Christmas Egg Adopt Me

Christmas Egg Adopt Me

Christmas Egg Adopt Me The Christmas Egg was a limited event egg obtainable during the Christmas Event of 2019.

To obtain a Christmas Egg, a player must spend Gingerbread on a Christmas Gift or Golden Gift (Gingerbread 1,440 and Gingerbread 4300) with a 30% or 80% chance of receiving a Christmas Egg, (depending on the gift) respectively.

With the exception of the Reindeer which could be obtained on Day 25 from the Advent Calendar, players can obtain 1 of 6 pets from hatching a Christmas Egg. These pets were the Swan, Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, Arctic Reindeer, Wolf, and Robin.


Advent Calendar


Adopt Me! Advent Calendar

Every day in December leading up to Christmas, players would open up doors and obtain either a Christmas-themed item, Gingerbread Gingerbread , Cure All Potions, or a Reindeer, which was given to players on December 25.

Ice Skating

Christmas Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Every two Adopt Me! days in the server, the gingerbread men on the frozen river replenish, and the player can collect them by skating on the ice. Every gingerbread man collected is worth Gingerbread 10. The player must avoid crashing into the waddling penguins on the lake. If they don’t they’ll fall and drop Gingerbread 60. These dropped gingerbread men must be collected before disappearing. (The penguin will stop when crashed into, as to make recovering Gingerbread easier.)

Reindeer Training

Santa's Stable

Santa’s stable

Every two Adopt Me! days in a server, Santa used to invite everyone on the Adoption Island to train and fly all four of his Reindeer, which were called, Rudolph, Dasher, Blitzen, and Comet. The player must choose one of the four Reindeer to train. The player could ride them outside and then start flying over the Winter Village, collecting the floating Gingerbread.

After a while, the Reindeer would start tiring out and would soon demand to return back to their stable. If the player refuses to let them rest, the reindeer will fall onto the ground and blackout, deducting Gingerbread 200 as a penalty. The player repeats the training for each of the three other reindeer.

(It is possible to interact fully with the reindeer as a pet, as they are coded with the pet functions. However, they cannot be kept permanently, as they’ll have to be sent back to the stable after a while. They also cannot be traded.)

Decorating the Christmas Tree

Desktop Screenshot 2019.12.18 -

The Christmas Tree


Ornaments (Does not include Grappling Hook)

Every day in Adopt Me!, players could collect 7 ornaments related to Christmas. They were called the Snowflake, Christmas, Candy Cane, Elf, Star, Santa, and Reindeer ornaments. Once collected, the player could place a free Christmas Tree in their house (if they haven’t already) and toss each ornament onto the tree, which would add a set amount of spirit based on the rarity of the ornaments (15, 25, 40, 60, and 100 respectively).

Every morning in the server, Santa Claus will arrive at the player’s house and deliver presents under the tree, which would consist of Gingerbread. The more spirit their Christmas Tree has, the more Gingerbread the player will receive.


There were a total of 11 exclusive obtainable pets that players could obtain in the 2019 Christmas Event. All of these pets are currently unobtainable and can only be obtained via trading.

Some of the pets in this update were renamed due to the Dress Your Pets Live Event. Such as the Santa Dog, which was renamed to Dalmatian, and the Santa Hat was given to the owner. The Elf Hedgehog and Elf Shrew were also renamed to Hedgehog and Shrew and the owners received Elf Hats if they had owned a Hedgehog or Shrew before the update.

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