Christmas Earrings

Christmas Earrings

Christmas Earrings If you thought Christmas earrings were the same kind that delighted you aged 10 (you know, the flashing snowmen and tinsel trees found in Claire’s Accessories), think again. While we fully encourage you to embrace bad taste during the festive season with glittery manicures, naff knits and sequin everything, it’s kind of a waste to buy jewellery you’ll never wear again.

There’s a happy medium here. Come December, you can go bigger and sparklier, but there’s no need to throw all your typical preferences out of the window. Evening wear is all about ’80s references this season; so if in doubt, just cast your mind back to Dynasty, Princess Diana or the OG YSL and you’ll be on the right track.

Is the season…. to come up with new earring designs! Last year my Christmas earrings were of two designs: Christmas Wreath… and Christmas tree… This year I thought it was time to create some new designs based on some of my other new earring designs and patterns.

Red glass beads match well with green wool top.Join us and add a new piece of jewelry for your Christmas!

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.From crystal star studs and embellished hoops, to chandelier drops and shoulder-grazing door-knockers, we’ve found 15 pairs of Christmas earrings each existing somewhere on a scale of subtle-to-extra-AF – without reaching novelty territory, obvs.

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