Best Witcher Quotes 2021

‘The Witcher’ is a popular Polish-American fantasy show that was created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich.

There is also a computer game based on the series. For someone who is moderately active in the computer game industry, Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’ game is perhaps the most distinct computer game hero to date.

Set on a fictional, inspired by history, a landmass known as “the Continent”, ‘The Witcher’ explores the legend of Geralt of Rivia and Princess Ciri, who are connected by predetermination. Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, Yasen Atour are the main stars in ‘The Witcher’.  ‘The Witcher’ shows once-typical people who got transformed by a blend of antiquated science, which made them superhuman (more Captain America than Superman) and ready to take elixirs excessively poisonous for ordinary individuals. There are eight episodes in ‘The Witcher’ series.

Geralt of Rivia is not new since the books were published in the mid-’90s and were published in English in 2007. Be that as it may, with the accomplishment of the hit computer game arrangement, crowds were eager to see ‘The Witcher’ get its on-screen variation. ‘The Witcher’ quotes are popular among youth. This rundown of ‘The Witcher’ quotes includes quotes from different episodes of the series.

Geralt Quotes

'The Witcher' is a fictional show telecast on Netflix.

Geralt was the main character in ‘The Witcher’ series. Henry Cavill played the role of Geralt of Rivia in ‘The Witcher’ series. There are many quotes related to the monster hunter in the series. ‘The Witcher’ quotes include ‘The Witcher 3’ quotes and Geralt of Rivia quotes. Andrzej Sapkowski has given many quotes in ‘The Witcher’ series. Below is the list of best Geralt quotes.

1. “First soldier you see’ll kill you . . . Boots. He’ll kill you for your boots.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

2. “Witchers were made to kill monsters. It doesn’t matter who posted the notice, the coin has to be right, that’s all.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

3. “There’s nothing behind me. I’m a witcher, I’d have heard it. Just like I can hear your heart. Which is pounding . . . Like a liar’s.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

4. “Mistakes are also important to me. I don’t cross them out of my life, or memory. And I never blame others for them.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

5. “You don’t need mutations to strip men of their humanity. I’ve seen plenty of examples.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

6. “A true witcher should never abandon poultry in distress.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

7. “Why men throw their lives away attacking an armed witcher… I’ll never know. Something about my face?”

– Geralt of Rivia.

8. “I run into dilemmas all the time. Situations where it’s hard to judge, hard to know what’s right, make a decision. This is not one of them. You disgust me. And deserve to die.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

9. “If I have to choose between one evil or another, I’d rather not choose at all”

– Geralt of Rivia.

10. “Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

11. “Well, we’re afeared. And what of it? Do we sit down and weep and tremble? Life must go on. And what will be, will be. What is destined can’t be avoided, in any case.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

12. “Nonsense…And what’s more, it doesn’t rhyme. All decent predictions rhyme.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

Destiny Quotes

Quotes about destiny include ‘The Witcher’ fandom quotes, ‘The Witcher’ quotes, Geralt quotes from ‘The Witcher 3’, and Yennefer quotes. If you are looking for destiny quotes from ‘The Witcher’, this is the perfect place for you. We have created a list of some destiny quotes and quotes about good and evil in this fantasy world just for you.

13. “Destiny is just the embodiment of the soul’s desire to grow.”

– Jaskier.

14. “As in life, it is impossible always to be fully prepared for battle. Keep your sword close and keep moving.”

–  Queen Calanthe.

15. “The sword of destiny has two edges. You are one of them.”

― Andrzej Sapkowski, ‘The Witcher’.

16. “There is not a person alive that does not look into the mirror and see some deformity. Except for us. We remake ourselves on our terms. The world has no say in it.”

– Tissaia de Vries.

17. “Destiny helps people believe there is an order”

– Yennefer.

18. “Yennefer: You… you saved me. I won’t ever forget that.

Tissaia: It’s your turn… to save these people, this continent. This… is your legacy.”

– ‘The Witcher’.

19. “Lesser, greater, middling, it’s all the same. Proportions are negotiated, boundaries blurred. I’m not a pious hermit, I haven’t done only good in my life. But if I’m to choose between one evil and another, then I prefer not to choose at all.”

― Andrzej Sapkowski, ‘The Last Wish’.

20. “Who are we to challenge destiny, life was saved, the debt must be paid.”

– Yennefer.

21. “Evil is evil. Lesser, greater, middling… Makes no difference. The degree is arbitrary. The definition’s blurred. If I’m to choose between one evil and another… I’d rather not choose at all.”

― Andrzej Sapkowski, ‘The Last Wish’.

22. “People linked by destiny will always find each other.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

23. “A life holding dustpans while you brush off forgotten bones? That’s not destiny. It’s slow suicide.”

– Yennefer.

24. “Most often a dream, a wish, a desire, a yearning. Faith that there are no limits to possibility. And occasionally chance.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘Sword of Destiny’.

Magical Quotes

The show initially follows Geralt of Rivia, Crown Princess Ciri, and the sorceress Yennefer of Vengerberg at various points, exploring developmental incidents that molded their characters, before at last uniting into a solitary course of events itemizing the trespassers from Nilfgaard. Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, the computer game and the TV series are all set in this fantasy world involving monster and magic. So, if you want to search for some more quotes from the fantasy world of magic and magical quotes from ‘The Witcher’ series, this place is just perfect for you. Take a look at these quotes from the characters below.

25. “Toss a coin to your witcher

O’ valley of plenty

O’ valley of plenty


Toss a coin to your witcher

O’ valley of plenty”

— Jaskier.

26. “Chaos is the same as it’s always been. Humans just adapted better.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

27. “It is easy to kill with a bow, girl. How easy it is to release the bowstring and think, it is not I, it is the arrow. The blood of that boy is not on my hands. The arrow killed him, not I. But the arrow does not dream anything in the night.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘Sword of Destiny’.

28. “Jaskier: Actually, I’ve always wanted to know, do witchers ever retire?

Geralt: Yeah, when they slow and get killed.”

– ‘The Witcher’.

29. “Sometimes there’s monsters, sometimes there’s money. Rarely both. That’s the life.”

– Geralt of Rivia.

30. “We know little about love. Love is like a pear. A pear is sweet and has a distinct shape. Try to define the shape of a pear.”

— Dandelion, ‘The Time of Contempt’.

31. “’Mistakes,’ he said with effort, ‘are also important to me. I don’t cross them out of my life, or memory. And I never blame others for them.’”

—Geralt of Rivia, ‘Blood of Elves’.

32. “when they kill a trapped fox with an axe or riddle the last existing unicorn with arrows, they like to think that the Bane entering cottages at daybreak is more monstrous than they are. They feel better then. They find it easier to live.”

― Andrzej Sapkowski, ‘The Last Wish’.

33. “’People,’ Geralt turned his head, ‘like to invent monsters and monstrosities. Then they seem less monstrous themselves.'”

― Andrzej Sapkowski, ‘The Last Wish’.

34. “It is better to go forward without a goal, than to have a goal and stay in one place, and it is certainly better than to stay in one place without a goal.”

—Vampire Regis, ‘The Tower of the Swallow’.

35. “Geralt: I’m not your friend.

Jaskier: Really? Oh, you usually just let strangers rub chamomile onto your lovely bottom?”

– ‘The Witcher’.

36. “I manage because I have to. Because I’ve no other way out. Because I’ve overcome the vanity and pride of being different. I’ve understood that they are a pitiful defense against being different.”

– Geralt of Rivia, ‘The Last Wish’.

37. “The Continent is vast. Just because you don’t know of a cure doesn’t mean there isn’t one. It’s simply beyond your scope.”

– Yennefer.

38. “There is a vortex of fate around all of us, Geralt, growing with each and every one of our choices, drawing our destinies in closer.”

– Triss Merigold.

39. “In the face of the inevitable, good leaders should always choose mercy. In the future, you will be wise to do the same.”

– Queen Calanthe.

40. “Chaos is the most dangerous thing in this world. It is all around us all the time. Volatile and powerful.”

– Tissaia de Vries.

Geralt Of Rivia Quotes From The Books

Geralt of Rivia quotes from that book that shows the cold and justice-seeking side of Geralt’s journey.

1.  “But first appearances are often deceptive. Not everything monstrous-looking is evil, and not everything fair is good… and in every fairytale, there is a grain of truth.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘The Last Wish’.

2. “This world is full of Evil which waits for the day none of us are left.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘The Last Wish’.

3. “Mistakes are also important to me. I don’t cross them out of my life, or memory. And I never blame others for them.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘Blood Of Elves’

4. “Because I’ve overcome the vanity and pride of being different, I’ve understood that they are a pitiful defense against being different.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘The Last Wish’.

5. “Most often a dream, a wish, a desire, a yearning. Faith that there are no limits to possibility. And occasionally chance.”

— Geralt of Rivia, ‘Sword Of Destiny’.

Geralt Of Rivia Quotes From ‘The Witcher’ And ‘Witcher 2: Assassin Of Kings’

These two games might not be the best, but they did pave way for the massive hit Witcher 3 which follows Geralt’s quest even further! Here are some of the best quotes from Witcher 1 and Witcher 2.

6. “King Foltest: Witcher, How do you fight something like that (dragon)?

Geralt of Rivia: You don’t! You run!

Vernon Roach: Some professional you are..”

— ‘The Witcher’.

7. “Triss Merigold: Those [dead] Nilfgaardians… that’s your work?

Geralt of Rivia: They followed their leader too blindly.

Triss Merigold: You killed them all…

Geralt of Rivia: They didn’t slaughter themselves.”

— ‘The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings’.

8. “Abigail: What about your sword? I heard witchers carry two, a silver blade for monsters, and steel for humans…

Geralt of Rivia: Both are for monsters…”

— ‘The Witcher’.

9. “Geralt of Rivia: Care to tell me what it was all about?

Letho of Gulet: Hm. Kill as many rulers as we could. Lay the blame on the sorceresses. Breed chaos.”

— ‘The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings’.

10. “[Sarcastically] No need. I mean it’s only stell that came off a heavenly body that crashed a few millennia ago and wiped out the entire population of giant lizards.”

— ‘The Witcher’.

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