Best ‘Voltron’ Quotes 2021

‘Voltron’ is an iconic animated TV series.

The TV series showcases the story of five explorers of space who control a giant robot named Voltron. Voltron, the legendary defender is formed by five lions, black, red, yellow, green and blue.

Though ‘Voltron’ is kid-friendly, people of all ages can enjoy this show. When it was formed, Voltron spoke ‘Form Voltron’. One of the main characters Klance, got very little screen time initially, though eventually, he got confirmed. This animated TV series came out in four different variants. ‘Voltron: The Legendary Defender’ was the last variant that was released in 2016. Here are some awesome new quotes from Voltron.

Best Quotes From ‘Voltron’

This TV series is hugely popular amongst little children.

Here are some of the great defender quotes about ‘Voltron’. You will also find Lance Voltron quotes and Voltron Shiro quotes. So, turn back time and go through these quotes.

1. “Coran: Scanners show that there’s no exit. It’s just nothingness. Find an exit before we run smack into the void!

Allura: I can’t. I’ve lost control of the Castle.

Coran: Brace yourself! We’re about to hit it! Let’s check the Rift Exit Positioning Monitor to see where this wormhole is taking us.”

-‘Across The Universe’.

2. “Zarkon: Now, I will take back what is mine!

Haggar: Summon the energy again! We must fight beside our emperor!

Shiro: All right, let’s hit him with the big guns. Hunk, form shoulder cannon! Fire!

Haggar: Attack!”


3. “Druid One: Commander Thace, you have sent encrypted messages to outside forces. Of this, we are keenly aware.

Druid Two: Encryptions can be broken, just like you.”

-‘Best Laid Plans’.

4. “Lance: You know what, never mind. Magic or something. Sure.

Coran: Er not far off. We’re going to use the element to expand the energy particles within the cords. But first, we gotta need a yalmor.

Hunk: Wait, wait, there are yalmors on this planet?”

-‘A Little Adventure’.

5. “My father has held the universe in a death grip for millennia, but he sees it slipping from his grip because of your efforts and because of mine. With our forces combined, we would provide the greatest threat Zarkon has ever faced.”

-Lotor, ‘Blood Duel’.

6. “Pidge: “Did you know your nose wiggles when you’re upset?”

Keith: “My fist wiggles, too!”

-‘Defender Of The Universe’.

7. “Pidge: We’ve never faced anything this powerful before.

Shiro: One way or another, this may be our last battle. We’ve got to give everything we have. Dig deep and fight.”


8. “Zarkon: Why do you disturb me?

Haggar: My apologies, sire. I fear your singular focus has–

Zarkon: Has what?

Haggar: I’ve overstepped my bounds. We’ve apprehended a spy within our ranks. He plans something with an outside force. I suspect an attack is imminent.”

-‘Best Laid Plans’.

9. “You know, I don’t mind telling you this, but I was considered a bit of an intergalactic fashion pirate in my day. I used to have a bogwaggle cape that I trained to sing my theme song whenever I entered a room.”

-Coran, ‘Changing Of The Guard’.

10. “Your father, King Alfor, once stood side by side with Zarkon and protected the universe from harm. There was no foe the Paladins of old couldn’t defeat. Sadly, that time of peace has been lost, but together we can find it once more.”

-Lotor, ‘Blood Duel’.

11. “Allura: We’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked. A few more trips down this wormhole and you’re going to disappear. We must find a way out.

Coran: Just blast your way out! Duh!

Allura: I suppose it’s worth a try. The Castle defenses might have enough firepower to destroy the tunnel.”

-‘Across The Universe’.

12. “We can’t always put the fate of the universe in the hands of a giant weapon. At least, that’s what your father believed.”

-Coran to Allura, ‘Changing Of The Guard’.

13. “Activate Inter-Dimensional lock! Stealth Servo system connected! Stealth Engine at maximum! Quantum Thrusters are go! Let’s go stealth Voltron force!”

-Keith, ‘Changing Of The Guard’.

14. “You ever notice how far the planets are from each other, Coran? Yeah, but I mean, like, they’re really, really far away. Like, say, Earth. It’s so far, I can’t even see it. The… The blue oceans, the white clouds, green grass… I… I can’t see any of it.”

-Lance McClain, ‘Changing Of The Guard’.

Coolest Quotes From ‘Voltron’


In this category, you will find the coolest quotes from ‘Voltron’. You can’t go wrong with these quotes! You will also find one or two Shiro quotes. ‘Voltron’ quotes from other characters are also here. So, don’t miss the chance and help yourself to these quotes.

15.”Zarkon: Send the fighters! Surround that lion! Draw him in! I want every ship in the fleet after that lion. Get me closer!

Shiro: I’ve got Zarkon on the hook. Bringing him your way. Keith, you ready? We’ve only got one shot at this!”

-‘Best Laid Plans’.

16.”Allura: You must get moving. Remember your training. Remember all the battles you’ve been through.

Shiro: [grunts] Voltron’s still not responding. [groaning] [sighs] It’s Zarkon.”


17.”Allura: This is exactly what happened to Zarkon. Exposure to all this Quintessence turned him into a monster!

Lotor: Poor Allura! All the power in the universe at your fingertips, and you still fear using it!”

-‘Defender Of All Universes’.

18. “Pidge: What just happened?

Hunk: Who cares? Wormhole!

Shiro: Coran, what’s happening?

Coran: The integrity of the wormhole has been compromised. It’s breaking down!”

-‘Across The Universe’.

19.”Pidge: It looks like the top level is patrolled by the sentries. The second level is patrolled by floating drones. Oh, wow, that’s interesting.

Lance: Good interesting?

Pidge: The second level also has immobilizing foam.”

-‘Escape From Beta Traz’.

20. “Shiro: What was the first rank you held in Zarkon’s army? Where did you find the Red Lion? What is Zarkon’s greatest weakness?

Sendak: What makes you think you can possibly defeat him?”

-‘Crystal Venom’.

21. “Man: Lions of Voltron, the people of Puig thank you for delivering us from the evil hands of the Galra empire.

Lance: Don’t forget the Blade of Marmora. We couldn’t have done it without Kolivan and his team.

Kolivan: It was our honor.”

-‘Changing Of The Guard’.

22. ” Thank you, Ryner, for all you and the Olkari have done to assist us. Once we defeat Zarkon, it is my hope that we can continue to unite our forces and rebuild the once great coalition that my father, King Alfor, began.”

-Allura,’Best Laid Plans’.

23. “We’ve gotta act fast. The power will only be down for 20 minutes. The Blade of Marmora’s schematics showed four targets we need to hit. The weapons systems, the engines, the bridge, and the shield generators. Now, let’s put an end to Zarkon, once and for all.”

-Shiro, ‘Blackout’.

24. “Emperor Zarkon: Bring me Lotor and the prisoner is yours. Meet my demands if you want to see the Earthling alive.

Pidge: He’s alive! Our dad is alive! We have to get him back!”

-‘Blood Duel’.

25. “Coran: Remember, Princess, 70 percent of diplomacy is appearance. Then 29 percent is manners, decorum, formalities, and chit-chat. It only about one percent, uh—

Allura: Serious business about fighting for the freedom of the universe?”

-‘Changing Of The Guard’.

26.”Coran: “Oh, hold on there, space juice. You’re going to come and help me.”

Lance: “What? Why? Why me?”

Coran: “Because you’re the last one here and because your activity isn’t very important.”

-‘Crystal Venom’.

27. “Hunk: All this Quintessence is keeping us at full power.

Keith: It’s more than that. Can you hear your Lion talking to you? Voltron is capable of more than we ever imagined. ATTACK!”

-‘Defender Of All Universes’.

28. “I’m guessing a space ninja. Or maybe someone with magical powers? You know, just spit-balling here. I don’t know. Let’s just keep tossing out ideas.”

-Lance, ‘Escape From Beta Traz’.

Best Quotes From Voltron

6 “Speaking With You Has Actually Made Me Feel Better.”

Lance And Allura In Voltron Season 5

One of the things Voltron did incredibly well was the banter between its main characters. The writers had a knack for making what should have been insulting lines become affectionate ribbing. That’s exactly the case with Allura’s quip to Lance here.

Allura and Shiro spent a lot of season five at odds thanks to him not exactly being himself. When she voiced her concerns to Lance, he kept a level head, reminding her that they were all on the same side and it was okay to have different points of view. Allura, who often left conversations with Lance feeling like he didn’t take anything seriously in the early seasons of the show, came to value and respect his advice. Her line might have made the audience laugh, but it was also a reflection of how things changed.

5 “Are We Navigating By Cave Paintings Now?”

Hunk Allura And Lance In Voltron Season 5

Technology in Voltron was pretty fascinating. Alteans had some pretty advanced science and engineering practices 10,000 years before Earth did. In their ancient history, however, they still had cave paintings and sculptures just like Earth.

When Lotor recounted instructions for entering a white hole to find the answers to ancient Altean alchemy practices that he found on the wall of a cave, no one was particularly thrilled with the idea. It still wasn’t clear how much Lotor could be trusted or just how much of his knowledge was based on myth instead of fact. The team wanted facts before they did anything rash, but Allura agreed to listen to Lothor. Hunk’s sarcastic question spoke for everyone else.

4 “All I Ask Is To Be Judged By My Actions Rather Than Your Preconceptions Of My Race.”

Lotor Held Prisoner In Voltron Season 5

Despite Lotor turning out to be pretty deceitful, he did have some incredibly eloquent quotes. This gem is one of them.

After repeatedly giving up information about his father’s empire, and helping the paladins free many civilizations, there was still some hesitation to trust him. Lotor knew the reputation of the Galra as people who took planets by force, and forced the citizens to work for them. He didn’t want all of his race to be seen the same way. The message about racism was loud and clear to the audience.

3 “His Supply Chain Management Is Incredible. He Definitely Color Codes.”

Quartermaster Janka In Voltron Season 5

When Lotor destroyed his father, it created a scramble for power and status in the Galra empire. Lotor wanted to place himself in control, but he had some competition. As he ran down the possible rulers that could end up in charge instead of him, there was one bad guy that had Pidge’s respect.

Quartermaster Janka was responsible for the supply routes for the Galra. Pidge, familiar with his work, was clearly impressed by just how orderly he was for a villain. Hunk even chimed in, referencing “organized evil.” Even villains can earn the respect of heroes.

2 “Let’s Fly Into The Cosmic Death Storm.”

The Paladins Arguring About Lotor In Voltron Season 5

When first hearing this quote, it might sound like Lance said “Death Star.” That makes some wonder, did Star Wars exist in the Voltron universe, and if so, was Lance a fan? Of course, he actually called the white hole a “death storm” instead.

Like Hunk, Lance wasn’t sold on the idea of all of the Voltron lions flying into a white hole – especially when they had no guarantees that they would survive it. He only voiced his displeasure through a little sarcasm once Allura decided they were going for it.

1 “If You Get Too Worried About What Could Go Wrong, You Might Miss A Chance To Do Something Great.”

Sam Holt Leaves For Earth In Voltron Season 5

Technically, this quote didn’t solely belong to season five. It was something said much earlier in the series as well, but it made a reappearance when Pidge’s father decided to return to Earth.

Though Sam Holt agreed that the Galra had to be stopped, he wasn’t sold on his kids fighting the good fight in outer space. He was worried about what would happen when he returned to Earth, that he wouldn’t be able to prepare the planet in time. Pidge repeated these words to him, something Shiro had told them, and something Sam had once told Shiro, to remind their dad that they couldn’t give in to worry and fear.

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