It is normal to feel confused in this life, there are a lot of very complicated things such as love and life that can cause confusion to most of us.
When you are confused you may have feelings of sadness, hurt, pain, anger and a whole lot more.
Experts says that women are more prone to feel that way over men.
But then, we have all felt confused at one point in our lives.
To those that are dealing with being confused right now, here are some confused quotes that you might relate to.

Your brain and your mind can get confused at times but believe me your heart never will be.


It is okay to take that uncertain path coz then you will never be misguided by what you know.


I would choose myself to be lost rather than be at a place where I am alone right in a crowd.


When you are not sure of what you should do, trace your steps back to God and He’ll answer.


Let us not mistake the past for what it was not, stop wishing it to change to what we want it to.


There are times when I think that maybe hate is just but another confused version of love, girl.

I suggest you pay attention so that you will know & won’t have to ask another explanation.


Maybe you just do not know where you are going right now but eventually you will get there.


I am telling you that what you need to do is to stop thinking so much about things, my darling.


You think that women are confused all the time but in truth, it is you who just don’t get them.


There are times when love will leave you to be confounded & just plain lost, deal with it now.


Stop wishing for the past to change and accept the reality that is right in front of you now too.


I just have to tell you that you are not paying attention, else you would’ve understood by now.


When you are confused the best thing that you should do would be to keep calm and listen too.


There are some things that can’t be expressed by words, you’d have to know them by heart.


It may be confusing but the truth is that not everyone can be a hero but the other way around.


Which is wrong and right may get complicated often but it teaches you something as well too.



I do want to try to love someone but I do not think that I am ready to take the commitment too.


Truth is that most often the mind is the one that gets confused but the heart is truly the truth.


Maybe the fact is just that the more that you think about it, the less you get what it means.


I was already in love with her but I was scared & I did not know what to do about things.


Half the time it was about them being near that you fall for them & completely love them too.


If you see me looking absurd, that is my thinking face & I kinda use it a lot in any situation.


The thing is that all of us are confused when it comes to the concept of love, it’s just too big.


All that I pray for is that the Lord God will reveal, in His ways the answers to my questions.


There is nothing too big for Him for He knows it all and sees it all, He won’t let me be lost.


Maybe you are not lost but have just wandered a bit off the path, you can still go back to it.


So what do you do when you are feeling all confused? You fake it until you finally get it then.


One day everything that you are unsure about will finally come to light and you’d get them.


For now, through all the confusion, I hope you are able to smile & face everything there is.


May you keep reminding yourself how far you’ve already gotten, how far you will still get.


The things that are happening right now has a reason, I wish you’d figure out yours too.


You can get bit confused on where love began but it sure is a lot more difficult to when it dies.


When a door closes and leaves you dumbfounded, find yourself a window to enter the house.


If you are feeling lost right now, I suggest you find your home, where your heart is happy too.


I want to give you the things that you might have been looking for but you need to find them.


You do not have the controls in choosing whom you fall for and it can leave you all confused.


Do not settle for anything that is less than what you really want, it is really not confusing too.


The simple truth is that she lacked the will to go on and that was what made her all weak too.


When you are confused whom you love better than the other, choose the latter, if that helps.


You seem lost, so let me guide you, let me show you that it can only get better from here on.


There will be pain, that is a given & you really do not have any choice but to accept it too.


You think that this is cruel but this is just the truth, we all get lost, you know, that is normal.


I’m pretty sure that the problem is that you are searching without a reason to, you know it?


You do not know if the love you have is real or just an illusion and it has left you confused.


Sometimes, I still do wonder whether or not we should have met, even until this very day.


Stop looking back at the things that had happened before, there is not much sense in doing so.


I think that confusion is actually good, learning new things is an excellent way to start it all.


Love might be one reason for all the confusion that we seem to experience, that’s the truth.


We get confused about the simplest things in life like choosing to hold on or just simply let go.


And we try to control things, but in the end they would destroy the foundation we had built.


Words often does that, confound new meanings into ordinary things, willing them to be real.


I think that the reason why a lot of men are confused about women is coz they do not listen.


The obvious should be quite literal but in the end it seems it only adds more to the confusion.


I have always been unsure of myself, that is a given until the day I learn about Him, that’s it.


We often misunderstand the very obvious things & I guess that is what makes us all in chaos.


We are all made to love and to be loved as well, there is no need to get so confused about it.


If you are unaware on where to start, I suggest you find a place to rest all your aching bones.


Do not be afraid, the right time will come for you too, in the end, it will all be fine, my dear.


And the truth is that even the most basic thing: love, can make you feel confused in the end.


Maybe it is that very feeling of confusion that will lead you to create better things as well.


What I want you to do today is to learn something new that you have not known before too.


Follow your heart but when you can’t then go with your instincts, they are mostly right too.


We do not have control over whom we love or care for and that can leave us all confused.


If things are not making sense at all right now, just trust that He has a better plan for you.


And in the end, you think to yourself, maybe the very things to confuse you will guide you too.


We are all but trying to understand what it is that has everyone in the world feel confused.


Most people die with a question in mind, I hope you ask them for yourself to know about it.


I think the big problem is that life itself has us confused that we do not know where to go to.


And from the things you encounter, you will find the solution you never expected to really get.


You get confused simply coz you do not understand something, that is the right way about it.


It feels more than difficult but you can’t really do anything but to just keep calm on it as well.


When we are confused, we can get lost & later on it can be the very thing that destroys us all.


Having problems between the two of you is normal, you have to believe that in the end of it.


We try to understand things but in the end all it leaves us is to feel confused & lost in the end.


We are the ones who will shape what is to become so we must be careful with every step too.


Whenever I feel confused, what I do is close my eyes and ask God for the right answers to it.


In order to achieve the place that we want to be in, we must all be careful of what we take.


And then again, maybe the reason you are not confused is simply coz you do not understand.


In the end, the decision was yours too, you just had to place it in the right one, I hope you do.


Being confused can do you some good to, it can be curiosity telling you to find something new.


When you are lost, the best you can do would be to hope that you will eventually do it right.


When you are feeling confused, calm down, close your eyes and count to ten ‘til it subsides.


Worry more about the present than the future and you will get the things you want to get.

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