Black History Month Door Decorations

We have gathered top black history month door decorations ideas for you. Black History Month is a time when teachers throughout the country decorate their doors to celebrate important African American figures throughout history, as well as the struggles and triumphs they have faced in their quest for equality and justice.

We have compiled some of the most inspiring black history door decorations from Twitter and Instagram for you.

It’s almost Black History Month, one of our favorite times of the year! Teachers are kicking it off by decorating their classroom doors to celebrate Black history. Check out our favorite door decorations for Black History Month that honor Black beauty, culture, and influential figures, past and present. 

Black History Month Door Decorations

This teacher used historical photos and a colorful background to showcase well-known African American figures in history. Get creative with your design and use whatever available materials you may have to make it shine.

Use large, colorful keywords to highlight how different African American leaders in history left a mark on the world.

Chanique Davis, an art teacher, had her students help her decorate her door for Black History Month. Get your students’ creative juices flowing by allowing them to play a role in the process!

This classroom door not only explores the achievements of figures in African American history—but also her-story, including influential women like Katherine Johnson and Rosa Parks.

This is another example of students helping design a classroom door that uses current and historical photos to showcase well-known figures throughout African American history.

This school decorated doors with quotes and student writing to honor the late Kobe Bryant in addition to other influential African Americans from the past and present.

Displaying various historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) like this educator did can be a great way to get your high schoolers thinking about their futures.

One of these doors depicts “Leaders Propelling Progress.” Can you name all of the influential individuals shown in the images?

This Spanish teacher decorated her door by honoring Celia Cruz, the Cuban American singer known as the “Queen of Salsa.”



Photo: Jessica Galligan

Photo: Jessica Galligan

Let’s keep the celebration going! Educators, drop photos of your Black History Month inspired doors below.

Have More Black History Classroom Door Ideas?

We hope these black history door ideas are helpful as you celebrate Black History Month in your school! Have your own ideas that you want to share?

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