When you are feeling down and alone, when you think that no one else can help you, that no one is ever going to rescue you from the sadness you are in. When you feel lost and you do not know which direction you should go or what direction your life is taking, when you feel that no matter what you do, the sadness that you feel within you will not be satisfied, what you can do is to find that joy within yourself.


When you can no longer find it within you, what you can try out is some cheer up memes that will help you forget that you were ever sad to begin with.

Have a good laugh and be in a festive mood with these cheer up memes that are sure to make you have a good time and make you feel that your life is not such a misery after all.


Whenever my friend is sad, I send him this to cheer him up... Melon collie?


Sorry you're sad... This otter cheer you up!


Cheer up buttercup

Cheer up my friend, remember it takes 42 muscles to frown, but only 4 to kick that motherfucker in the nuts.


Cheer up, coming very fast to help you


When you suffer from depression and somebody tells you to just cheer up.. My goodness, what an idea. Why didn't I think of that?


Cheer up buddy, you're jawsome


Cheer up buttercup, I'm here to make your day better.


I'm sad... Cheer up... Thank


Cheer up buddy... you're white.


I care for you, so smile and cheer up


I have no idea how to cheer you up, so here's a bunny with a pancake on its head


When you're in a bad mood and someone says "cheer up" like thanks Susan, I never thought of that I'm fine now haha I love life


Knows you had a bad day, smiles to cheer you up


Hey, cheer up. Do I look like I'm kidding to you?


Cheer up, fuckface


Cheer up for me please!!


Cheer up kitty cat, I made a cake for you


When your friend is having a shitty day and needs someone to cheer them up.... "U may have breathed the same air a dinosaur breathed 1000s of years ago"


Cheer up you must


Cheer up, the week is half over


trying to cheer your favorite person up


Cheer up, at least no one did this to you


If you're sad about being alone on Valentine's day, cheer up! No one likes you much on any other day either.


The longer you stare, the bigger your smile gets


Cheer up, at least this guy didn't dump on your car...


Cheer up, it's almost Friday!


Sup? Cheer up, you got this


Cheer up, i love you <3


Having a bad day? Here some inspirational quotes to cheer you up: Live fearlessly! Walk like a champion. Be unstoppable.


A bunch of cute kittens to cheer up your day


Makes a funny meme to cheer up sad GF about impressing other women with internet skills


I will find you and I will cheer you up

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