Best Valentines Day Games For Work

Valentines Day Games For Work

Whether you’re hosting a Galentine’s Day celebration, a Valentine’s Day party, planning activities for a Valentine’s Day classroom party, or even just looking for some fun ideas to do at home with your own family – you’ve come to the right place! This is the best collection of Valentine’s Day games you’ll find!

I’ve broken it into a couple of different sections to help make it easier to find what you’re looking for. And there’s an entire section at the bottom with ideas for virtual Valentine’s Day games – some of the games are repeated from ones in earlier sections but I wanted to include a section specifically with ideas for virtual celebrations this year!

Valentine’s Games For Groups

Planning a Valentine’s Day celebration (either in person or virtual) for an entire class, office, or family! Try out some of these fun Valentine’s Day games for groups for guaranteed laughs!

Valentine’s Day Minute To Win It Games

These 14 Valentine’s Day party games (minute to win it games) from Play Party Plan are pretty much the funniest games you’ll find, definitely my favorites!

Or if you’re playing with adults, these chick flick inspired minute to win it games from Play Party Plan would be an even better option! Don’t worry, the games aren’t too movie heavy, they’re just inspired by them like the Gone With the Wind game you see below.

Girl blowing a heart with a straw

Conversation Heart Games

Want another option? All of these valentine’s day minute to win it games use conversation hearts! They’re great for kids, teens, and adults! Perfect for classroom or at home parties!

Valentine’s Day Family Feud

This Valentine’s Day family feud game would be so fun for either a family Valentine’s Day celebration or even a classroom one for older kids! Ten different Valentine’s Day themed questions like “songs with the word love in them.”

Valentine’s Day Outburst

See how many items on a list of 10 you can guess in this hilarious Valentine’s Day guessing game! Great for kids through adults because it’s just guessing until you get an answer correct! Get the free outburst cards here.

Pile of Valentines Day outburst cards

Valentine’s Day Would You Rather

Would you rather kiss a prince or snuggle with a snake? Be serenaded by a Jonas Brother or Ed Sheeran? Fifty hilarious Valentines would you rather questions that are great for any age!

Printed out Valentine's Day Would you rather questions

Cupid’s Arrow Q-Tip Shoot

This cupid arrow’s Q-tip shoot game is designed for kids but could totally be a game for a Galentine’s Day party too! Let kids pretend to be cupid, or was it Q-pid.

Kids standing around a beach towel with a bowl at the end

Cupid’s Arrow Toss

This cupid arrow’s toss game from Playground Park Bench is a great way to incorporate practicing numbers and hand eye coordination. Want to use it as a game for adults? Take a step back and blindfold them!

Plates with numbers and paper arrows

Valentine’s Day Games For Kids

Next up are Valentine’s Day games for kids because they’re the easiest and probably the type of games you need the most since Valentine’s Day classroom parties are huge!

These games would work both for Valentine’s Day classroom parties or even just at home with your own kids. They’re all simple enough that young kids could play them but fun enough that they’d work for older kids as well!

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

This Valentine’s Day memory game from Play Party Plan is a simple, fun, and educational game for kids!

Printable Valentine memory games for kids

Valentine’s Day Bingo

Print out these unique Valentine bingo cards from Play Party Plan! Perfect for kids or adults!

Three Valentine bingo cards with markers and master callers

Musical Hearts

Get kids moving to music with this simple musical hearts game from Teach Mama.

Kids walking on hearts

Heart Punch Board

This Heart is Bursting punch board from Balancing Home would be a fun way to give kids treats at a classroom party! I did something similar for Thanksgiving with The Gratitude Game and it was a huge hit!

heart punch board


Heart Hopscotch

This heart hopscotch game from Toddler Approved is another fun way to get kids moving in a creative Valentine’s Day themed way!

Heart hopscotch for kids

Valentine’s Day I Spy

Kids will love this fun Valentine’s Day i spy! See who can find the items the fastest or just let them go at their own pace!

Valentine's Day i spy game

Be Mine Valentine

This Be Mine Valentine game from The Unlikely Homeschool uses a dice and conversation hearts for a fun time!

Pink card with hearts and words

Printable Valentine’s Day Games

These games are probably the easiest in the bunch; they’re the ones you can just print and go.

Download the file, print the file, and pass it out to whoever is playing. I put together a list that includes printable games for kids but also printable Valentine’s Day games for adults because those tend to be the people I play with the most!

Want a bunch of printable Valentine’s Day games all in one place? Check out this Valentine’s Day game bundle that comes with TWELVE different printable games including 40 unique bingo cards, a scavenger hunt, memory game, and more all in one printable bundle!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Kids will absolutely love this free printable Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt from Play Party Plan.

Cute printable Valentine's Day scavenger hunt clues

Love Song Guessing Game

This printable Love Song game from Play Party Plan has players trying to guess the name of popular romantic songs.

Or try it with romantic movies instead in this fun love story game!

One of the best printable baby shower games out there

Valentine’s Day Card Game

Love Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity? You’ll love this Valentine’s Day card game that’s a family-friendly Valentine’s Day inspired version similar to the two!

Valentine's Day card game cards

Valentine’s Day Danger Word Game

Try to get your teammate to guess a specific word first without guessing the danger word! Get the full Valentines danger word list here!

Valentine's danger word cards in a pile

Valentine’s Day Trivia

How well do you know your Valentine’s Day trivia? This fun Valentine’s Day trivia game will have you trying to recall the Greek God of love, who sang what love songs, and more!

Valentines trivia cards in a pile

Romantic Comedy Two Truths And A Lie

This may be the ultimate Galentine’s Day game! See who can figure out which of three statements about popular romantic comedies is the lie! Get the free printable two truths and a lie game here.

Printed out romantic two truths and a lie game

Roll & Cover

This Valentine’s Day roll and cover dice game from Happiness is Homemade is a fun one for kids or adults!

Valentine's roll and cover game


This printable Valentine’s Day MASH game from Emmy Does Design will take you back to middle school!

Mash game printable

Matching Game

All you need for this fun Valentine’s Day Matching game from Creations by Kara are some chocolate kisses and the free printables. It’s similar to this Easter game for kids and super fun!

Kisses with stickers on the bottom

Heart To Heart

This Heart to Heart printable game from Say Not Sweet Anne is another fun one that could be great for adults!

Bowl with pink and purple heart cards in it

Virtual Valentine’s Day Games

If you’re looking for games you can play virtually, I’ve got you covered! I’ve included a list below of games that are included in this post that would work virtually. Click on the game to hop over to the full instructions for the game where I’ve included tips for virtual game play!

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