Classy Quotes

Being classy is something that is either already that you have grown up to or something that you develop all through the years in your life.
You see, you can be classy due to the ingrain things you were taught up as you were raised up to be the person that you are.
However, you can also be classy by learning it when you are already grown up.
There are a lot of classy quotes that you can learn from.
Here are some classy quotes that should help you out to enjoy the life you are in.

For a girl there are two important things in this life that she should be: fabulous and classy.

If it you want to become as stylish as possible, you have got to start from within you believe it.

Express your inner self and you will become a better person all in all, it will keep your class.

A good guy would want someone elegant and has class, with goals and smarts to be proud of.

You want someone you can bring home to your parents and class is indeed a necessary factor.

Through style mixed with grace and harmony, you will find people to be friends with as well.

Every woman must have some kind of image that looks classy that she can use any time too.

Respect yourself for that is the first thing that you need if you want to succeed in this world.

There is a certain expression that women wear that is more important than all her clothes.

The clothes in your closet does not need to be extravagant, you just have to have some class.

I think you are the best person to go to, after all, you are the epitome of how to be in class.

You have class like no one else does and I realize it must be because of good upbringing.

You see, you need to realize that to be classy is not just your choice but a lifestyle to live thru.

I want to be the kind of person you would go to when you need to learn lessons on class.

I may dress up to be kind of simple but hey, I come with class so do not underestimate me.

I do not judge others, I just make it a point to be one level above them all the time as well.

I think the best way to be classy is to be yourself and do all the positive things that you can do.


A person does not become classy just through her hair, her clothes nor the film she watches.

No one can know what I have been doing with my life, that should remain a mystery to them.

You can be in pajamas or your worst clothes and still have class, that is just the way it is now.

I can make things out of the trash into something that would look awesome, now that is grace.

The first step to having class is learning how to be graceful, you need grace to be elegant too.

I like indolence, it makes me feel that I can have class even when I feel too lazy to even get up.

When you get to be sensitive on the things that you do or that you do not do, you are classy.

Black is a great color to pick when you are trying to look cool and elegant all in all, believe it.

I think when you wear black you become a lot better so you might want to try that out good.

Even gangsters can have class and you can actually blame Hollywood for that, believe me.

I can change my style however I want, but my class will remain through all these changes too.

Classy people are so rare nowadays for most are just plain rude that does not know anything.

I am fashionable and I own every street that I walk into and that for me is what class really is.

You need to learn to have class and to be really vibrant and you will be just fine, believe me.

I am appealing and that must be because of the grace that comes along naturally to me, dear.

You can try your best to keep up but I highly doubt that you will be able to, believe me on it.

The truth is that I dress up in this classy way simply because I want my mom to be proud.

What matters the most to me is respect and nothing comes close to that, so do that for me ok?

I think that it’s important to be a proper lady but most important to have grace in your work.

I am highly convinced that once you got class and grace, you can never lose it ‘til your grave.

More than sexy, I want to be considered as a lady that has class and can do great things too.

I want to consider myself someone that is classy, not just a plain goody two shoes anymore.

I think that the brain combined with elegance is a sense of being classy, do you feel the same?

My style is often underrated but then again, only a few of us understands the high life after all.

The priority that I have in my life is to be really comfortable and not just fashionable, really.

Who I am is what I wear and that is always with grace and serendipity, that is who I am.

Elegance is like second nature to me and I can’t help to be that, so might as well do that too.

When you feel classy then you can become classy, the best way to get it is to actually do that.

I think that it is very important for people to be on edge, and to be elegant in what they do.

I do not just get into trend, I set the trend, that is how us, people with class deal with things.

I grew up not having much but grace and elegance so I continued to have it up until now.

You see, being glamorous is just appearance, what matters most is who you are inside you.

Fashion may fade but when you are classy, you always will be for it is a true lifestyle to heart.

There was something in her eyes that told me she knew what I was talking about, what class.

Bad boys can also be refined and have class, you know, not everyone is rugged in their ways.

For me, what has class are things that are timeless, something like the best clothes and shows.

If you really want to win, you need to understand the desire to keep up with yourself, by grace.

Stay classy, do not fight or argue with people whom you know do not have the same things.

Do what you can and you will be fine, stop trying to go against the flow right now, it’s okay.

But darling, what I am trying to tell you is that everything will be fine, just keep going too.

I believe that you should never start giving a man what he desires, let him earn it, believe me.

I can be low maintenance but I still have the elegance that makes the guys chase after me.

You need not be afraid to sweat or look ugly, with elegance and grace you never will, baby.

And the truth is that I think, the best type of classy is one that is just simple, for it is beauty.

There is much elegance in knowing that you can become classy and that you are alright.

Every woman in the world has an idol, someone that they want to be like an image to go after.

I have programmed myself to be who I can be, the kind to be romantic and have class as well.

You see, you just have to stay and be class and just have that ethics that you should follow too.

And I want you to know that if you really want to have some class, start within your house.

This world is full of people that are classy and I can’t help but become proud of them too.

It does not happen overnight, you do not just wake up filled with grace, make some changes.

Start with yourself and the rest will follow through, believe it and you will have that grace.

Elegance takes years of practice and training, it is not something that is done overnight.

You must believe that you have what it takes to be the one person who will have some class.

Just when you think everything will be fine, someone comes along and ruin your life then.

Grace is important if you really want to be classy, inner peace is also very necessary too.

There is nothing more important than to have someone show you how to be graceful as well.

And in the end, you only have to be thankful of the things that have already happened now.

For now, just believe my words, I will show you how to have class in those bone of yours.

Believe me, it is up to you and what you do in this life that will reflect later on in your life too.

You must feel it within you: that you are classy before it reflects on the way you feel outside.

I sincerely think that being classy is a great ability to master, you might want to try it out too.

There is so much mystery behind people who are classy you just want to get to know them out.

When you are classy, you also get to be brave and have a lot of courage that is the way it is.

Be classy, it is one of those things that you can’t help but be trashy all in all, you need to be.

To be classy is to know how to be polite, respectful and kind, you need to always do that.

No matter how stylish you are, if you are not classy, everything else is for naught, believe it.

The truest type of a classy person is that which does not care about what others think of him.

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