Christmas Nuts

Christmas Nuts Raw and roasted nuts are good for you— in moderation — and the best way to eat them is fresh out of the shell. Discover your best options for the holiday season.
Between the inevitable nut-laden fruit cakes and candied Christmas nuts (not to mention nutty relatives) it’s easy to be awash in nuts during the holiday season.

Christmas Nuts
Nuts have been a part of many holiday traditions and celebrations for centuries. During the Christmas season and throughout the year many varieties of nuts are enjoyed as a healthy snack and as a recipe ingredient that increases the flavor and nutritional value of main course items, side dishes and desserts. While almost any type of nut can be enjoyed as a delightful treat during the holidays, there are a few varieties that are given the distinction of being the most popular \Christmas nut

Types of nuts

Raw nuts are healthy nuts but some types pack more nutritional punch than others. Nuts of all kinds are key ingredients in Christmas baked goods and vegetarian dishes.

1. Almonds Credited with helping to normalize blood-sugar levels and assist with weight loss on low-calorie diets, almonds are also high in calcium. They’re delicious roasted and ideal for use in holiday recipes.

Walnuts Raw - Nutstop

2. Walnuts The king of nuts, breaking the wrinkled shell is like cracking a tiny safe. Packed with healthy fats and compounds that protect against major diseases and depression, walnuts also raise levels of melatonin (a hormone necessary for sound sleep). Ground walnuts are used in holiday baking.

Raw Pecans

3. Filberts Also known as hazelnuts, the small roundish filbert almost tastes roasted even when eaten raw. They’re rich in healthy, fatty acids and dietary fibre.

4. Pecans Pass on the pralines and pie during the holidays and eat these raw to stock up on protein, fibre, potassium and a handful of essential vitamins.

5. Brazil nuts

These are noted for their high levels of disease-fighting selenium. Eating just a couple of raw Brazil nuts a day can offer protection. Experts say the benefits of snacking on heart-healthy raw nuts far outweigh their high calorie count. When it comes to delivering high-quality nutrition, pound-for-pound, nuts are in a class by themselves. So grab a bag of nuts and get cracking!

  • Raw Macadamia Nuts

    Raw Macadamia Nuts

While each of the nuts listed as popular Christmas nuts is delicious in its natural state, they are also ideal types of nuts with which to make delicious party treats. Candied almonds, pecans and peanuts are a well-loved holiday favorite. Another holiday favorite that is ideal for a party table is Christmas spiced nuts. While traditions are a great way to continue serving meals and snacks that have long been family favorites, it can be a lot of fun to prepare some newer, trendy recipes to spice up your holidays

Christmas Mixed Nuts

Christmas is a happy time, not a time for letting decision-making put a damper on your holiday fun. Instead of trying to decide what type of individual nuts to put out for your party guest, opt for Christmas mixed nuts. Even when you do that, you still have several types of mixed nuts to choose from. Mixed nut assortments are available as raw mixed nuts which include pecans, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and pecans. Roasted Christmas nuts, salted or unsalted, are also available. These include pecans, almonds, cashews, peanuts and hazelnuts. Family and friends are sure to enjoy a honey roasted mix that includes pecans, almonds and cashews along with some sesame sticks.

Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts

Roasted Salted Mixed Nuts

Raw Mixed Nuts

Raw Mixed Nuts

Deluxe Mixed Nuts Raw

Christmas Nut Gift Tins

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