different things. As a kid growing up, I was always drawing and painting – always doing art. But I also loved movies and music, so as I started doing everything, I liked every aspect. It’s not really that I am a control freak; it’s just that is what I love. – Author: Rob Zombie

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#89. I am a control freak. I am very hands on and pay attention to details. – Author: Victoria Beckham

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#90. I am too much of a control freak to be a drinker. – Author: Emilia Fox

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#91. Writing music and lyrics, you tend to become a control freak – sitting alone in your room with a bare light bulb over your head, writing communist manifestos. – Author: Jason Robert Brown

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#92. I love film and I love the film business. And I don’t think there’s any better way, with my personality, than being a producer which is a little bit of a control freak. – Author: Graham King

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#93. Being on TV sucks. It’s a lot of work. You memorize scripts and then you show up and they change everything. I’m a control freak. When I’m doing stand-up, I say what I want and then I get instant feedback. – Author: Gabriel Iglesias

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#94. Oh Christian … my possessive, jealous, control freak Christian. – Author: E.L. James

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#95. I would love to direct some day. It’s a good job for a control freak. – Author: Joshua Leonard

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#96. I am such a bossy producer and such a control freak that there’s a part of me that really longs to be bossed around. – Author: Kathleen Hanna

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#97. For a control freak, love and the desire to control others are synonymous. Once they lose control over the object of their desire, hostility takes over in full force. – Author: Natalya Vorobyova

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#98. I want to be able to raise my kid. I was totally being a martyr about it at first, thinking I could totally do it on my own, which I did for a while. I’ve hired a babysitter before, but as for a full-time caregiver … for a control freak like me, it ain’t gonna happen! – Author: Keri Russell

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#99. the 21st Century is really a terrible time to be a control freak. – Author: Jared Cohen

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#100. I’ve never met such a beautiful, clever, capable control freak I like more than you.” (Jake Colt to Madison Carmichael, Fearless Love) – Author: Kate Kadence

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