Christmas At Rosemont

christmas at rosemont

christmas at rosemont

The Christmas At Rosemont is a haven for pregnant 23-year-old Lisa and her friend Brad, a professional snowboarder, during a blizzard five days before Christmas. The Rosemont was once a fantastic ski resort, but times have changed. Josephine, the cantankerous owner, let the old house fall into disrepair after losing her daughters and granddaughter. In the midst of the blizzard and Lisa’s birth, everyone comes together for what they all need most: a family.

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Lisa, a 23-year-old pregnant woman, and Brad, a snowboarder, seek refuge with Josephine and Abe in a closed lodge, beginning a life-changing journey for all four. 

The movie Christmas at Rosemont is an American drama (2020). The main cast of Christmas at Rosemont (2020) includes Brad Dourif, Lochlyn Munro, and Michael Gross. You don’t want to miss UPtv’s debut Christmas film event, Christmas At Rosemont on Saturday, December nineteenth, at 7 PM ET! Rosemont Gardens is starting to look a lot like Christmas.

Christmas At Rosemont - UP Faith and Family

Days before Christmas, a pregnant woman and a snowboarding expert meet by chance as they attempt to cross mountains in front of them during a raging snowstorm. Cast of Christmas at Rosemont: Brad Dourif, Lochlyn Munro, Michael Gross. Release date for Christmas at Rosemont: 19 December 2020 (UpTv). The two are forced to seek refuge at a once-dynamic cabin owned by a harsh proprietor, Josephine, whose solitary ally is the hotel’s remaining representative, Abe.

Christmas at Rosemont Plot:

In a furious snowstorm five days before Christmas, Lisa, a 19-year-old pregnant and terrified snowboarder, meets Brad, a 19-year-old snowboarder who is an expert. The two need to make it over the mountains before the storm comes, Brad to go to a gathering reporting on his commitment, Lisa to escape the strange conditions she’s running from. Christmas At Rosemont : Brad Dourif, Lochlyn Munro, Michael  Gross, Grace Zabriskie, Lorynn York, Daniel Petrie Jr.: Movies & TV

Christmas at Rosemont Wiki:

Movie: Christmas at Rosemont (2020)

Network: UPTv

Director: Daniel Petrie Jr.

Writer: Bill Rebane

Main Stars: Brad Dourif, Lochlyn Munro, Michael Gross

Genres: Drama

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 19 December 2020 (UpTv)

Budget: $2,500,000 (EST)

Runtime: 95 minutes

Filming Locations: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Also Known As: Christmas at Rosemont, Christmas at Rosemont (2020), Christmas at Rosemont UpTv


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