Community quotes

We are all part of a community, maybe not the same one but a part of one.
Thus, this means that in a community, there is a common goal or at least one commonality that makes a group of people a community.
Whatever that is, the point is that we can have it, a community wherein peace resonates all through the four walls of it.
A community is held together by the governing body that it has.
Here are some community quotes that should help you out understand it better.

 The power to encompass everything is with the community, they just have to wield it right too.

 I know each person here & that is why I also know how we are going to make things work too.


 There are some weaknesses that overlaps with the stresses in life, they just overlap as well.

 Love is the glue that keeps us all together, working hard to achieve a better results all in all.

 You just have to find that you do care in the world where people are too materialistic as well.


 You see, a community is all about discovering how to interact with people around you as well.

 In the world where people often fight & ignore each other, it is a wonder that they stick too.

 Money is not the only thing that matters & what we have is a proof that it can happen as well.

 It is awareness that we need in order to make things happen, to work things out, do so again.

 We must always try and continuously make things work so that you can get all that you want.

 There is nothing greater than the power that a community has in order to make that change.

 Through making things behave, you will be able to determine just what you want in this life.

 I think a person should not be defined from where she comes from but from what nurtures her.

 There is never a healing if we do not forgive and so we make a decision for each one of us.

 On my own, I am not able be able to change anything but with a community, you can do it too.

 The best type of society is one where citizens in there can make a sense to know they belong.

 What is a society but a group of people that came together in order to improve their lives.

 The standard of life and living should be increased by the people in it, not just the money.

 Together with my community, I am able to cast a lot of stones that causes some ripples then.

 I think it is really vain to only talk about the interest of the whole and not of the individual.

 There is no part of a human that can live in a planet alone, there are laws that govern things.

 I think people are born to be able to unite people in order to join the society properly well.

 You see, it is not enough to just live for yourself when you can make a lot more to happen.

 In every community, there are work that must be done and so we work together to that goal.

 The problem may be the fact that some people only think of their own instead of the whole.

 The better good is what we aim for and so we try our best to do all the things that we can.

 This world would be much better if we build them from this bottom upwards as well now.

 Through citizens that are competent enough, we are able to make societies that are solid.

 You see, community has so many wounds that are needed to heal and so we try to make that.

 Let us engage in making things happen & seeing to it that it will all be worth it as well now.

 No matter how big your goal is, what you should do is attempt to bring the people together.

 The end goal is to spread the warmth throughout the society in order to make the effort work.

 Every heart of every person in the community has the power to do a lot of things & so we try.

 Each person carries her own responsibility in order to make things work out for the best too.

 Maybe the best thing is to just make it work, to let things happen in the long run now, friend.

 I think what matters most would be the fact that the life of the children would be better too.

 It is not enough to live in a community only for our own but with the people who are with us.

 We have known what sadness is for the longest time & know that love is the key for society.

 When I am with a group of people who is committed to the same things as I am, I feel freer.

 We have been together through all the agony and joys of life and in a sense a society as well.

 The good thing about being in a community is you never have to work alone ever again too.

 You see I want to see that glory that a lot of people go through together and so I make it work.

 The best way to be friends is to regard the people who are with you with care & love as well.

 The thing is that you have to think of this family as one and that things should happen now.

 There is a society of people that have been made for the benefit of everyone that is in there.

 The greatness of a single community can be measured by the compassion shared together.

 I guess the point is that you should always seek truth in everything, to know their extent well.

 If you do not care for the people in the society, then there would be no point in doing it well.

 Sons would fish and the fathers would farm and that is the sense of a society in the end of it.

 Quality should never be a problem, it is only a matter of making things work real well too.

 I think that in a community, peace is in order if you want to leave peacefully in the long run.

 Society on its own should not be able to flourish as they like if they do not come together too.

 Through sisters & brothers, you should learn more about how to unite how to make it work.

 A society is just like a ship wherein people must be prepared to help out any given moment.

 What you can do is to just educate every individual in your community to make things work.

 Democracy is very important especially when it comes to society so people can enjoy well.

 Through status and caste, the society falls apart, we should make things a lot better now.

 There is nothing finer of an investment than to be able to put something in this community.

 Together with the whole community, we can do so much than other people expect from us.

 It is not a matter of proximity such is a matter of being united and willing to extend help.

 The community shall be able to make impulses work in the end, to put out sympathy as well.

 We know that a community exists the moment that they confer with each other for decisions.

 If you really want to make things happen then you should try to seek from the community.

 I think that communities are the generators and preservers of ethics and of good qualities.

 There should be compassion in every member so that things can work out really well then.

 It is of intimacy, of valuing people all the same that leads to a better understanding of it all.

 There should be, most of all, a sense of being able to care about each other in the long run.

 I am someone who knows how to live on my own but I admit that community helps us well.

 To be close to each other and be part of the same network is something that pays off too.

 It is more about the feeling of being connected that make things matter in the end of time.

 You see, prosperity is something that should be shared along with aspirations in this life.

 Do not just strike out but be well and make things happen real well in the end of time too.

 I want to work harder than ever in order to make things happen and to help the community.

 Be broad enough that you would be able to make things happen, that you are able to smile.

 Invest your time in things that matter such as cooperation & being able to make things work.

 In the end, it is up to you to find peace within yourself, to make things happen well by now.

 The success of a community project relies on the people working hard together for that too.

 We do not need no fancy car nor fancy clothes, what we need is to help each other real well.

 For now, the best ammunition we can have is the ability to work things out with each other.

 We are made from kindness and our ability to make things for the better of things by now.

 The achievement of the community is the real result of people working with each other then.

 The key to have a happier life is to have a good life indeed and sustain this relationship.

 Work well so that the connections will be forged real good that you are able to make it work.

 I am able to measure the progress of a community through the degree of progress of women.

 When a community is able to execute things, that is the time when they are truly together too.

 They say that no man can be an island and that is why there is a big need for a community.

 Every person in the community matters because they are part of making things a whole well.

 A part of the community is as important as the whole thing, you need to make things matter.

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