Christmas Valley Christmas Valley is a great little town. It’s got that off-the-beaten track, locals-only, undiscovered territory kind of charm.

Christmas Valley is in Lake County, Oregon, one of the most unique, picturesque landscapes in the Pacific Northwest and among the few truly unspoiled places on earth.

The Christmas Valley area is one of the last areas in Oregon where you can buy a huge parcel of land at an affordable price. Christmas Valley is close to numerous recreation and scenic areas within Lake County.

Christmas Valley parcels range from 5 acres up to 160 acres and are all available to purchase through our easy owner financing program or easy cash sale.

Surrounding the town of Christmas Valley with its lodge, golf course, lake, motels and airstrip, is an Agricultural community of farms and ranches offering an excess of 80,000 acres of level, fertile land on the sheltered eastern slopes of the Cascades which is also our watershed.  To the West, there are ski resorts, and mountains and lakes that attract tourists from all over the world.  Within the county itself are 500 miles of streams, seven major lakes, and some of the finest fishing and hunting in the United States.

Start enjoying the benefits of land ownership in Christmas Valley today and experience the many recreational opportunities in Lake County.


Christmas Valley is in a unique location that provides an extraordinary opportunity for solar power. A water pump gives you water for drinking, cooking, for animals, for gardening, for hot showers after a hard day. Whether a homestead, house, cabin, RV, tent – water allows you to live sustainably.

The sign for the Christmas Valley Lodge, which Phillips built.

n 1960, Pittman sold over 72,000 acres of Christmas Valley to the Penn Phillips Company, which soon began an ambitious infrastructure project. Phillips laid out the town and installed a water system. He also added an artificial lake known as Christmas Valley Lake, today referred to as Baert Lake. This was accompanied by an equally calculated advertising campaign. Phillips pitched Christmas Valley as both an agricultural hotspot for prospective farmers and as the ideal American town for retirees.

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