Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Ribbon is one of those things that people love to utilize once the holidays come around. The huge red bows are a sign of peace and solidarity, bringing communities together with their friendly appearance. Ribbon fabric comes in many forms, colors, and sizes and is used in a variety of interior and exterior applications. It can be used to adorn a door, tree or mailbox. Several of them can be hung from the home to produce a festive atmosphere. They make excellent ornaments for a tree.

They can attach to street lights and lamp posts around the main square of a town. They can even be used to finish off wrapped gifts. In short, it is extremely useful material when you want to add little festive touches to just about anything.

Size 100 Red Velvet Christmas Ribbon With Gold Edges

What is the history of Christmas ribbon?

For centuries, decorative strips of fabric were only available to the most noble, mostly because they were hard to get. It wasn’t until the Middle Ages that they were frequently used at all, and they were usually only available through merchants carrying silk imported from eastern countries. Their first noteworthy reference in literature was in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, though they were referred to as “ribbands” at the time.

In the 1800s, the world of fashion and more efficient manufacturing processes encouraged people of all classes to use the material, though its primary use was for clothing at first. Until the 20th century, gifts were presented in unadorned paper cones.

This changed in the early 1900s, when a popular short story suggested the idea of using a single red Christmas ribbon to wrap a package. Ever since, it has been a staple for gift wrapping and many other applications, like exterior decorating.

What is a Christmas ribbon made from?

Today’s material isn’t made from paper or fabric anymore. While fabric is traditional, it doesn’t age well, especially if it is outside. It also tears easily and takes on dirt and grime, requiring regular cleaning. These issues pushed manufacturers into using a different material to create the heavily used decoration.

  • How Can Holiday Ribbon Be Used For Decorating?
    Holiday ribbon has been a tradition dating back a couple hundred years. Until the industrial age, strips of decorative fabric were only available to the wealthy, as they were made from silk and other hard to acquire materials

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