Christmas Emojis

Christmas Emojis

Christmas Emojis A comprehensive list of emojis used at Christmas time, where they come from, and most importantly: how much cheer they spread on each platform.

? Santa Claus

? Santa Claus has a varied appearance between platforms:

Some points to note on the ? Santa Claus Emoji:

  • ? Santa has existed in the Unicode Standard since 2010, and works on all major platforms today.
  • The code point for this emoji is ? U+1F385 FATHER CHRISTMAS which is due to Unicode using British English for most character names.
  • If you don’t have access to an emoji keyboard, you can copy and paste the Santa emoji from here: ?
  • The localized name for this emoji today is “? Santa Claus”, which has a different origin to Father Christmas; but has effectively merged to become the same jolly figure known internationally today:
  • Less obvious in this picture is that in 2013, Android’s brand color palette didn’t permit the color red to be used in any emoji. As such, Santa has an orange hat, which became red in 2014.

    Other emojis that weren’t allowed to be red on Android in 2013 were the ❤️ Red Heart (pink), ? Rose (orange), ? Strawberry (orange), ? Red Apple (orange),  ? Fire Engine (orange), and ? Red Circle (also orange).

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