Burning Bridges Quotes

There are times when you come across a certain situation in this life when you need to decide to burn bridges with someone in your life instead of staying.
When you are going to be burning bridges, you put a complete end in your relationship with that person.
May it be your friend, family, employer or your partner, burning bridges is going to bring a lot of pain to you as well as to the other person.
However, you can’t get out of it because you have a reason for doing it in the first place.
Here are some burning bridges quotes that should help you feel it even more.

Stop telling me that I should not be burning bridges, they are meant for doing just that, really.

It’s okay to cut off ties, it is not always a bad thing if it helps you with your life and goals too.

You see, you should not be going back to someplace that hurt you anyways so go burn it, dear.

Sometimes you are left with no choice but to either move forward or forget everything else.

I just wish that you would grow up to respect yourself enough to walk away from people too.

Some roads you should never really get through again and so you should be burning bridges.

When something no longer serves its purpose, the best that you can do is simply cut that off.

If it does not make you happy any longer what is the point in letting it stay, leave it, move on.

Life is going to be filled with exciting things you just got to trust yourself and let things follow.

Just think of the bridges that you will burn as a torch you can follow to just keep going too.

The hardest thing that you will have to learn in this life is when to be burning bridges or not.

Well, life is hard to begin with but even harder to deal without so just go burn some bridges.

The point is that you need to let go at one point especially when everything is just too toxic.

All that I wanted in my life was to make it but it seems I can’t, then forget it, I’m cutting it.

Some people are just not meant to be in your life and you need to take the initiative on that.

The truth is that it does not matter to me just how much I will be burning bridges, I can do it.

Cross the bridge, forget it & slowly but surely burn it, just be sure to be safe on the other side.

Make sure to burn it out completely so you know you won’t be tempted to be crossing back.

Obviously it was a mistake that you should not have done, well just cut it off from your life.

You can start anew the moment you realize you can burn some bridges and get done with it.

I will never just admit defeat no matter what even if I have to be burning bridge for that too.

Life can seem messy and all that but you should not retreat, better to just die trying to protect.

Respect the person you have become and forget that it is just the way it is, you can do better.

The only negative aspect of burning out those bridges is when you forget the after effects now.

People get stranded especially when they burn bridges they never should have, be careful.

When you are burning bridges, it does make you feel warm since you get some fire along then.

Do not wait for it to be too late and just do better and better each year, I believe in you, dear.

I do not want to see the world consumed by fire so I never leave bridges to burn, I wait for it.


You just have to make sure that nothing was left behind but each came out differently from it.

Well, I never asked you for it but you sure did give your A game now we have to survive next.

I have never been just like a flower wilting, I am honest and so I know I’d be burning bridges.

For you it might be a game but for someone like me cutting off ties is a really big deal, really.

You have to do what you need to do and sometimes that means forgetting other people now.

I know it’s hard, I understand just how important it is to wear something suitable for this.

You had no choice back then but to just completely cut everything off but now here we are too.


Burning bridges is like the common thing for me right now, I figure I’d do it more often now.

What you should do is this: forget about common sense and think of yourself before you cut it.

For you I was willing to do anything, I was more than willing to get off the business for you.

There are times when you give your smile and then just forget the match, let things be, then.

You should know when you should keep fighting and when to give up, use that wisely as well.

You see I had been burning bridges for the nth time, this much is just pretty normal to me too.

The truth is that I feel overwhelmed sometimes when I have to cut some ties in my life, really.


Smile, there is no reason to hung your head down and be ashamed when you have did it right.

Burn the way back to your past so that it would not get to your future, that is a nice thing.

This is the very bridge that you may have to cross later on but you can burn it, make a choice.

I pick a lot of fights & leave burning bridges coz I have got no use for toxic people in my life.

Life will keep going even if you decide to stay or to live so you might as well make it all right.

Stop dwelling on the wrong things in your life and focus on what you should be doing next.

Spend more time trying to keep your energy forward and finding the right answers instead.


Well, we should just keep our eyes up ahead and we should be just fine if we do that now.

Burning bridges is not as hard as I thought and pictured it out to be after all, you just leave.

What is progress but our ability to move forward and to just keep going no matter what now.

Sometimes, we are left with no choice but to deal with things and so we just make it happen.

There is this assumption that we must make things happen, so do so and it will be just fine.

Remember this: you must make room for new things, let a window open up when a door close.

Burning bridges is cutting off someone in your life completely and I get that and so I did it.


With a little patience and a lot of perseverance, you can actually go a long way, believe me.

Stop holding on to your past because you will just keep on getting stuck on it, find direction.

If you really want to live a good life, burn those bridges down and never look at them back.

There will be a lot of opportunity to cut your ties with people in this life, so keep on going.

Think twice about burning bridges, you never know if that person has a big part in your life.

People do not stay the same so do not hesitate to cut off ties with them, it will be just fine now.

If you want to keep on moving right forward, then you should let go of what’s holding you.


Let the fire be the one that will light up your way the way you want them to, it will be okay.

And sometimes you get the best light to keep you going on the very bridge that you burnt.

Well, no matter what, if you can avoid burning bridges you should do so, do not lose friends.

It is okay to just cut off that bridge if you know that you can start building another one too.

It is very much understandable why you had to do what you had to do and it is okay as well.

I just hope that the rainy clouds would go somewhere else instead of here, do not put out fire.

Stop the waterworks, there is nothing wrong with burning the bridges if you want to do that.


Burning bridges does hurt a lot and you are left with no choice but to do it alone, be strong.

And believe me, a lot of people have tried to do just that: to burn the bridges to no avail too.

Well, listen to me, it is okay to do this, sometimes, things go wrong and you have to burn it.

There are just some places you need to never set foot again so burn your way back to it then.

And if you can’t do anything now, what you need is to forget it, do what you have to do then.

You crossed the ocean so many times and now you are suddenly burning bridges right after.

Follow the Lord and it does not matter how many bridges you need to burn at all, my dear.


Darling, whatever is in your heart, follow it and you would not be having any regrets at all.

When a new path opens up remember that it is there for you burned what you had to cut off.

The best way to go around what you need is life is to keep going and never look back again.

Unless you would be burning bridges & moving on nothing special will be coming in your life.

I choose to be burning bridges than being the one left with ashes, that is the truth about it.

I have got no choice left but to be moving forward but I must burning bridges first before it.

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