Christmas Zafara: 

Christmas Zafara:  Another classic Christmas imagery I’m surprised not one other Christmas Neopet is, the Christmas Zafara is based on an angel. It’s rather a striking contrast compared with other Christmas Neopets as its white and yellow instead of red and green (it’s actually the ONLY Christmas Neopet without any red or green in its design). While I wouldn’t say it has the same amount of overall appeal like the Christmas Pteri, it’s still a nice change of pace from the usual Christmas Neopet and it can be used in themes outside of Christmas (especially paired with a Halloween Neopet that’s dressed like a devil or a Darigan Zafara who just so happens to be red so looks like a demon).


Christmas Usul: I have mixed feelings about the Christmas Usul deserving a spot on this list. On one hand it’s very simplistic and is different from other Christmas Neopets dressed like elves as its hat has a pair of elf ears attached. On the other hand I think it’s maybe TOO simplistic as it’s ONLY the hat that even hints it painted anything other than basic Yellow! Well that’s not completely true, comparing the Christmas Usul without its hat and a Yellow Usul you’ll see that there tail bow are different shades of yellow and the Christmas Usul isn’t wearing ear headbands. However those are only very slight differences and if you were to remove all its clothes they’ll look completely identical (true this can probably be said about a few other Christmas Neopets, but it’s the most apparent with the Usul). If there was one Christmas Neopet I think could do with a redesign, I would say it would be the Christmas Usul (but keep the hat as those elf ears are just too funny to get rid of).

Christmas Bori: Starting with a subtle one, a quick glance at the Christmas Bori will make you think it’s just a White Bori with a red-and-green scarf, green ears, and a tail of mistletoe. However upon closer inspection you’ll see that the legs of the Christmas Bori are much furrier than a normal Bori, revealing that the Christmas Bori is actually meant to look Snow Beast-like! Of course being its painted Christmas it’s downplayed so the Bori can retain its cheery attitude.

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