Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020: what we expect to see

Black Friday Apple Watch deals 2020: what we expect to see

Thanks to the latest releases, this year’s Black Friday Apple Watch deals are shaping up rather nicely. While the jury’s still out on whether we’ll be seeing discounts on the brand new Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE, we’ll certainly see some tantalizing prices, quite possibly the lowest ever, on the older watches.

If you’ve got Apple Watch Black Friday deals on your mind then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ve put together this handy little resource to share our knowledge and help guide any prospective deals hunters in the lead up the big day itself. Since we’ve been covering Black Friday for many years now, we know exactly where to find the prime offers, when to expect them, and we’ve also got plenty of predictions to share for the big day itself.

Last year we saw some pretty fine Black Friday deals on Apple Watchs indeed, including great prices on the new (for it’s time) Series 5, as well as the older Series 4 and 3. Because of their popularity, Apple Watch price matching is always an area of hot competition between retailers in both the UK and US and this year will be no different.

By Black Friday 2020, the Apple Watch 6 will also be widely stocked, so it’s possible we could see some deals on that too. Generally, though, it seems likely the Apple Watch 5 will be the smartwatch we see plenty of great deals on.

To help you get an idea of what the Black Friday Apple Watch deals could bring in 2020, just below you’ll find our predictions, last year’s best deals, and also current deals – just to give you a quick flavor of what’s to come.

Black Friday Apple Watch deals: what to expect

In last year’s sales we saw plenty of discounts, especially on the then-two-year-old Apple Watch 3, but with some minor Apple Watch 4 deals here and there, and even one or two price drops for the then-brand-new Apple Watch 5.

With the Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE freshly unveiled and up for grabs, we’re sure to see some stellar prices on the Series 5 – which still happens to be in stock at most major retailers currently. It’s a dead cert for a clearance sale this Black Friday, so we’ve got high hopes it could be coming up in a flash sale near you very soon.

The Series 3 should also perform pretty strongly this year. We’ve recently seen it settle in at a super-low price of $199 with occasional sales of $179 here and there. Now we know Apple has no plans to discontinue this older, but still awesome device, we’re sure retailers will be stocking up for some big sales – maybe even reaching that fabled $150 mark.

When will Black Friday Apple Watch deals start?

Black Friday 2020 falls on November, 27 this year – definitely a date worth marking down for any prospective deals hunter. That said, every year we’ve seen the top retailers expand out their promotions to encompass a much larger sales event, sometimes with deals cropping up as early as November, 1, so be prepared to catch an early deal or two.

With this year’s Amazon Prime Day 2020 being postponed until mid-October, we’re also sure to see a first wave of reductions then as well, possibly with continuations into November for one big sales bonanza overall. It’s pretty unprecedented this year, so we’d recommend bookmarking this page for the latest as we’ll be updating it regularly with new information and of course, the best Black Friday Apple Watch deals themselves.

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