Christmas Dress

Christmas Dress OK so who knows what format Christmas parties will take in 2020. Will we be having little gatherings in some outdoor-heater filled courtyard bar? Will we be allowed parties of up to 30 people? At the moment, we just don’t know. But what we are certain of, is that Christmas festivities require sequins, feathers and fabulousness, regardless of how many people you’ll be able to show off to in person. Even Zoom

The “White Christmas” Red Ballgown Costume | Edelweiss Patterns Blog

Christmas parties wouldn’t be complete without a pearly hair clip or a great necklace. So, whether you’re looking for a work Christmas party outfit or deciding on a Christmas day outfit to wear with your family on December 25, we’ve got you covered girl.

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For many, Christmas is a time of celebration, so why not reflect that in the way you dress? Push the boat out a little bit, whether that means donning a jacquard dinner suit or buying your usual jumper style in a slightly louder colour than you usually would. With an array of different events on the calendar though, there are usually a bunch of dress codes to navigate. And let’s face it, nobody wants to look like they’re trying too hard, or indeed, not trying hard enough.

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