Best Valentines Day Door Decorations

Valentines Day Door Decorations

Get your door ready for Cupid’s favorite day with these Valentines Day Classroom Door Ideas. Whether you want to do door decorations for your home or you are looking for Valentine’s day door decorations for classrooms or preschoolers or kindergarten, you can really bring the love. Since it’s one of the most special days of the year – it’s important to reflect that in your decorating. The school will become a hive of activity as kids exchange little gifts. From creative and cute Valentines day crafts to adorable Valentine’s day cards, kids love to celebrate Valentine’s day. Your kids shall be so excited to see their front door decorated for Valentine’s day, or even their classroom door! Door decorations are a great way to get the kids to learn about different festivals. You can stock up on decorations and craft supplies from the dollar store to keep prices down.

For your February Classroom Door – take inspiration from these ideas.

Olaf library door #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations

Could be used on a bulletin board as well. Frozen, winter, and Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day Classroom Door Ideas #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations

Spread the love by covering your door with many red and pink hearts.

Love Letters - valentines classroom door

How adorable is this door, complete with a mailbox and letters in each child’s name!

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations

Get kids singing by making this musical door!


Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Wrap your door up like a Valentine’s box of chocolates using a large bow.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Patterned hearts are a great way to decorate for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Kids will love this adorable hedgehog!

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Make multi colored hearts to imitate the sweetheart candy for this Valentines Day Classroom Door idea

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Romantic robots are filling this door with love hearts.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Show that Jesus loves us by remembering him on your door.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
This is such an adorable and cute presentation. Kids will love all the little bees on the door.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Super easy to do – just follow the picture and draw Olaf. This is a great door even for spring or a countdown to summer.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
It’s impossible not to have love bugs for Valentine’s!

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Sweethearts candy are always a popular decoration for the day of love!

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
The clouds with the hearts make this a dreamy looking door.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Olaf isn’t just for Christmas – he makes a great decoration for any time of year.

Valentine's Day Classroom Door Decor #classroomdecor #valentinesdaydecorations
Cut out a big heart and get the kids to fill it with their hand prints. This makes for a fun Valentine’s art activity as well as adding to your decor.

Valentines Bulletin Board
Nothing could be sweeter than decorating your door with cupcakes!

Make an impression by using lots of little patterned heart to spell out the word ‘love’ on your door.

Valentine’s Day Door Decor

Do you count yourself in as one of those teachers who just loves decorating classrooms? If you do then you must be really excited for February 14th. Valentine’s Day is that special day where we communicate and share our love for each other.

If you really love your students and your students really love you, then you are surely going to have lots of fun decorating your classroom.

Decorating classroom for hosting a fantastic Valentine’s Day party requires you to get creative and a little weird. Well, basically, I am asking you to be yourself so that you can throw in your real self into making something cute and unique.

For Valentine’s Day Classroom decorations, you can use XOXO  garlands, or you can stick love notes or you can even make stuffed hearts.

There are many such cute and cool ideas which I have collected below just for you. I am sure you’ll get your ideal pick from this list.

Valentine’s Day Classroom Decor

Adorable Love Makes The World Go ‘Round’ Bulletin Board. Pic Source

Adorable Love Makes the World Go 'Round' bulletin board.

Amazing Bulletin Board Decor With Suckers Of Love. Pic Source

Amazing bulletin board decor with suckers of love.

Awesome Valentine’s Day Heart Hot Air Balloon Decoration. Pic Source

Awesome Valentine's day heart hot air balloon decoration.

Beautiful Owl Always Love You Bulletin Board Decoration. Pic Source Simplysprouteducate.Com

Beautiful owl always love you bulletin board decoration.

Big Heart Teacher Appreciation Door Decor For Valentine’s Day. Pic Source

Big heart teacher appreciation door decor for Valentine's day.

Big Love Bug On The Door Of Classroom. Pic Source

Big love bug on the door of classroom.

Cool “Be Mine” Bulletin Board Decor For Valentine’s Day. Pic Source Lifesjourneytoperfection.Net

Cool be mine bulletin board decor for Valentine's day.

Cute Door Decor With Love Bugs For First Grade Kids. Pic Source

Cute door decor with love bugs for first grade kids.

Fabulous Little Tweet Hearts Singing For You Door Decor. Pic Source

Fabulous Little tweet hearts singing for you door decor.

Fantastic Army Of Minions Valentine’s Day Door Decoration. Pic Source

Fantastic army of minions Valentine's day door decoration.

February Check-In Bulletin Board Decor. Pic Source Crafts-For-Preschool-Kids.Com

February check-in bulletin board decor.

I Love You From The Bottom Of My Heart Footprint Hearts On Bulletin Board Decor. Pic Source

I love you from the bottom of my heart footprint hearts on bulletin board decor.

Ice Cream Scoop Sweet Classroom Door Decor. Pic Source

Ice cream scoop sweet classroom door decor.

Little Love Bugs Classroom Door Decor For Valentine’s Day. Pic Source

Little lovebugs classroom door decor for Valentine's day.

Love Is In The Air Mails On Bulletin Board Decor. Pic Source

Love is in the air mails on bulletin board decor.

Lovely Valentines Day Bulletin Board Decoration. Pic Source Chefmike.Typepad.Com

Lovely Valentines day bulletin board decoration.

Nice Bulletin Board Decor “I Am Hooked On Books”. Pic Source

Nice bulletin board decor I am hooked on books.

Owl Be Your Valentine Bulletin Board. Pic Source Supplyme.Com

Owl Be Your Valentine Bulletin Board.

Perfect Love Is An Open Door Olaf Bulletin Board. Pic Source Craftymorning.Com

Perfect love is an open door olaf bulletin board.

Pretty Love Is In The Air Bulletin Board. Pic Source

Pretty Love is in the air bulletin board.

Reel Love Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Decoration. Pic Source

Reel love Valentine's day bulletin board decoration.

Sweethearts Valentine’s Day Classroom Door Decoration. Pic Source

Sweethearts Valentine's day classroom door decoration.

The Day It Rained Hearts Valentine’s Bulletin Board. Pic Source

The Day it Rained Hearts Valentine's Bulletin Board.

We Love Learning Classroom Door Decor Idea. Pic Source Spongekids.Com

We love learning classroom door decor idea.

We Mustache You Valentine’s Day Door Decoration. Pic Source

We mustache you Valentine's day door decoration.

Awesome Love Is In The Valentine’s Day Door Decor Idea. Pic Source Pinterest.Co.Uk

Awesome love is in the Valentines day door decor idea.

Books Are Like A Box Of Chocolate. Pic Source Statuswallpapers.Com

Books are like a box of chocolate.

Charming Bee Mine Decor. Pic Source Pinterest.Co.Uk

Charming bee mine decor.

College Is Like A Box Of Chocolate. Pic Source Pinterest.Com

College is like a box of chocolate.

Colorful Heart Caterpillar Classroom Door Decoration. Pic Source Katiescrochetgoodies.Com

Colorful heart caterpillar classroom door decoration.

Cube Valentine Box. Pic Source Peppermintplum.Blogspot.Com

Cube Valentine box.

Cute Valentine Ipod. Pic Source Homebyheidi.Com

Cute Valentine Ipod.

Easy Lollipop Craft For Kids. Pic Source Mommysavers.Com

Easy lollipop craft for kids.

Heart Shape Felt Pencil Topper For Kids. Pic Source Kidsactivitiesblog.Com

Heart shape felt pencil topper for kids.

Heart Shaped Marshmallows And Toothpicks Cool Structures Is A Fun Activity For Your Kids. Pic Source Buggyandbuddy.Com

Heart shaped marshmallows and toothpicks cool structures is a fun activity for your kids.

I Mustache You To Be Mine Valentine! Pic Source Pinterest.Com

I Mustache you to be mine Valentine!

Love Is In The Air Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board. Pic Source Pinterest.Com

Love is in the air Valentines day bulletin board,

Mickey And Minnie Love Door Decoration For Classroom. Pic Source Pinterest.Co.Uk

Mickey and Minnie love door decoration for classroom.

Nice Valentines Day Mailbox. Pic Source Liagriffith.Com

Nice Valentines day mailbox.

Paper Airplane Garland. Pic Source Liagriffith.Com

Paper airplane garland.

Pretty Heart Themed Classroom Decor. Pic Source Statuswallpapers.Com

Pretty heart themed classroom decor.

Red And White Paper Balloons On Bulletin Board. Pic Source Pinterest.Com

Red and white paper balloons on bulletin board.

Rocking Teacher Appreciation Door. Pic Source Pinterest.Co.Uk

Rocking teacher appreciation door.

Simple Diy Arrow Valentine Day Advent Calendar. Pic Source Ecstasycoffee.Com

Simple diy arrow Valentine day advent calendar.

Sweet Hearts Cute Classroom Decoration. Pic Source Pinterest.Co.Uk

Sweet hearts cute classroom decoration.


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