Black Friday Lyrics

Ten toes to the ground

[Hook 1]
Let’s get the proceedings proceeding this evening
No Promethazine I’m a king, no leaning
I got a better way to fight these demons
Fuck do you know ‘bout my pain? blaow
Let’s get the proceedings proceeding this evening
No Promethazine I’m a king, no leaning
I got a better way to fight them demons
Fuck do you know ‘bout my pain?

[Verse 1]
If I quote it nigga, I wrote it nigga
Six head shots, I’ll erode a nigga
Pop another clip and I’m reloaded nigga
Ain’t no way around it, I’m the coldest nigga
Do a nigga dirty life’s a coal, my nigga
Get you cleaned up then I fold you nigga
Shout out to the haters who promote a nigga
Flow hot, whip cold, I’m bipolar nigga
But I don’t like to talk about a Rover nigga
Keep this shit a hundred, I just sold it nigga
Tired of police looking at me like I stole it nigga
Probably just gonna cop a lil Corolla nigga
Don’t need a rollie on to know I’m getting older nigga
Dreamville going way up like a floater nigga
Couple hands out like I owe them niggas
Where was you when the Civic was getting towed my nigga?
No snakes in the grass cause I mowed it nigga

[Hook 2]
Fuck do you know ‘bout my pain?
(Right there let me get that there
Talk about it)
Fuck do you know ‘bout my dreams?
(Talk about it)
(If you really believe it, gotta talk about it
You heard about what happens when you talk about it
Niggas lookin’ at you funny when they start to doubt it
Fucking up your energy when you start to doubt it too)
Rollercoaster ride
(Start to doubt it too)
How much do it cost?
(Start to doubt it)
If I take a ride, fuck around get lost
(Shoutout my nigga Ib)
Rollercoaster ride, how much do it cost?
(El Presidente and shit)
(He want me to talk my shit for y’all)
If I take a ride, fuck around get lost

[Verse 2]
Cole world you should stay off this dick
I sold out the Garden, I should play for the Knicks
Took a couple minutes and I sold out Staples
A nigga getting cream like an old ass Laker
But I ain’t coming to talk about all that paper
That’s what they talk about when they ain’t got shit to say
Can’t understand why niggas never got shit to do
You know the saying, same shit nigga, different day
I never felt that, no way
Cause on the same day a nigga doing different shit
Spit different flows hit different chicks
Let my Brixton hoes feed me fish and chips
Why I do a lot of shows? I’m the shit, that’s it
Got suicidal doors, I just slit my wrists
Never stingy with the hoes word to Cliff and Chris
So if I fuck six bitches I got six assists nigga
The flow sick as shit, catch ebola if you bit this shit
I never take, I invent the shit then flip the shit
Then lick the shit, and bit the shit back twice, I’m that nice, woo
What’s the plan?
Cole keeps snapping like a Mustard jam
Got a middle finger for Uncle Sam
I done paid so much taxes I can fund Japan
But instead they make a young nigga fund the man
Same man that keep a young nigga under, damn
I just cocked back nigga and my gun don’t jam
On a scale from one to ten I’m a hundred grand

It’s Cole fuckin’ world nigga
Dreamville in this motherfucker, Top Dawg in this motherfucker
“When you and K. Dot shit drop?”
Bitch never, they can’t handle two Black niggas this clever
But this February, bet shit get scary when I fuck around and drop…
(Censor Tone)

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