Black Friday iPad deals 2020: everything we expect to see

Black Friday iPad deals 2020: everything we expect to see

Our eyes are firmly set on Black Friday iPad deals this year. With 2020 offering up new models, we’re expecting Black Friday iPad deals to serve up some incredible discounts on older models and maybe even some cash off the latest releases.

We’ve already seen Amazon shaving some change off the price of the latest 2020 iPad, so signs are pointing in the direction of savings on new releases this year, but you shouldn’t sleep on the older models either. They may have had some excellent offers last year, but 2020’s Black Friday iPad deals add an extra 12 months to the ages of these devices, bringing those prices down even further.

With so many older and newer models to choose from, however, grabbing the best offers can be a little daunting. That’s why we’re rounding up everything we’re expecting from 2020 right here. Black Friday 2020 looks set to be an awesome year for iPad deals, then, whether you’re after a cheap everyday device or something with the power to take on your day to day workload.

We’re running through our predictions for Black Friday iPad deals in 2020 just below, as well as showing you how to prepare for the big day and how to get all the best offers when they do land.

Black Friday iPad deals: what to expect in 2020


Black Friday iPad deals

Waiting in the wings for those after a cheaper price tag is the entry level 10.2-inch range. The 2019 10.2-inch iPad saw prices drop to $249 (£289) on the cheapest 32GB model, with those savings reaching $100 off over on the 128GB side of things at $329 (£399). We haven’t actually seen prices drop back to this position since January, however, and major discounts have been sparse throughout 2020. With the new release, we’re expecting big things from the older device come the next generation of Black Friday iPad deals, however.

We may see an introductory discount on the brand new 2020 iPad as well, if last year is anything to go by. We saw some significant savings on the 2019 device in the first year of its shelf life, so it’s not unlikely we’ll see similar offers this time around. Just be sure when you’re picking up the new version that you can’t pick up a version of the 2019 release with significantly more storage for the same price.


Every iPad line has now been refreshed for 2020, which means this year’s Black Friday iPad deals should hold some particularly impressive discounts. We’re looking to the 2018 iPad Pro for the biggest price cuts this year, with not only the latest Pro generation to compete with but now the cheaper 2020 iPad Air. That means Apple will be keen to prove the older generation’s worth as a cheaper device still with some considerable power behind it. Plus, we’ve already seen sales beating out last year’s Black Friday iPad deals over the course of this year so far.

Over the summer, we saw the 12.9-inch 64GB model with Wi-Fi and Cellular sitting as low as $799 (£999). Considering this model didn’t drop lower than $899 (or £1,049) last year, we’re feeling particularly optimistic for this older range.

However, Black Friday iPad deals are also likely on the 2020 model now as well, though we’re not too optimistic about the cash you’ll be saving on the top-of-the-line range. The 2020 iPad Air is coming after the Pro’s higher performance, and Apple will be keen to delineate between its premium offering and its halfway house here. That means while we’re likely to see some cash shaved off, we’re not expecting much more than the $40 – $50 we’ve seen stripped from the price this year.



The latest iPad Air somewhat muddies Apple’s hierarchy. It sits as a cheaper alternative to the iPad Pro, offering up similar performance while stripping out some premium features to keep the price tag low (starting at $599 / £579 / AU$899). That means the previous iPad Air will likely drop in price over the 2020 Black Friday iPad deals, so you’ll be on the lookout for premium specs at a price tag we’d usually associate with an entry-level device. However, that new iPad Air could also spell discounts for the competing 2018 iPad Pro line, so it’s worth keeping an eye on both models to make sure you’re not short changed.

The older iPad Air model was still fairly new to the scene over Black Friday 2019, with discounts only hitting $30 / £30 off. In the US, Memorial Day and Labor Day sales have already been that price ($399 over Labor Day, a $70 improvement over last year’s $469 Black Friday price). However, UK retailers have been slower to discount.

The iPad Air has been on sale for around £450 – £460 in the UK, after briefly dropping to £439 following Black Friday. Still, this is the iPad Air’s second time around, and if those US deals are anything to go by we can also expect big things from this 2019 release in the 2020 Black Friday iPad deals.


2020 saw the iPad Mini 5 drop to its lowest ever price, with a $50 / £50 reduction over previous offers hitting the summer sales. That means we’ve already seen offers beating last year’s Black Friday iPad deals, which bodes well if you’re looking to pick up a smaller tablet this November. It’s likely to drop even further this shopping season, as there’s been no refresh on this line and other price points are starting to infringe on its $399 position.


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