Best Women’s Day Drawing Competition

Women’s Day Drawing Competition

“International Women’s Day Craft Contest”, run by K4craft is open to all people irrespective of nationality, gender, age and profession. In this contest, you need to submit your art and craft project related to theme ‘International Women’s Day Craft Contest’ (with details of material used and steps involved) at K4craft.

Winner of the Contest

Richa Jain (2.2K Likes)

Next 4 Entries

  • Neelu Gupta (Likes 853)
  • Sneha Pvs (Likes 323)
  • Garima srivastava (Likes 206)
  • Suhasini Paturu (Likes 193)


Contest Sponsor

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  • FIRST PRIZE: Gift Vouchers or Paytm Money Worth Rs. 1000
  • Goodies from K4craft for next top 4 winners.
  1. Go to our Facebook Page and message us your craft work.
  2. You can also mail us at [email protected] with subject “International Women’s Day Contest Submission”.
  3. Your craft picture should have strip of paper with “” written on it. (This is important to discourage copied submission).
  4. You also need to mention ‘Material Used’ and brief of procedure of making along with the craft picture.
  5. Here you can see example of submission.

Women’s Day (8 March) Fringed Flower Paper Card

Category: International Women’s Day Cards and other Paper Crafts

(Inside view)


  • Paper Sheet (Purple, Pink, yellow)
  • Slotted tool / tooth pick
  • Scissor
  • Glue


  • Draw an 8 shape on the sheet of paper and cut it as shown above image.
  • Cut 1 cm strip on yellow sheet and 1.5 cm on white sheet.
  • Use scissor to fringe the strips, paste the ends on white & yellow strips.
  • Quill the strip with the help of slotted tool as shown in image.
  • Cut the corners of sheet (pink) with designer scissor to decorate inside of the card.
  • Paste the flower around the 8 shape.
  • The deadline for receipt of entries for the contest shall be 23:59 IST, 5th March 2018.
  • It should be your original work. You are not allowed to submit on behalf of others.
  • One person can submit more than one submission.
  1. We will make all entries public by 09:00 IST on 6th March 2018 on our Facebook Page Album.
  2. Winners will be decided based on number of likes received by entries. We will consider likes received by entries till 18:00 IST on 8th March 2018.
  3. By 20:00 IST on 8th March 2018, winner will be announced and prize will be distributed in next few hours on the same day.
  1. The employees and interns of K4craft shall not be eligible to participate or win any prize in the competition.
  2. The deadline for receipt of entries for the contest shall be 23:59 IST, 5th March 2018. Any entry sought to be submitted thereafter shall not be entertained. However, the K4craft reserves its right to entertain any entry submitted after the deadline at its sole discretion, if the K4craft is satisfied that the participant’s reason for delayed submission was genuine and beyond his/her control. However, this discretion shall only be exercised in extremely deserving cases and none other. Such decision shall be final and binding and thereafter no suggestions, queries or requests in this regard shall be entertained.
  3. Your submission, become the sole property of the K4craft and shall not be returned to any participant thereafter including those disqualified to participate in the contest.
  4. This contest is being conducted purely on a “best efforts basis” and participation of “eligible participants” shall be voluntary and subject to unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the contest. Participants shall not be entitled to claim any damages, loss or costs from the K4craft for participation in the contest, not being qualified for a prize or for delay in delivery of the prize announced during the competition on any ground whatsoever.
  5. Every participant is presumed to have expressly undertaken to abide by all the rules and regulations of the competition and the decision taken by the K4craft in respect thereof as final.

We’re really looking forward to seeing some of the amazing art n craft projects you’d like to create.

International Women’s Day Art competition

Youth and adults who are talented in Art are invited to express themselves creatively for international women’s day, contributing to the development of women in Sri Lanka and stand a chance to win attractive prizes.

Details are as follows

THE ME:  End Period Poverty in Sri Lanka

FOR WHOM: Females and Males

AGE GROUPS: 15–18 years, 19- 35 years, 36 years and above.

ARTWORK SIZE –A3 –11.5×16.5 Inches

DRAWING TOOLS – Free hand drawing with any medium (water colour, pencil, crayons, pastels, acrylic, charcoal, collage, etc)
OR Digital Art

Prizes for each age group  include trophies and cash awards as follows:

1st place –Rs. 100,000/

2nd place –Rs. 50,000/

3rd place –Rs. 25,000/

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.


Last date for acceptance of Entries is Tuesday 2 March 2022

Judging will be by a panel of eminent judges. Decision of panel of judges is final

Late entries will not be entertained


Period Poverty is the lack of access to safe sanitary products and facilities such as clean water and sanitation essential for menstrual hygiene. It is an unacknowledged public health issue which affects over half the population of Sri Lanka but remains unaddressed because of the stigma attached to menstruation.

Ignorance and disregard of this natural biological process, can lead to physical health risks, and impede the ability to manage menstruation safely and with dignity. In Sri Lanka, girls are often unable to attend school due to period poverty. Women and girls also suffer associated shame and stigma. Normalizing menstruation through education and providing safe sanitary products to all who suffer indignity, shame and hardship is the only way to enable women and girls to achieve their full potential.

Period poverty can no longer be just a ‘women’s issue’. It is everyone’s issue and responsibility to ensure gender-sensitive public policies.


This art competition is organized by the women’s movement Samagi Vanitha Balawegaya.(SVB)

SVB  is creating public awareness of the issue of period poverty as part of its programme  to achieve complete eradication of period poverty in Sri Lanka.

The winning entries will be displayed at the International Women’s Day event organised by the SVB on 8 March 2022.

All entries must be accompanied by the duly filled application form that is available in the face book group, SAMAGI VANITHA SARASAVI HANDA event   .

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