Christmas Hallmark Movies

Christmas Hallmark Movies

Christmas Hallmark Movies For a long time, the Hallmark Channel has been the home of emotional movies. Forget the big-budget Avengers and Star Wars movies. If you want something that will tug at your heartstrings, Hallmark always has something in store for you. From romance films to comedies to Christmas movies, Hallmark churns them out by the thousands every single year.

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While watching some of these movies, you might find yourself grabbing your phone and typing, “Baby, let’s work things out” before pressing ‘send.’ But that isn’t such a bad thing, is it? Life has plenty of emotional moments that are quite real and don’t involve Tony Stark dying after saying the world. Before this comes off as a Marvel-bashing piece that looks like it might have been written by Martin Scorsese and Francis Ford Copolla, (which it’s clearly not), let’s take a look at the ten most emotional quotes from Hallmark movies.

10You See A Man Drowning, You Must Try To Save Him, Even If You Cannot Swim – The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler

Hallmark doesn’t normally produce plenty of dark films, but The Courageous Heart Of Irena Sendler was one of the few ones that found itself on the network. The film stars Anna Paquin from The Affair and True Blood. It’s also a Holocaust movie. Those are quite rare these days too.

The film follows a Polish Catholic social worker who managed to smuggle about 2,500 Jewish kids to safety during the height of the Holocaust. She says these words to her fellow social workers who are skeptical about helping the Jews because they believe they don’t have the means to do it.

9I Told Him I Love Him, But I Don’t Think He Heard Me – In Love And War

After appearing in movies such as Speed, Sandra Bullock’s career took a temporary nosedive and so she starred in the Hallmark movie In Love And War. It turned out to be a nice movie and with quotes such as the one above, you can have no doubt that it’s an emotional roller coaster. A lot of people tend to ignore those who love them. We’ve all been there and it hurts, but sometimes all you have to do is keep pushing.

In the film, Ernest Hemingway volunteers to fight World War I on the Italian front. When he gets wounded, he’s treated by a young nurse called Agnes Von Kurowsky (Sandra Bullock). After a rocky start, the two fall in love and become inseparable.

8We Are Gathered Here Together, Blah, Blah, Blah. In Sickness And In Health, Ceremony, Ceremony, Ceremony. Do You Take This Woman To Be Your Lawfully Wedded Wife? – Bridal Wave

Who doesn’t like unique wedding ceremonies? Especially the ones where the preacher decides to be comical. This classic quote skips the words that a preacher is supposed to say before the couple exchanges their vows. It’s funny, but it also makes us realize the problem in marriages. Most couples never really stick with each other in sickness and in health, or in joy and sorrow.

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In Bridal Wave, a woman who is soon to be married to a wealthy doctor meets a local man whom she falls in love with. All this happens as she is planning her wedding at a resort. She is thus faced with a dilemma: should she choose her new flame, or should she stick to her financially stable man?

7My Heart Only Loves Gold, But Right Now, It Has Found Room For Something Else. That Thing Is You – La Femme Musketeer

Loving someone is not as easy as loving material things. It’s easy to love money (or Gold, in those days), but committing your heart to someone takes plenty of dedication. Admitting to a person that you don’t normally love anyone but you’ve come to love them is pretty emotional. It makes them realize how special they are.

La Femme Musketeer is a sequel to the original The Three Musketeers. D’Artagnan, one of the musketeers, has a daughter who takes up her father’s swashbuckling, sword-swinging mantle. Apart from the action, love is thrown in there too because it’s a Hallmark movie godammit.

6There’s Real Magic Helping Other People – Good Witch

Good Witch Cassie Sam

These words were uttered by the main character Cassie after she rescued a couple of kids from a stray dog. It’s true that helping each other is a good thing. In as much as its good to take care of yourself, it doesn’t hand to help a person in trouble too.

Good Witch revolves around Cassie, a woman who has just moved into a house that is being haunted by its former owner. Due to its popularity, ten sequels followed. Eventually, Good Witch was made into a TV series which is currently in its fifth season.

5The Question Isn’t Who’s Going To Let You. The Question Is Who’s Going To Stop You? – Love On The Air

Signed Sealed Delivered Higher Ground Hallmark

Sometimes, we’re afraid to pursue things because we aren’t sure that we’ll get the necessary help. This quote teaches us that we should go on and try on our own. We shouldn’t really be worried about who will help. We should only mind the obstacles that come our way.

The words are uttered by Sonia, a lady who moves to Chicago to start a new radio career and also to be with her boyfriend. Their relationship ends and the two become serious rivals because they are in the same occupation. However, fate makes them work in the same place and they realize they have more in common.

4Now You Have My Heart. Keep It Next To Yours And Bring It Back To Me – Lost Valentine

Lost Valentine is about Caroline, an old woman who still misses her lover. Every Valentine’s Day, she returns to the station where she waved off her naval pilot husband Neil as he left for war. Sadly, Neil has never returned home ever since the war ended.

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Saying goodbye to a lover is never an easy thing. You don’t like the fact you’ll miss them but most importantly, you wish they’ll come back safe. Sadly for Caroline, this wasn’t the case. In the movie, she still remains hopeful and resilient.

3Eleanor Roosevelt Once Said A Woman Is Like A Teabag. You Never Know How Strong She Is Until She’s In Hot Water – Love On The Air

Another wonderful statement uttered by the magnificent Sonia on the Love On The Air. This quote emphasizes the strength of a woman. She might appear calm but she can do a lot, especially under challenging circumstances.

Sonia had challenges both in her love life and in her career, but he beat them all. Eleanor Rosevelt was clearly right. In fact, she was always right. After serving as First Lady for four terms, you cannot go wrong.

2Before The Moon Has Left The Sky, He Must Know He’s Still Your Guy – Looking For Mr. Right

When a relationship isn’t going the way you’d like, you might find yourself fantasizing about the kind of person you really want. If you’re a writer, you might even write about this person.

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In Looking For Mr. Right, an aspiring writer by the name Annie Butler becomes totally heartbroken when her relationship with her boyfriend doesn’t work out. She also hates her job of writing user manuals. She’d rather be writing manuscripts. She thus decides to write a fictional story envisioning the kind of relationship she wants with a fictional man called George. She calls the novel “My George.”

1You Know, Sometimes Love Isn’t Fireworks. Sometimes, Love Just Comes Softly – Love Comes Softly

We all want to be a crazy fast ride full of good days only but that’s not how it works. Sometimes, the kind of love you want doesn’t even come as quickly as you’d like.

Love Comes Softly is about a young woman who travels to the American West with her husband in the 1850s. Unfortunately, he dies and leaves her with no money and without a way to get back home. To survive, she reluctantly agrees to marry a widower who lives with his daughter. Their marriage is not an easy one as she struggles to develop any feelings for him.

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