Best Valentines Day Funny Memes

Valentines Day Funny Memes

Valentine’s Day is a love it or hate it holiday: Those who love it adore all the chocolate, Sweethearts, flowers, teddy bears, red and pink everything and sweet romance. A lot of single people see it as a bit of an alienating day, while some people in relationships hate the pressure it brings to make everything mega-romantic, while others are just annoyed at the overall commercialization of love as a whole. Regardless of whether you love or hate Valentine’s Day or are spending it with your partner or flying solo, these funny Valentine’s Day memes will make sure you don’t feel alone!

Valentine’s Day Memes

1. For the couple working at home together.

2. For the one who makes you feel all bubbly inside (hopefully it’s not gas).

3. Ugh, we’ve all been there, Kelly Kapoor.


4. Singles, we see you.


5. Relatable.

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6. Christmas is easier because you can just make a list.


7. Again: Very 2021.


8. How did I know it’s what I always wanted?


9. Accurate, tbh.


10. Guilty as charged.


11. Hey, monogamy isn’t for everyone.


12.Oh hay Christian Bale. (We’ll see ourselves out.)


13. You’re so loved it’s scary.


14. I mean…


15. Treat yourself.


16. That’s usually good news, right?


17. The shape of our hearts.


18. Ayy!

19. Angela really did a number on the poor guy.

20. We’ve all thought about this.

21. Stay safe out there!


22. It may be time to mute some of your feed for a week or so.


23. Can’t knock the hustle.


24. We hope you and your crush have chemistry.


25. The single life is great for your savings.

26. Procrastidating.

27. Harsh but true!

28. Accurate, Jess Day.


29. Puppy love!


30. He just needs a little more time! (Or has bad taste.)


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31. Just one more day!


32. Don’t be blue (or cerulean) over a lousy Valentine’s Day gift.


33. Your wallet will never cheat on you.


34. To be fair, cats are much better company than liars. Just saying.


35. They can both be good or bad.

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36. Like Whitney Houston once sang: “I’d rather be alone than unhappy!


37. You can never go wrong with roses (unless your Valentine is allergic!).


38. Inhale!


39. In short, yes.


40. Crunch time!


41. You’re really cleaning up in the Valentines department.

42. Oof! But hey, free candy, right?

43. They both look fun!


44. The reason for the season is kind of dark.

45. Guaranteed to entertain.

46. We love you. You know.


47. Keep this one handy for when you get a “wyd” text from your shady ex on the 14th.

48. Hey, at least you can cook with those! Well, maybe.

49. But this is actually great advice, even if you’re taken!

50. Because let’s face it: Bernie Sanders is everywhere.


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